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Telecommunications and parcels delivery

Telecommunications operators

You have just arrived in Luxembourg and do not know which operator (s) to choose for your telecommunications? Here is some information to guide you on your choice of fixed and mobile telephony provider, television and Internet services in Luxembourg.

The biggest telecommunication operators in Luxembourg often offer all-inclusive packages for your mobile phone, landline, internet communications and TV. You can then equip yourself in telecommunication with tailor-made offers, whatever your communication needs.

The biggest telecommunication operators in Luxembourg often offer all-inclusive packages for your mobile phone, landline, internet communications and TV. You can then equip yourself in telecommunication with tailor-made offers, adapted to your communication needs.

Mobile phone

Either for a mobile plan or a prepaid card, each mobile phone operator may have bundled offers with landline, internet and TV. It is important to define what your needs are (calls in the Grand Duchy, to another country, from another country, etc.) before choosing the right option.


In Luxembourg, for your landline, you can choose between being connected to a standard analog line or to a digital line (ISDN) enabling you to have more than one number, either for your house or your office.
Whatever the operator you choose, make the connection request as soon as possible as it takes quite a while.

Post is the historic telecom operator in Luxembourg who owes phone lines. This operator must intervene beforehand to open the line before the intervention of the operator you chose, whatever it is. Appointments can take up to a month of delay. Appointments with Post will be made directly by the chosen provider. You do not take care of anything.
Also, think carefully before choosing the type of line because the conversion is then expensive.

Internet, high-speed wireless access, wifi

The main operators guarantee you a high-speed wireless access with ADSL. They also offer to install the modem and wifi to enjoy wireless Internet access everywhere in your house.

More and more towns and houses are equipped with optic fibre, ask for it when you visit an accomodation.

5G is expected in Luxembourg in 2020.

Optic fibre

Regarding telecommunications, fibre optic is getting more and more accessible in Luxembourg. More and more municipalities are nowadays equipped with fibre optics networks. Newcomers or already installed ones, inquire if your telecom installation is eligible. Adopt the fibre to benefit from faster connections and from much better quality.

Settling down in Luxembourg implies to cross certain inescapable stages: accommodation, administrative procedures, children’s schooling… and telecommunications. Subscribing to the right telecom network and to benefit from good ways of telecommunication allows in particular to keep communicating with the family and the friends stayed in the country of origin. With fibre optic, the access to the means of communication becomes an addicting pleasure in the not insignificant advantages.

Communicating easily with your close friends by every type of media, accessing the internet, playing or listening to streaming music is made until 10 times as fast as in standard VDSL, the whole with unlimited volumes of downloads…

This first and foremost allows to reduce the loss of bearings related to the expatriation and to accelerate the creation of new contacts, an often problematic recurring situation for expatriates in Luxembourg.

Fibre optic installation

When settling down, it is common to have to wait for a few days, even for a few weeks to obtain a phone and internet connection adapted and in compliance with what you need.

Fibre optic offers and price

Talking about prices, fibre optic became very affordable if we refer to the level of comfort that it allows. The connection has digital applications such as Skype to communicate with your loved ones and an access to movies and music in streaming. Besides, the growing evolution of the video games’ quality in terms of graphics and technical complexity and the possibility of playing online are important factors to switch to fibre optic.

If in many countries, the fibre remains little developed, it is not the case in Luxembourg where the fibre is available in the biggest fields of the country. Switch to the fibre!


You must have the right ADSL connection or the optic fibre to enjoy IPTV (internet TV). The IPTV offer is an alternative to the cable modem service or satellite.

The media in Luxembourg to follow the daily news and be entertained.

Free WIFI in cities

Surf at high speed and at low cost with the free wifi networks that flourish in the luxembourgisch cities : Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Strassen, Dudelange and others.

Wifi networks are now available in several cities across the country. Feel free to connect to wifi networks such as hotcity, citywifi, cityluxfree,…  You will thus have free Internet access at most major hotspots, without a password, for a limited period of time or without a maximum thanks to a premium connection at a reduced rate. An initiative that has already made life easier for thousands of users!

Delivery services

The delivery of parcels is not always easy as Luxembourg is not always served by internet vendors. Post offers a service named PackUp Import which will make your deliveries easier.

Also think about the Mondial Relay network.