Telecommunications and parcel delivery services

You have just arrived in Luxembourg and do not know yet which operator(s) to choose? Here is some information to help you choose a provider for fixed and mobile telephony, television and Internet services in Luxembourg.

5G is offered by Luxembourg operators since October 2020. To benefit from it, you must have a compatible mobile device.

Mobile telephony in Luxembourg

Cell phone operators in Luxembourg

There are 5 cell phone operators in Luxembourg. Each one offers several packages adapted to the needs of the users with more or less extensive and more or less powerful offers. Cell phone offers can be combined with fixed line, unlimited internet and TV services, or more basic services for limited use.

There are several cell phone operators in Luxembourg.

  • Eltrona: a forerunner in Luxembourg’s cable networks, Eltrona offers a wide range of cell phone, internet and TV services.
  • Post: Post is one of the largest employers in Luxembourg. It offers many services in its branches: postal services (mail and parcels), fixed or mobile telephone packages, internet services, TV and banking services .
  • Tango: Part of the Belgian Proximus group, Tango offers a number of packages, with or without mobiles.
  • Orange : recently present on the Luxembourg market, Orange is one of the main telephony players in France. Several packages are available.
  • Luxembourg Online is a 100% Luxembourg based telephony company, existing for more than 25 years. It is the oldest player in this telephony market. You can find it on the website .lu

You will find the largest operators below. Compare their offers. You will be able to equip yourself in telecommunication with tailor-made offers and advantageous conditions, whatever your communication needs are.

It should be noted that roaming charges were removed in 2017. As a result, bills have become lighter, especially for travelers beyond Luxembourg’s borders. Calls received abroad or made from abroad on your Luxembourg mobile are no longer charged extra.

Regardless of the operator you choose, all you have to do is go to a representative branch with an identity document, proof of address and a bank statement to subscribe to a mobile offer and acquire a new cell phone.

Should I opt for 4G or 5G in Luxembourg?

With 5G, the mobile telephony landscape is undergoing a real revolution in Luxembourg. Download speeds are multiplied (x20) and latency times are considerably reduced, for a more complete user experience.

However, the rollout of 5G has been underway for a few months and some operators are further ahead than others. Moreover, the territory is not completely covered today, far from it. So should you go for 5G or not?

It should be noted that the maximum speed reached today is only 1 Gbits/second. Not all operators reach it.

Moreover, the territory is not equal before the deployment of 5G. Of course, the capital city of Luxembourg benefits from the best deployment today. If you live and/or work in Luxembourg, 5G can be very interesting for you. Also, if you live and:or work in the south of the country, especially near Esch-sur-Alzette. On the other hand, 5G coverage is more uncertain in the rest of the country and especially in the north. Even 4G is sometimes difficult to get.

Fixed telephony in the Grand Duchy

The traditional fixed telephone will disappear by 2024. All analog phone lines are gradually migrating to IP telephony over the Internet.
While this change will not affect bills, it may affect some third-party services such as alarm systems or phone connections that allow for multiple phone numbers. The residents concerned should contact their service provider to check if their installation is compatible and make the necessary modifications if necessary.

Internet connection, high speed access and wifi at home

An internet subscription costs about 60 euros per month in Luxembourg.

Post is the main telecom operator, managing the lines and networks. Regardless of the operator chosen, Post must intervene beforehand to open the line. Appointments can be made up to one month in advance.
Appointments with Post will be made directly by the chosen supplier. You don’t take care of anything. Once the installation is completed by Post, the operator can intervene.

Although the City of Luxembourg appears to be well equipped in terms of the Internet network, the large number of people who use it reduces its performance. The big cities in the south like Differdange, Dudelange or Esch-sur-Alzette offer better connections. Ettelbruck in the north also appears to be well ranked.

The main operators guarantee you a high speed access to Internet thanks to the ADSL connection. They also offer to install the modem, as well as Wi-Fi to enjoy wireless Internet throughout your home. The speeds offered generally range from 1,000 Mbps download speeds which allows for good internet usage with streaming or video calls.

Subscribing to the right telecom network and benefiting from efficient telecommunication means makes it possible to continue to communicate with family and friends in the country of origin or provenance. This reduces the loss of reference points linked to expatriation. Isolation is often a problem for expatriates. That’s why keeping in touch with family and friends is so important, and we’ve all experienced this in confinement situations.

To ensure a good fluidity of your internet, especially when several people in the family connect to it, we advise you to opt for fiber optics if possible.

When you arrive in Luxembourg, it is common to have to wait a few days or even a few weeks to get a suitable telephone and internet connection, according to your wishes.

Tip: Regardless of the operator you choose, make the connection request as soon as possible because it takes time!

Optical fiber for a better telecom experience

In the field of telecommunications, optical fiber is becoming more and more widespread in Luxembourg. The communes are now better and better equipped with fiber optic networks.

Communicating easily with friends and family through all types of media, surfing the web, playing games or listening to streaming music is up to 10 times faster than with standard ADSL. In addition, the download volumes can be unlimited, or almost.

As far as prices are concerned, fiber optics has become very affordable if we refer to the level of comfort that it allows to have.

The connection to digital applications such as Skype for communicating with loved ones or streaming movies and music is perfect.
In addition, the growing evolution of the quality of video games in terms of the graphics and technical complexity they offer, and the possibility of playing online, are important factors in the transition to fiber optics.
As for telecommuting, it almost requires a fiber optic connection.

On the other hand, the costs of installing fiber optics are not always very clear on the offers of providers. The bill may be higher if your building or house is not connected. Check with the building’s trustee or the previous occupant of your unit. Find out in advance if your telecom installation is eligible and under what conditions the installation can be carried out. And upgrade to fiber for faster, higher quality connections.


You can opt for the IPTV offer (television by Internet). However, you should know that fiber optics are required to take advantage of this service.

The IPTV service is an alternative to the cable or satellite offer. Internet + TV offers are around 70/80 euros per month in Luxembourg. The rental of the decoder and the installation may generate additional costs. Find out more beforehand. Also check the number of channels offered, usually about a hundred, as well as the possibility of recording programs.

If you do not wish to opt for a television via internet, the installation of a satellite dish is always possible. You will be able to receive all programs, including those from your home country.

See the media in Luxembourg.

Free WIFI in the cities

Surf at high speed and low cost with the free wifi networks that are flourishing in Luxembourg’s cities: Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Strassen, Dudelange and others.

Wifi networks are now available in several cities across the country. Don’t hesitate to connect to wifi networks like hotcity, citywifi, cityluxfree,… You will have free access to the Internet at most major gateways, without a password, for a limited time or without a maximum thanks to a premium connection at a reduced rate. An initiative that has already made life easier for thousands of users in Luxembourg!

Shipping and delivery of packages

Parcel delivery is not always easy in Luxembourg. Indeed, the Grand Duchy is not always served by internet sellers. Think of Post’s PackUp Import service.

Also consider the Mondial Relay network or a concierge service.