Internships, vacation activities, camps

You live in Luxembourg and have children or teenagers? Like all parents, you’re looking for an internship, camp or summer camp? We have the solution to keep your youngsters busy at weekends or during the school vacations.

A wide range of extra-curricular activities are available in Luxembourg and elsewhere. Young and old alike will find plenty to keep them entertained over the vacations. Parents also have a choice of languages for their children’s activities.

Here are our recommendations for keeping your children busy during the long school vacations. The choice is vast, from nature and discovery camps to sports, vacation courses and language courses…

Activities offered by the municipalities

Municipalities often organize courses or outings for local children during the school vacations.

City of Luxembourg

During the summer vacations, the City of Luxembourg offers “Sports Weeks” for young people aged 11 to 17. These take place in Luxembourg or even abroad. Qualified trainers and instructors supervise these water and land sports courses.

Registration is open to residents of Luxembourg City, but also to young non-residents. Rates are progressive according to the trainee’s status. Please register early with the Bierger-Center de la Ville de Luxembourg. These courses fill up very quickly.

CAPEL – Pedagogical and Leisure Activity Center

CAPEL organizes free outdoor activities during the school vacations . Capel courses are reserved for children and young people resident in Luxembourg City.

Vacation activities (4 weeks during the summer vacations) take place in the afternoons from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm. Participation is free.

  • Aktioun Bambësch

Aktioun Bambësch runs from 1:30pm to 6pm during the Easter, summer and Christmas vacations. All children aged 5 to 12 can take part.

A special supervised bus service runs from various parts of the city to CAPEL. This service is free.

  • Aktioun Jugend Aktiv

By taking part in the Aktioun Jugend Aktiv, young people in Luxembourg City can spend their leisure time in a friendly, enjoyable and creative way. This course takes place during the summer vacations for young people aged 13 to 17,

Sports Services: Holiday Program

The City of Luxembourg has a special vacation program for young people aged 11 to 17. These week-long sports courses take place in the Grand Duchy and abroad. Accommodation is full board in youth hostels and sports centers. Activities to suit all tastes: golf, sailing, horse riding, martial arts, climbing, skateboarding, mountain biking, etc.

Other municipalities

Each commune offers specific activities for its young residents. The “Spillnometteger” or “play afternoons” are usually supervised by local youngsters. Ask your local authority for details. Registrations are due in May/June.

Summer camps or camps

Many organizations offer summer camps or colonies for children and teenagers.

The colonies. lu website works with numerous organizations and associations. It offers camps for children aged 4 and over and teenagers, in Luxembourg and elsewhere. The choice is important, even after the vacations have already begun.

Lasting a minimum of 5 days, the camps are supervised by certified guides. In general, one guide supervises 8 young people. Several themes are proposed: sports or artistic activities, adventure camps, discovery camps, …

The website is very practical. At a glance, you can identify the target age, departure and return dates, prices and organizer of each proposed camp. You can also see immediately whether the colony is still available, on the waiting list or already full.
You can request registration online, directly by filling out a form.

Caritas Youth and Family

The vacation department of Caritas Jeunes et Famille asbl organizes vacation camps for all children and teenagers. Activities are open to all, regardless of parental income, the child’s background or disability. Camps for 4 to 17 year olds are held in Luxembourg, Spain, the Netherlands, France, etc. They take place in summer and winter. For further information, visit

SNJ – National Youth Service

A contact organization for non-formal education, the SNJ also organizes numerous leisure activities, including summer camps . It also offers training courses for young people, in partnership with associations. Available for children aged 6 and over, most activities are conducted in the Luxembourgish language.


Close to Luxembourg, think of internships in Belgium. ADEPS is a public service. It offers a wide range of activities and sports courses for a French-speaking population.


Have you considered scouting? Several scouting federations are available in Luxembourg. You’re sure to find the one that’s right for your kids.

In addition to activities during the school year, scouting organizations also offer nature camps for your children during the vacations. Find out more!

Sports, arts and science courses…

You can also plan themed activities and courses to suit your children’s tastes and interests: sports, arts and crafts, music, etc.

Does your child have an artistic soul, or would you like to introduce them to the arts? Take a look at the websites of Luxembourg museums. They often offer themed workshops lasting a whole day or just a few hours.

Language stays

Several private organizations specializing in language learning organize language camps for young people.These camps and courses take place during the school vacations. They are usually combined with a sporting, cultural or artistic activity.

Sport and language activities in youth hostels

You can also book vacation activities for your children at Luxembourg’s various youth hostels. Choose your theme: language reinforcement camp or sports camp.

Language camps enable your children to improve their German, English or French. These courses are offered in partnership with Berlitz.

If you opt forsports camps, the Youth Hostels work with Luxembourg City’s Sports Department. Your children can enjoy a range of sports: mountain biking, water sports at the Lultzhausen base or in Remerschen, horse riding in Luxembourg or rock climbing in Echternach.

Scientific activities at the Luxembourg Science Center in Differdange

The Luxembourg Science Center in Differdange is a center dedicated to science and technology. Kids can explore over 100 interactive stations. Daily workshops enable them to discover the world in a different way. An excellent way to approach science and technology in a more playful way.

Creative Activities Base 1 Makerspace

The Base 1 area on the Forum Geesseknäppchen campus offers various half-day workshops. Courses can be combined over several days.

Young people can discover programming, 3D printing, electrical work and creative sewing.

Student jobs for older children

From the age of 15, young people can work in summer jobs during the school vacations. These jobs are paid. Young people can earn money to finance future projects and/or their studies. What’s more, they can acquire professional experience at an early stage. This will come in handy when they’re looking for a job.

Municipalities also offer their young residents paid summer jobs. Check with your municipality.

Several sites are available to help you in this process, whether you’re looking for a student summer job or a student internship.

Ideas to keep your children busy

You’ll also find plenty of ideas for outings and fun with your children, whether as a family or with friends.

Also take a look at Here you’ll find a vast choice of free and fee-paying activities for your children duringthe school vacations. From artistic or culinary workshops to language courses, sports camps or youth vacations, you’ll find something for every age group. The selection is comprehensive and regularly updated!