Registering a foreign driver's license

Driver's license formalities in Luxembourg|Foreign driving licence formalities in Luxembourg

Have you just arrived in Luxembourg and hold a foreign driving license? To comply with Luxembourg legislation, you may need to register or retranscribe it.
By reading this article, you will find out if you are concerned by these obligations, and what administrative procedures you need to follow to register your driving license in Luxembourg.

Exchange and retranscription of driver's licenses in Luxembourg

Some foreign driving license holders are obliged to retranscribe their foreign driving license in Luxembourg. Others wish to exchange or retranscribe it for practical reasons. This makes it easier to obtain validity dates.

EU driver's license valid in all member states

Holders of a driving license issued in a member country of the European Economic Area (EEA) are not obliged to exchange it on arrival in Luxembourg.

Driving licenses issued by a member country of the European Economic Area are automatically recognized in Luxembourg. However, if you wish, you can register your foreign license or exchange it for a Luxembourg driver's license. This can be done at any time, without any special examination.

So, in the event of loss or theft of their driving license, holders of a license registered in Luxembourg will be able to receive a duplicate more easily, without having to contact the authorities in the country of issue.

Retranscription required for non-EU driver's licenses

People who obtained their driving license in a country outside the European Economic Area have one year to transcribe their license, once they have established their normal residence in Luxembourg.

Depending on the category of driving license, the Luxembourg authorities may or may not require an additional test. 

Failure to comply with these regulations regarding the retranscription of a foreign driver's license will incur a charge of 74 euros in the event of an inspection.

Special conditions for young foreign drivers in Luxembourg

All young drivers holding a category B driving license at thetime of taking up residence in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg must take part in a one-day training course at the Colmar-Berg Training Center.

This legal requirement applies to all driving licenses, whether issued within the last 2 years in the European Economic Area or not. Find out more about the young driver training course.

How do I exchange my driver's license in Luxembourg?

Building permits can be exchanged immediately on arrival in Luxembourg, or within 1 year of taking up residence in the Grand Duchy.

During this year, the holder of a foreign license will nevertheless be able to drive in the Grand Duchy with his foreign license. However, they will be subject to controls and penalties if they exceed the time limits.

To have your license retranscribed and obtain a Luxembourg driver's license, you must apply to the SNCA in Sandweiler.

To exchange your foreign driver's license for a Luxembourg licence, you must provide :

Validity and renewal of the Luxembourg driver's license

Finally, once your license has been registered or retranscribed, don't forget to ask about its period of validity. In Luxembourg, the period of validity of a driving license depends on its category and date of issue. Even if the SNCA often warns you when it's time to renew, make sure you stay informed!

Are you planning to drive your car in Luxembourg? Make sure your vehicle is in good administrative order and that you follow the rules for driving on Luxembourg roads.

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