Formalities for your personal vehicle

Driving in Luxembourg

Are you importing your vehicle into the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg? Are you buying a new or used vehicle in Luxembourg?
Vehicle owners in Luxembourg have a number of administrative formalities to complete, whether for importing, registering or using their car or two-wheeler

Here you'll find all the administrative formalities you need to undertake in Luxembourg for your self-propelled vehicle. How do you register your vehicle? How do I take out car insurance? What are the mandatory technical inspections for your vehicle?

Buying a car in Luxembourg

Electric and combustion-powered cars

Luxembourg is committed to the green revolution. From 2035 onwards, combustion-powered cars will no longer be sold in Luxembourg, as in all EU countries.

However, the Ferrari amendment tabled by Italian Euro MPs will give manufacturers selling between 1,000 and 10,000 vehicles a year an extra year to develop 100% electric models. On the other hand, luxury carmakers selling fewer than 1,000 exceptional vehicles a year will be able to continue equipping their cars with internal combustion engines. This should be of interest to exceptional car enthusiasts in Luxembourg...

How to drive greener in Luxembourg?

Where to buy a new car?

There are several ways to buy a vehicle in Luxembourg, whether new or used.

Buying a vehicle from a car dealer

Luxembourg registers over 40,000 vehicles every year. This figure is set to rise in 2023. While gasoline-powered vehicles still account for more than a third of registrations, sales of electric vehicles are on the rise compared with diesel vehicles.

In terms of brands, vehicles of German origin such as Volkswagen in first place, BMW in second, Mercedes in third and Audi in fourth represent the best-selling cars.

Car dealers sell new and used vehicles.

If you're looking for a new vehicle at a great price, don't miss Autofestival.

Used car sales websites

In addition to car dealerships, there are numerous car sales websites such as Luxauto,, Automarket,

Ads from private individuals to buy a vehicle are also available on Facebook in groups such as " Voiture occasion Luxembourg " or " Occasion de voiture en Luxembourg ", for example.

Registering your vehicle in Luxembourg

Every vehicle circulating in Luxembourg must be registered, whether new or used, foreign or Luxembourgish. There are different ways of registering a vehicle. That's why we strongly advise you to consult the website for information on the administrative formalities involved in registering a vehicle in Luxembourg.

In the event of a cross-border move, the owner who imports a road vehicle into Luxembourg has 6 months from the date of installation to register the vehicle with the SNCA.

How to register a vehicle in Luxembourg

To register your vehicle in Luxembourg, you must go to the SNCA in Sandweiler with the following documents:

  • application form for a vehicle registration certificate, to be completed, signed and submitted to the SNCA (downloadable from the SNCA website), along with the following documents
  • invoice / proof of vehicle ownership with VAT calculation
  • validcar insurance certificate,
  • customs document, "vignette 705" or "ATV" for imported vehicles. This sticker can be obtained by presenting the vehicle at any Customs and Excise Administration office. This application must be accompanied by a certificate of residence obtained from your local Commune.
  • European certificate of conformity
  • a 50-euro chancellery stamp.

Every vehicle registered in Luxembourg is subject to an annual tax levied by the LuxembourgCustoms and Excise Administration . This is known as the vignette fiscale. The document is sent to the address where the vehicle is registered, together with a request for payment. Payment must be made on receipt of the request.

Personalized license plates for your vehicle in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, you can request a personalized number plate by downloading a form from the SNCA website. If the number you require has not yet been allocated, you can have it engraved on your car in return for payment. See

Please note that, unlike many foreign registration systems, the assignment of a registration number does not mean that the vehicle is registered, nor that it is automatically accepted for registration! To comply with local regulations, you'll need to follow the above procedure.

Technical inspection of vehicles in Luxembourg

Type of vehicles subject to technical inspection

Vehicles registered in Luxembourg must be covered by a valid roadworthiness certificate.

The first roadworthiness test for cars, motorcycles and trailers weighing over 750 kg and less than 3,500 kg takes place 4 years after first registration.
The 2nd roadworthiness test takes place 2 years later, i.e. 6 years after first registration. Subsequent inspections must be carried out every year thereafter.

Trailers weighing less than 750 kg must have a compliance sticker, which can be purchased from the SNCA.

Vehicles built before 1950 are not subject to roadworthiness tests.

Historic" vehicles must undergo a roadworthiness test every 2 years. Historic vehicles" are those first built or registered more than 30 years ago, whose type is no longer produced and has not undergone major modifications. The new regulations do not change the status of vehicles previously qualified as historic, i.e. after 25 years.

Technical inspection procedure

You can carry out your compulsory technical inspection at :

  • SNCT - Société Nationale de Contrôle Technique in Sandweiler,
  • DEKRA or LUKS approved bodies
  • partner garages.

The documents to be presented to the SNCT at your appointment can be consulted on the SNCT website.

To have your vehicle inspected, you need to make an appointment in advance. Just turn up at the time of your appointment. You can book or change your appointment online via the SNCT website, or through the other organizations listed above.
All you have to do is follow the instructions given by the agents on site.

Further information: or tel: +352 35 72 14-222

Please note! Technical inspection is not free of charge.

Your vehicle may also be inspected in the event of an accident or major repairs, if it has undergone tuning-type modifications, etc., or at the request of the authorities.

Vehicles in Luxembourg and winter regulations

Winter tires mandatory in Luxembourg

Winters can be harsh in Luxembourg. That's why Luxembourg has adopted the so-called "winter tires" or "4-season tires", which are compulsory. They make it easier to drive on Luxembourg roads in winter conditions, i.e. when there's black ice, packed snow, slush, patches of ice or frost.

This measure applies to all vehicles crossing Luxembourg's borders, whether resident or not. Cross-border workers are also affected, as are occasional visitors.

Previously, this measure applied from November 1 to March 31. Today, there is no longer any notion of date. However, offenders risk being fined if their vehicle is not properly equipped for winter conditions.

It also happens that, in the event of worrying weather conditions for traffic, the government invites the population to avoid unnecessary travel. Everyone receives an alert message on their Luxembourg cell phone.

Legal requirements for vehicles in winter

In the event of snow or very low temperatures, remember to keep your vehicle clear of snow and ice on the windows, windscreen and rear window. Visibility from inside the vehicle must be complete. Your license plate must also be completely clear.

In case of snow, residents must clear the sidewalks in front of their homes to avoid falls.

It is also against the law to leave the engine of an immobilized vehicle running in order to warm it up, or to defrost the windows. Here too, as in the previous cases, these offences are punishable by law. Offenders can be fined.

Don't forget, driving in Luxembourg means respecting the highway code. Consult the rules of the road in Luxembourg.

What kind of assistance for your car?

In Luxembourg, you can get assistance for your vehicle at very competitive rates. TheAutomobile Club du Luxembourg offers motorists an all-in-one solution for unparalleled comfort.

Find out more about administrative formalities in Luxembourg

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