Hosting a young person or working as an au pair

Hosting an au pair in Luxembourg

Are you a family living in Luxembourg with children under the age of 13? Would you like to welcome an au pair into your home? 

Are you under 30? Would you like to discover Luxembourg and develop your language skills?

Perhaps the "Au pair" childcare system is a good solution for you. However, the Au Pair process in Luxembourg involves several stages. We'll explain how to get started.

Hosting an au pair in Luxembourg

Why hire an au pair to look after your children?

Are you looking for a temporary childcare solution in your own home? Would you like to introduce a young person to another culture and share your own? Then welcoming a young Au Pair is undoubtedly a great opportunity for the whole family.

The Au Pair is a full-fledged member of the family

But beware: an au pair is not just there to look after your children .Even if you sign an agreement with him or her, this is not an employment contract. You do not become his or her employer. 

The Au Pair is a fully-fledged member of your family. He or she may look after your children and carry out some domestic tasks, but you must provide room and board in exchange. What's more, you must also pay them an allowance, which corresponds to pocket money for the duration of their stay.

In effect, the young "Au pair" looks after your children and helps with the family's day-to-day chores. However, the Au Pair's working hours cannot exceed an average of 5 hours a day over the week, i.e. a maximum of 25 hours a week.

For the rest of the time, the au pair must take part in language courses financed by the host family. The aim is for them to learn a new language and improve their language skills throughout their stay in Luxembourg.

Documents required to host an au pair in Luxembourg

Ministry of Youth approval for host families

To receive a young man or woman in your home, you need to be approved by the French Ministry of Youth. This approval is compulsory in order to authorize you to receive a young Au Pair.

You must apply to the Service National de la Jeunesse for approval to host an au pair. To obtain approval, you will need to provide a number of documents, including a certificate of household composition(issued by your commune of residence) and an extract from your criminal record.

If you have a child under 6 years of age, you must also provide proof of other day care. A declaration on honour may suffice.

Au pair hosting agreement.

In addition to the above documents, you'll need to sign a hosting agreement with the au pair, setting out the conditions, rights and duties of both parties. You'll need to submit this agreement to the National Youth Service at the same time as the rest of your file.

A copy of the ministerial approval and a copy of the approval for the young "Au Pair" must be sent to the Joint Social Security Center for the young au pair's social security affiliation.

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Working as an au pair in Luxembourg

Why become an au pair in Luxembourg?

In addition to the unforgettable nature of an au pair experience in Luxembourg, you'll also have thechance to gain your first professional experience abroad .

What's more, costs are kept to a minimum, as you'll be provided with free room and board. You'll be part of a family, and share in its highlights. 

Luxembourg is also located in the heart of Europe, with a strong multicultural character. More than 170 nationalities are represented here, and almost half of the population is foreign

Working as an au pair in Luxembourg will help you integrate more easily . You'll also benefit from more opportunities to discover other cultures and languages. Luxembourg has three official languages: Lëtzebuergesch, French and German. English is also widely spoken. 

Requirements to work as an au pair in Luxembourg

If you would like to work as an au pair nanny in Luxembourg, you must meet the following conditions:

  •  Be between 18 and 29 years of age 
  •  Have obtained a diploma allowing access to education in your country of origin. If not, you must prove that you attended an educational system until at least age 17.
  • Have a basic knowledge of at least one of the languages spoken in the host family. You must also know English, French, German or Luxembourgish.
  • Not earn a salary or be self-employed for the duration of the Au Pair's stay.

Before arriving in Luxembourg, you will need a medical certificate less than 3 months old. This must show that you are able to carry out the simple tasks of daily life, including looking after children.

Youth Ministry approval

To work as an "Au Pair" in Luxembourg, you need to obtain approval from the Ministry of Youth to become an Au Pair.

To do this, you must first find your host family and sign a host family agreement. 

Once authorization has been received from the Ministry of Youth, the Au Pair must apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a temporary residence permit.

Application for temporary residence permit

The application for a temporary residence permit as a future Au Pair must include your identity (surname, first name, address, etc.). Various additional documents and information must be attached to the application. More information on

The application must be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once youhave obtained yourtemporary residence permit, you can apply for your Luxembourg entry visa, if applicable. You will then be authorized to enter Luxembourg.

Formalities on arrival in Luxembourg as an Au Pair

First of all, within 90 days of arrival, the au pair mustregister with the host family's commune of residence .

Next, the Au Pair must undergo medical examinations and apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a new Au Pair residence permit. This step is compulsory, as the temporary permit is only valid for 90 days.

Once in Luxembourg, the young au pair must attend an information session with the Service National de la Jeunesse .This session gives young au pairs the opportunity to meet other young au-pairs.

To find out more about the Au Pair childcare system in Luxembourg, visit

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