Want to redecorate your living room, change your wardrobe or just to do your daily shopping? Luxembourg is full of great places to shop when you become familiar with the commercial uses.

Opening hours of shops in Luxembourg

 Luxembourg-City Grande RueIn Luxembourg, retail shops are usually open from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am till 6 or 6.30 pm. Some shops are closed on Monday mornings.
Many shops stay open longer on Saturdays. Supermarkets and shops located in shopping centres have more flexible opening hours.

Opening of shops on Sundays or public holidays

Retail stores and shops are usually closed on Sundays and bank holidays. As an exception, the pre-Christmas period when shops open on Sundays and the traditional “Mantelsonndeg” when the shops open on the last Sunday before All Saints’ Day.

Hypermarkets or supermarkets Smatch and Match, Aldi, Cactus and Delhaize open on Sunday mornings until noon or 1 pm.

Some shopping centers open exceptionally according to the period: before Christmas, mantelsonndeg, sales,… Pall Center in Oberpallen is open every Sunday and public holidays.

You can also go shopping abroad…

Warning: remember to do your shopping the day before public holiday! All shops are usually closed, including bakeries and pastries!

Information and shopping tips

City shopping Info Point

City Shopping Info Point Luxembourg-VilleThe Cityshopping Info Point in Luxembourg city showcases the latest collections and new arrivals in town of all kind of different shops.

Shopping experts of the City Shopping info point are happy to give you any kind of information you might need about shopping in town.
Be that an information about a specific brand, a good restaurant, a cozy place to have some coffee, technical supports, grocery stores, a lovely hotel to stay, fine jewelry, a nice beauty salon, good ideas for a gift, or even cultural activities. Information about opening hours of the different shops, coffee shops and restaurants, can also be found at the Cityshopping Info Point.

Thanks to their corner dedicated to new shops, you will be always updated about the new shop openings!

Also, free maps of the towns with useful information about parking spaces and shops are available at the Info Point.

Cityshopping Info Point – 2, place d’Armes -L-1136 Luxembourg-Centre

From Tuesday to Saturday
During summertime: 10:00 to 18:00 o’clock
During wintertime: 11:00 to 17:00 o’ clock
Sunday Shopping: 14:00 to 18:00 o’clock

Visit their brand new webpage, available in FR-EN-DE.

Other useful websites for shopping tips

Baby-sitting during your shopping

“Kids and the City” is a child-care centre which looks after your children whilst you shop.
Children up to the age of 12 years, prices on an hourly basis, with or without meal. Prior booking required in order to maintain a high quality service. Two centres Kids and the City in town : 2 Rue du Nord in Luxembourg-Centre and 22 Rue de Strasbourg in Luxembourg-Gare.
Opening hours Mon.-Fri., 7 am-6.30 pm / Sat., 8 am-6.30 pm /Sun., 2 pm-6 pm (only on special opening shopping days). More information on www.kidsandthecity.lu

City Shopping Bus Luxembourg

The City of Luxembourg offers a free shopping bus line to make your shopping in the city centre easier. The City Shopping Bus commutes between the Parking Glacis and the city centre (Beaumont st.).

When the shops are open on a Sunday the City Shopping Bus departs every six minutes between 1.30pm and 6.30 pm. More information on City shopping bus Luxembourg.

Grande braderie de Luxembourg

Luxembourg-City’s “grande braderie” (cut-price market) is always held at the end of the “Schueberfouer” (beginning of September). It takes place in the streets of the city centre and around the railway station. All the shops are open and sell their items at cut prices.

A “Braderie” or clearance sale is a promotional sale on the sidewalk, a Luxembourg tradition, organized throughout the country. The “braderie” takes place in the streets of the city center and the station area. All shops open their doors and sell their items for the occasion.

You will find in the commercial agenda of the blog goodidea.lu. the dates of all the braderies in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.