Communications operators in Luxembourg

You have just arrived in Luxembourg and do not know which operator (s) to choose for your telecommunications? Here is some information to guide you on your choice of fixed and mobile telephony provider, television and Internet services in Luxembourg.

The biggest telecommunication operators in Luxembourg often offer all-inclusive packages for your mobile phone, landline, internet communications and TV. You can then equip yourself in telecommunication with tailor-made offers, adapted to your communication needs.


You can choose between being connected to a standard analog line or an ISDN one (digital line enabling you to have more than one number).
Whatever operator you will choose, make the connection request as soon as possible as it takes quite a while (min. 1 month for the ISDN line). Think it through before choosing a type of line as the conversion is expensive.

Post being the main telecom operator, it must come beforehand to open the line before intervention of the operator you have chose, whatever it is. Appointments can take up to a month of delay. Appointments with Post will be made directly by the chosen provider. You do not take care of anything.
Also, think carefully before choosing the type of line because the conversion is then expensive.

Mobile phone

For a fixed price or a prepaid card, each mobile phone operator has many packages. It is therefore important to analyse your needs (calls only concern the Grand Duchy, to abroad, from abroad, …) in order to choose the best option for you.


The main operators guarantee a high-speed Internet connection with ADSL. They also offer to install the modem and Wifi which allows you to enjoy wireless Internet access everywhere in your house.


In addition, if you choose the new IPTV offer (Internet television), you must have an ADSL connection. The IPTV service is an alternative to the service of cable modem providers or satellite.

More and more towns and houses or building are equipped with optical fiber, ask for it when you visit your next accomodation.>

What are the medias to follow to follow the news in Luxembourg?

HOTCITY, free Wifi

Surf at high speed and low cost with HOTCITY, the reference for public Wi-Fi networks in Luxembourg City, Esch-sur-Alzette and Strassen.
HOTCITY allows you to surf the Internet on the move, as if you were at home, while maintaining your liberty with one of our “prepaid” plans, which were designed to suit your usage needs.

How to access free WiFi in Luxembourg?

The network to connect to for free WiFi in Luxembourg is CITYLUXFREE. It gives you access to the Internet in the majority of the major points of the city, without password, and allows you to log in for 15 minutes, with no maximum of renewable sessions. An initiative that has already made life easier for thousands of users!