Colonies Luxembourg

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Are you searching for a training camp or holiday camp for your children? Many activities are offered in Luxembourg or elsewhere.
Below are Just Arrived’s recommendations to keep your little ones occupied: nature and Discovery camps, sport, holidays, language courses, … many activities are available in the country or even abroad.

Activities leisure youth and internships weekends and school holidays.

Municipalities organize very often internships or outings for the children of the municipality. Check with your local administration.

Are you more interested in a language course?

Many organizations propose language camps most often with a sports, cultural or artistic activity.

Looking for a holiday camp or colony for your children and teenagers?

We have selected a few organizations proposing holiday camps.

You can also inquire for activities in town, according to the tastes and interests of your children: sports activities, manual or artistic, musical, …

Ideas to keep your kids occupied during holidays and weekends

What about scouting? 2 scouting federations are at your disposal in Luxembourg, you will probably find the one that best suits your children.

If you want to have an overview of the training and holiday camps on offer in Luxembourg during the school holidays, Just Arrived suggests that you have a look on You will find and vast choice of free and not free of charge activities to offer your children during their holidays: art or cooking workshops, language classes, sport camps, kids holidays, the list is very complete and regularly updated!