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Find the main Luxembourg media to keep you informed about life, news and major events in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Greater Region or more widely in Europe or the world.

The multiplicity of nationalities and cultural diversity present in Luxembourg means that there are many different media for each community. We'll just mention the main newspapers and radio stations, in the country's main languages: Lëtzebuergesch, German, French, English and Portuguese.

Print and electronic media in Luxembourg

Daily newspapers in paper and electronic format

Daily newspapers are either available in hard copy from newsagents (KIOSK), or directly from the Internet. You can also subscribe to their e-mail newsletter.

For the latest news from Luxembourg and the Greater Region, choose the following newspapers:

Luxemburger Wort

Wort in German

It is the No. 1 daily newspaper in Luxembourg, with over 137,000 readers, i.e. 25.7% of the population. Luxemburger Wort has been published since 1848 by the Saint-Paul Group. It was recently acquired by a Belgian press group, Mediahuis. It covers all Luxembourg and international news.

Virgule, French-language newspaper

Launched in September 2022, this newspaper is the Luxemburger Wort in French. Dedicated to Luxembourg's French-speaking community, it features regional, national and international news. There's plenty of information on the Greater Region.

Contacto (Portuguese)

Contacto is the Portuguese-language Luxembourger Wort for Luxembourg's Portuguese-speaking community. It reaches 42,600 readers. 

L'Essentiel en français

With its 104,500 daily readers, l'Essentiel covers 19.6% of the population. Distributed free of charge, it contains all the essential news from Luxembourg and abroad in French. L'essentiel is also available in English on the app, downloadable on ios and Google Play.

L'Essentiel also offers FM radio.

Tageblatt in German

Tageblatt has 35,800 readers, i.e. 6.7% of the population. It features all the latest news from Luxembourg and around the world. Some articles are available in French.

Le Quotidien in French

Le Quotidien has been read by 20,000 readers every day since 2001. It is distributed throughout Luxembourg and covers current affairs in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Zeitung vum Lëtzebuerger Vollek in Luxembourgish

It is aimed at 7,500 readers in paper format. There is no electronic version. The newspaper has a political slant. It is owned by the Luxembourg Communist Party.

Chronicle in English

Chronicle is an online newspaper for English-speaking communities and expatriates in Luxembourg. It produces local news about Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Print and online newspapers and periodicals

Magazines and periodicals are usually available free of charge, either directly from certain retailers or by registering on their websites.

Business magazines

Paperjam (English and French)

Paperjam has 58,100 readers in Luxembourg. This "Business zu Lëtzebuerg" magazine is the reference for economic and financial information in Luxembourg. An electronic version is also available.

Edited by the Maison Moderne group, it also features a Paperjam Club which brings together over 1,000 companies and economic players in Luxembourg within its Business Club.

Luxembourg Times in English

This English-language newspaper is present online for information dedicated to the English-speaking community and expats in Luxembourg. Its editorial line focuses on business and economics for decision-makers. Several magazines have been launched to accompany the daily: Luxembourg Times Magazine, Expat hub Magazine, Why Luxembourg.

Merkur, magazine of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

Merkur is the magazine of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. It is published every 2 months and has a readership of 18,000.

Delano, English-language magazine

Delano is the magazine for Luxembourg's international English-speaking community. The magazine covers politics, business and lifestyle with 10,000 copies in 11 annual editions. Delano also exists in an electronic version

City Magazine Luxembourg (bilingual French/English)

The official magazine of the City of Luxembourg for cultural information: theater, dance, music, conferences, events, exhibitions, cinema, etc. Free subscription

D'Letzebuerger Land (Luxembourgish)

D'Letzbuerger convinces 9,400 readers. The independent weekly covers business, politics and culture.


Woxx has a readership of 10,800 and aims to be "the other weekly". Its publications are in Luxembourgish, French and German. It appears on newsstands every Friday.

Magazine (German)

This German-language general-interest magazine reaches 44,700 readers. It is a mirror of the country, with many features rooted in its national heritage

Women's magazines

Femmes Magazine (French)

This monthly women's magazine aims to reflect Luxembourg society. Positioned for the CSP+. Also available in electronic version.

Janette (French), magazine for modern women

Janetteb targets young women, and adopts a dynamic tone for today's active woman. Distributed free of charge in many stores, it can also be consulted online.

Trade journals

Télécran (French), TV magazine

Télécran is a weekly newspaper for television. It features television programs for 61,900 readers.

Lux Bazar (French), classified ads newspaper

Lux Bazar is a newspaper for classified ads in Luxembourg. 26,300 readers

Automotive press

  • LuxAuto: media n°1 for new and used vehicles on
  • Auto revue (German) electronic version: 49,200 readers
  • Auto Moto (French) quarterly: 44,500 readers

Nature press / Environment

  • Regulus, Natur&Umwëllt (Nature & Environment) magazine: 23,900 readers, published 6 times a year
  • De Letzebuerger Bauer (Luxembourgish): 13,900 readers - published by the Luxembourg farmers' federation Centrale Paysanne

Lifestyle magazines in Luxembourg

  • Bold, an urban lifestyle magazine, is published 8 times a year with a circulation of 20,200 copies, and is distributed in the waiting rooms of doctors, lawyers, hairdressers, hospitals, notaries, etc.
  • Luxembourg féminin, by subscription, published quarterly, high-end magazine
  • Passaparola in Italian

Television and audiovisual media in Luxembourg

RTL Group - Radio and Television Luxembourg

Groupe RTL is the leading media company in Luxembourg, reaching 76.2% of the population. RTL is Luxembourg's historic television and radio broadcaster.

  • RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg (Luxembourgish), number one radio station with a following of 52.3% of the population, including 78,300 foreign residents
  • RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg, first TV with 49.1% of residents, i.e. 253,000 viewers including 73,900 foreign residents
  •, the leading Internet medium with 47.4% of residents, i.e. 244,000 visitors per week, including 72,300 foreign residents
  • RTL Radio 93.3 and 97.0 in German

The group also offers apps, including RTL Play for on-demand audiovisual content: RTL Télé programs on demand, but also a handy way to watch or re-watch the Luxembourg series Capitani, also presented on Netflix. An excellent series, highly recommended if you want to understand the hidden side of Luxembourg.

Other radio stations in Luxembourg

  • Eldoradio (Luxembourg), 78,500 daily listeners. Music radio, contemporary music
  • Lux Wort reaches 44.5% of residents
  • L'Essentiel attracts 41% of residents, with 51,200 listeners.
  • Radio 100.7, a public socio-cultural radio station with news, culture, music, events, ...
  • English-language Radio Ara broadcasts music, news and guest interviews.
  • Portuguese-language Radio Latina.

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