Registering your residence in Luxembourg or your departure

Attestation enregistrement commune Luxembourg|Déclaration domicile

Have you just arrived in Luxembourg and are you planning to stay for a while? Registering your residence in Luxembourg is a compulsory administrative procedure for expatriates.

Here you'll find all the information you need to declare your new residence in Luxembourg, whether as a newcomer, because you're changing your place of residence in Luxembourg, or because you're leaving the Grand Duchy for good.

Notification of your arrival in Luxembourg

Reporting deadlines according to your status

Depending on your status, you have more or less time to fulfill this administrative obligation with the local authorities in your place of residence.

If you are a citizen of the European Union, you have 8 daysto declare your residence in Luxembourg.

If you are a national of another country, you must fulfill this obligation within 3 days of your arrival in Luxembourg. However, before you arrive, make sure you have a visa or residence permit.

See other administrative requirements for setting up in Luxembourg.

Register with your local authority

As soon as you take up residence in Luxembourg, you must declare your residency to the Population Office of your local administration. This administrative procedure is compulsory for all new residents in Luxembourg.

This declaration must be made within 3 or 8 days of arrival in Luxembourg. Minors must be represented by their legal guardian.

The procedures for declaring residence may vary from one commune to another. Check with your local authorities beforehand. You will need to provide at least one identity document and the family record book for children, as well as a visa or residence permit if required.

A representative can declare your residence on your behalf on the basis of a valid identity document and a specific authorization.

Documents required for entry in the population register

To register on the population register and declare your residence in Luxembourg, you must present :

Other procedures with the Population Office

Registering with your new commune of residence can also help you deal with a number of administrative formalities .  

You can take advantage of this to enroll your children in the local Luxembourg school, if you wish. It's also an opportunity to register on the electoral roll for certain local elections in Luxembourg.

Registering with the commune also enables you to pay for garbage can collection and refuse collection if you live in a house.

Online declaration when moving to Luxembourg

If you leave your home to move elsewhere in Luxembourg, you must also notify the municipal administration of your new commune of residence. This will also remove you from the register of your former place of residence.

From now on, this declaration of new residence in Luxembourg can be made online for a number of communes via . This procedure is valid for one person only, the spouse or civil union partner, and any minor children registered in the same household and at the same address.
Are you looking for a new home in Luxembourg? How do you go about it?

Registration with the consulate or embassy of your home country

As a new resident of Luxembourg, it is also advisable to register with your consulate or embassy in Luxembourg.

This registration is essential for the issue or renewal of official documents (passport, national identity card, etc.), but also in the event of birth/death, marriage, serious accident, arrest, notarial deed, etc. The consulate or embassy can help you with the administrative formalities.

Registration with the embassy or consulate of your country of origin is also essential for registration on national electoral rolls, as a resident of Luxembourg. This will enable you to continue to take part in certain elections in your home country.

Here you'll find a list of consulates and embassies in Luxembourg.

Find out more about the formalities to be completed when moving to Luxembourg

Leaving Luxembourg? Declare your departure to your commune

If you are leaving Luxembourg permanently, you must also declare your departure to your last commune of residence.

Some communes now offer you the option of completing these departure formalities online via MyGuichet. lu.

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