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Administrative procedures for expats in Luxembourg

Are you thinking of moving to Luxembourg and want to know what administrative formalities you need to complete?
Do you work in Luxembourg and need to complete administrative formalities?
Are you already settled in the Grand Duchy and looking for answers to the administrative questions you ask yourself on a daily basis?

In this section, we explain how to find your way around the various Luxembourg administrations.

How do I set up home in Luxembourg?

Would you like to move to Luxembourg? Which visa or residence permit do you need, depending on your current residence and nationality?

What do I need to do when I arrive? As soon as you arrive in Luxembourg as a foreigner, you must register with your commune of residence.

You'll also need to complete a number of formalities for your vehicle, including registering your foreign driver's license.

And don't forget toopen a bank account, which will come in very handy. To cover your property and your loved ones, you should also take out a number of insurance policies.

What are the day-to-day administrative procedures?

Make your integration easier by familiarizing yourself with all the day-to-day administrative procedures.

Do you live in Luxembourg? Request a residential parking sticker from the Bierger-Center de Luxembourg.

Don't forget to ensure your family's financial wellbeing with any family benefits to which you may be entitled. And don't forget to declare your income and pay your taxes.

Do you need to complete any civil documents? Marriage, PACS, declaration of birth... Find our guide to the main administrative procedures below.

You'll find all the links you need for your installation below. Feel free to browse our pages. We're constantly updating them to reflect changes in legislation and our own experience as expatriates and foreign residents in Luxembourg.

To make things easier for you, more and more procedures can be carried out online . Find out more below.

Contact organizations for administrative formalities

Administrative procedures in Luxembourg are fast. Civil servants are quite efficient and you'll quickly find the right person to deal with your request.

Translation of official documents in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has 3 official languages: Luxembourgish as the national language, French and German.

Official administrative procedures must be carried out in one of these 3 languages or in English. Documents must be provided in one of these official languages. If this is not the case, you must first have them translated by an official certified translator., the administrative home of the Luxembourg government, the official website for administrative procedures is the official administrative website of the Luxembourg government. It simplifies your dealings with the Luxembourg State and the Luxembourg administration. The website is available in 3 languages: French, German and English.

On you'll find all the answers to your administrative questions. Access is simple. The site offers transparent information on administrative matters in Luxembourg and the services offered by the Luxembourg government.

MyGuichet, a secure personal administrative space

The Luxembourg government has launched a secure online personal administrative space. MyGuichet enables you to consult and complete your personal data listed by the Administration. You can carry out administrative procedures online, thanks to personal, secure and confidential access to the Luxembourg government's digital services.

Documents from government agencies and departments

You can access a number of government administrative documents online. This data is available directly from the website or via the common portal

De Guichet, the French government's helpdesk service

The Luxembourg government has also set up a physical reception service. This Helpdesk information service helps citizens with their administrative formalities.

Located in Luxembourg-Centre, 11, r. Notre-Dame - L-2240 Luxembourg, you can visit us without an appointment. You can also call the helpdesk hotline (free of charge) on: +352 24 78 20 00.

We welcome you in 4 languages: French, German, English and Luxembourgish.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Administrative services ville de Luxembourg

The city of Luxembourg offers a wide range of services for all your administrative needs. Details of these services can be found on the website.

Physical welcome at the Bierger Center

The Bierger Center is located in the Ville-Haute district: 44, place Guillaume II / 2, rue Notre-Dame >L-2090 Luxembourg. Offices are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Here you can carry out all your administrative formalities.

City of Luxembourg online forms

You can also complete a number of administrative procedures online, from the comfort of your own home.

On its website, the VDL provides a multitude of online administrative forms . All you have to do is fill them in from the comfort of your own home. It's a real time-saver when you consider how time-consuming and tedious administrative procedures can be when moving to a new country!

For each document, an explanatory sheet will guide you through the administrative procedures and help you avoid errors. To access the various forms available online from the City of Luxembourg, click here.

Administrative procedures for other communes

You don't live in Luxembourg City? Your commune of residence probably offers the same services. Contact your local administration for more information.

Since the covid pandemic, more and more administrative procedures are being carried out online, directly on

Find out here the 10 key points to make a success of your expatriation to Luxembourg.

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