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Are you an expat or future expat in Luxembourg? Would you like to find out more about the education systems available in Luxembourg to enroll your children? Are you an expat's spouse interested in adult education?

Here are some key facts about education in Luxembourg to help you prepare for your expatriation and that of your children.

Luxembourg has a highly-developed education system adapted to its multicultural population. 

Teaching is compulsory and structured by age

First of all, education is compulsory for children aged 4 to 16 in Luxembourg. For children born on or after September 1, 2009, compulsory schooling is now extended to age 18. Pupils who have obtained a school-leaving certificate before the age of 18 are considered to have fulfilled this obligation.

Luxembourg's education system is divided into three main stages:primary or basic education up to the age of 12,secondary education (lycée) from the age of 12 to 19, andhigher education beyond that.

The school is open to all and free to the public

In Luxembourg, public schooling is free and open to all, from elementary school through to high school. The Luxembourg government finances education for its population.

Luxembourg invests in its youth and education to give young people every opportunity to integrate into society, including children from immigrant families. Pupils and students attending state schools pay no tuition fees.

Luxembourg universities charge tuition fees. However, under certain conditions, students may be eligible for a grant from the following state body: mengstudien.public. lu, making tuition fees de facto zero.

Luxembourg education is multilingual

Luxembourg is a multilingual country. This is reflected in its education system. The official languages of instruction are Luxembourgish, French and German. In addition, English is taught as a foreign language in most lycées from the second year of secondary school. The educational system is a real plus in terms of language learning.

Whatever their origin or nationality, children have the chance to learn several languages very quickly and become multilingual .

Education for expatriates

Luxembourg is home to many expatriates. The education system is designed to meet the needs of all residents, including non-Luxembourgers. Every effort is made to give foreign children the best possible welcome, with appropriate tutoring and guidance.

Newly-arrived pupils in Luxembourg can therefore integrate as effectively as possible into the school system of their country of origin, or into a different school system. Luxembourg offers a wide range of educational options, with several school systems: Luxembourgish, French, British, European and international.

Newcomers to Luxembourg can benefit from a rather attractive to facilitate their integration.

Education levels are high in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a high standard of education. Schools are well equipped and teachers are well qualified. On a global level, Luxembourg also invests heavily in research and development, leading to the development of a thriving research community.

Higher education is booming

Luxembourg is home to a number ofhigher education establishments, including the University of Luxembourg . Created relatively recently, the University now offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. The country is also home to a number of research institutions, including the Institut luxembourgeois des sciences et de la technologie.

Luxembourg also offers attractive scholarships to young people pursuing higher education in Luxembourg or abroad.

Continuing vocational training in Luxembourg

Vocational training is highly developed in Luxembourg. Adults looking for training or retraining can choose from a wide range of courses, all at reasonable cost.

Whether it's language training or training in specific fields, newcomers or long-standing residents are sure to find what they're looking for in our range ofcontinuing education courses.

You can also find master's degree offers, particularly in management, to enhance your curriculum vitae and skills.

Find out about education: public bodies

Maison de l'Orientation for school and career guidance

The Maison de l'orientation is a one-stop shop bringing together at a single address all the administrations and services that help young people to find their bearings in school, student and professional life in the Grand Duchy.

By identifying their interests and helping them to assess their abilities and skills, the Maison de l'Orientation enables them to find out about vocational training courses that match their profile, and thus to provide concrete support in their orientation and job search process.

More information on the Maison de l'Orientation

Mengshoul, platform for secondary and higher education is an interactive web platform that enables future secondary school pupils and students to easily find the establishments to pursue their secondary or higher education, or the vocational training corresponding to their profile and expectations. was created on the initiative of the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth.

The platform lists all Luxembourg and international secondary schools. An interactive map with a filter system enables you to quickly select the secondary school best suited to your needs, and to locate it within Luxembourg.

A detailed portrait is provided for each selected school: profile of the school, partners and associations, life and culture at the school, activities and support offered, student orientation. The fact sheet makes it easier for parents and students to choose their future school.

Visit the platform

More information onsecondary education and higher education in Luxembourg

Ministry of Education, Children and Youth

The Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale, de l'Enfance et de la Jeunesse is responsible for the education system in Luxembourg, as well as for all information concerning the care of children and young people. School attendance is compulsory in Luxembourg from age 4 to 16.

On the website of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth , you'll find detailed explanations of the Luxembourg school system and how to enroll your child in school. You can also find inter-cultural mediators, if necessary, and all the information you need on child and youth care in Luxembourg.

Find out more about educational support for foreign children arriving in Luxembourg

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