Administrative procedures for your vehicle in Luxembourg

Pétrusse districtSettling down in Luxembourg and deciding to import your vehicle into the Grand Duchy? Already living in Luxembourg and wish to buy a new vehicle?
The vehicle owners have several administrative formalities to make whether it is for the import, the registration or simply in order to use their car or a two-wheeled vehicule all year round.

Do not forget! Driving in Luxembourg requires to respect several rules so that yo can circulate with your car or motorcycle.

Compulsory car insurance

Beforehand, every vehicle circulating in Luxembourg must necessarily be insured with a Luxembourg insurance company or a company accredited to act in Luxembourg.

Registration of your vehicle in Luxembourg

Every vehicle circulating in Luxembourg must necessarily be registered. As it is a new or second-hand, foreign or Luxembourgish vehicle, there are various scenarios concerning a vehicle registration. That is why we strongly advise you to visit to consult the flyer summarising the steps to make in order to register a vehicle in Luxembourg.

In case of a cross-border move, the owners who import their vehicle into Luxembourg have a 6-month deadline, as from the day of move, to proceed to the formalities of registration of their vehicle with the SNCA.

Watch out, contrary to many foreign registration systems, the allowance of a registration number neither means that the vehicle is registered nor that it is automatically accepted for registration! You have to follow the various procedures described in the SNCA document:

  • The certificate of registration request form to complete, sign and present to the SNCA (downloadable on the SNCA website) with the following documents:
  • Invoice/proof of ownership of the vehicle with calculation of the VAT
  • Valid car insurance,
  • Customs document, “label 705” or “ATV” for imported vehicles. You can get this label by presenting yourself with the vehicle to one of the offices of the Administration des Douanes et Accises. This request will have to be made with a proof of residence acquired with your municipality of residence
  • European certificate of compliance
  • A stamp of chancellery worth $50.

Every vehicle registered in Luxembourg is also the object of an annual tax collected by the Administration des Douanes et Accises in Luxembourg. It is called the road tax disc.

Personal licence plate

In Luxembourg, you can ask for a personalised licence plate via a form to be downloaded on the SNCA website. If the desired number is not attributed yet, you get it on your car for payment.

MOT in Luxembourg

Vehicles registered in Luxembourg must be covered by a valid certificate of technical check.

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The first technical check for cars motorcycles and trailers of more than 750kg and less than 3,500kg takes place 4 years after the date of first registration (3 years and a half until 2016). The 2nd check takes place 2 years later, that is 6 years after the first registration. The following ones then take place every year.

The trailers of less than 750kg need to have a conformity label to be acquired with the SNCA.
The vehicles of before 1950 are not subjected to the inspection.

So-called “historical” vehicles have to undergo the MOT every 2 years. “Historical vehicles” include the vehicles constructed or registered for the first time more than 30 years ago, the concerned type is not produced anymore and did not undergo major modifications. The new regulations do not modify the status of the vehicles previously considered historical, that is after 25 years.

Watch out! The inspection is paying, payment in cash or by V PAY card.

You can make your compulsory MOT with the SNCT – Société Nationale de Contrôle Technique or with the certified bodies and the partner garages.

The documents to be presented to the SNCT during your meeting are available for consultation on the website

Other SNCT control centres: Esch-sur-Alzette and Wilwerwiltz.

Book an appointment for the technical check!

Present yourself at the technical check with an appointment, you will save time! You can set up or change your online appointment via the website.

Phone +352 35 72 14-222

Compulsory winter tyres

Luxembourg adopted winter tyres or “4 seasons” tyres to circulate on the Luxembourg roads in wintry conditions, that is in case of black ice, firmly packed snow, tender snow, sheets of ice or of hoarfrost.

This measure applies to any vehicle, even for a nonresident that would cross the Luxembourg borders. It is among others the case of the border workers.

Previously this measure applied from the 1st of November until the 31st of March. There is currently no more date. Offenders risk a fine of 74 euros if they are checked in winter conditions and if their vehicle is not properly equipped.

Driving licence

According to the country of issue of your driving licence (European Union or third country), you could be obliged to exchange your driving licence for a Luxembourg licence.

More information on driving rules in Luxembourg? It’s here.