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Media and telecommunications in Luxembourg

Welcome to Luxembourg! Despite its small size, Luxembourg's media and telecommunications systems are open to the outside world. Moving to Luxembourg doesn't mean cutting yourself off from your home country. Quite the contrary, in fact! In fact, Luxembourg's infrastructure is solid and its technologies innovative.

Luxembourg media to understand local culture

Newspapers and printed press in Luxembourg

Traditionally, the printed press in Luxembourg has tended to be in German. The two flagship newspapers are the Luxemburger Wort and the Tageblatt. They are an excellent source of local, national and international news. You'll also find insights into everyday life and culture in Luxembourg.

You'll also find a range of themed magazines, mainly in French and English.

Luxembourg media online

Luxembourg is fully in the digital age. All newspapers and magazines have their own online media. Today, news websites, blogs and other social networks are essential channels for disseminating information in Luxembourg.

Groupe RTL (Radio Télévision Luxembourg) is the leading player in television, radio and internet media. It can also be found online via apps.

Some media, such as Just Arrived, are dedicated to expatriates in Luxembourg. Newcomers can find out all they need to know about Luxembourg to settle in as smoothly as possible.

Connection with local foreign communities is mainly via social networks. There are a number of male and female influencers, as well as community groups.

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Telecommunications to stay connected

Telecommunications services and high-end connectivity

Telecommunications services are of the highest quality. The Luxembourg government has made ultra-high-speed communications a priority. 5G is being rolled out throughout the country, as is fiber optics for high-performance telephony and broadband internet services. Connectivity is ultra-fast and totally suited to streaming or telecommuting.

Key players in Luxembourg's telecommunications sector

Our partner Eltrona is one of several telephone and telecoms operators present in the region, offering competitive products and top-quality services.

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Communications regulation and privacy in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a member of the European Union. As such, it is subject to strict privacy regulations. The technological environment is secure, and consumer rights are respected. The Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation website provides a wealth of information on telecommunications in Luxembourg.

What's more, since June 2017, telephone operators can no longer charge you roaming fees within the territory of the European Union, including Luxembourg. No more nasty surprises when crossing the borders of the Grande-Région, but beware of extra charges when traveling further afield.

So when you arrive in Luxembourg, not only can you stay connected with your loved ones, but you can also take advantage of the media and telecoms to discover the country and integrate as fully as possible.

Happy settling in Luxembourg!

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