Fuesend or Carnival time

The period of February /March, depending on the year, is marked in Luxembourg by the Carnival celebrations, which are part of the beautiful Luxembourg traditions.

The Carnival period officially begins in Luxembourg on 2 February,Candlemas or Liichtmëssdag. It lasts until Ash Wednesday, which traditionally marks the end of Carnival and the beginning of Lent before Easter. The term Carnival comes from the Italian “carnelevare” which means “to take away the meat.

Masked balls in Luxembourg

The kick-off is the opening of the season with the various masked balls. Luxembourg towns and villages each organise their own, to the delight of the youngest and/or oldest. Find out more in your municipality, including Vianden with the carnival ball for children, Grousse Kannerfuesbal, on 8 February and in Steinsel le Kanner Fuesbal on 9 February. Munshausen organizes its Carnival Week from 15 to February and the Villa Vauban its Carnival on February 16. Don’t miss the Mini Clocharsbal in Oberkorn.  Check with your municipality for more information.

Traditionally, on the eve of the Carnival holidays, children go to the elementary school desguised.

Cavalcades, Streimannchen and Fuesendkichelcher

But the Carnival period in Luxembourg is especially marked by the Cavalcades, disguised and joyful processions that wander through the largest cities. Diekirch saw the birth of the first cavalcade in Luxembourg in 1870.

Don’t miss the Diekirch Cavalcades on February 23rd for their 41st edition, Schifflange on March 1st, Kayl on March 8th, Esch-sur-Alzette on March 15th, Pétange on March 21st and Remich on March 23rd.

The end of the carnival is traditionally marked by “Mardi Gras”, the last day of celebration before the fasting period preceding Easter and respected by the country’s Catholics.
The incineration of a straw man, Streimannchen the next day, Ash Wednesday celebrates the end of the Carnival in Remich in the east of the country. The remains of the Streimannchen are then thrown into the Moselle. In leap years it will be a female character who will be burned.

Traditionally, Luxembourgers taste delicious doughnuts, the “Fuesendkichelcher” during this period. You will find them in the bakeries and pastry shops in the country.

In short, a joyful and animated period! Have fun!

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