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The school holidays have already begun or are close to beginning. Like almost all parents, are you seeking courses or summer camps, an internship or a colony to keep your children and youth busy all year long, during the weekends or the school holidays?
Many extracurricular activities are available in Luxembourg or elsewhere, for both young adults and children. Besides, you will find linguistic offers.
You will find below the references which Just Arrived recommends in order to occupy at best your children: nature and discovery camps, sport, holidays training courses, language courses…

Activities proposed by the municipalities

During school holidays, municipalities organise very often training courses or outings for children from the municipality.

City of Luxembourg

Every year during the summer holidays, the City of Luxembourg offers young people aged 11 to 17 “sport weeks” in Luxembourg or even abroad. Nautical activities or land sports, these interships are supervised by qualified coaches and animators. Registration is open to all residents of the City of Luxembourg or not, including non-residents in Luxembourg. Rates are progressive according to the trainee’s status. Be sure to register the soonest with the Bierger-Center of the City of Luxembourg, these courses are very quickly complete.

The “Aktioun Bambesch” and “Aktioun Jugend Aktiv” programs offered by CAPEL are also available during all school holidays, including summer.

Other municipalities

Each municipality offers specific activities such as “Spillnometteger” or “afternoon games”. Check with your municipal administration, registration is to be done in May / June. Inquire with your municipal administration.

Language camps

You are rather interested in a language study holiday? Numerous structures specialised in language courses organise linguistic camps coupled most of the time with a sports, cultural or artistic activities.

Holiday Camps or Colonies

Here again, organizations offering holiday camps or colonies for children and teenagers are numerous. We present here the website, which works with trustful organizations to propose colonies for children from 5 years, in Luxembourg or elsewhere. The choice is important, including once the holidays have already begun.


Have you thought about scouting? 2 scouting federations are at your disposal in Luxembourg, there is no doubt you will find the one that suits your children best.
Scouting  organisations also offer nature camps to your children during the holidays. Inquire!

Sports, artistic, … activities

You can also inquire for activities in town, according to the preferences and interests of your children: sports, manual, artistic or musical activities

Many private organizations offer diverse internships. Does your child have an artistic soul or do you let him discover the arts? Also check the websites of Luxembourg museums, which often offer thematic workshops over a day or a few hours.

Student jobs for the oldest ones

From the age of 15, young people in Luxembourg can apply for a summer job during school holidays. Then, they earn money in order to finance future projects and / or their studies, but they can also gain valuable work experience early on, very useful when they will have to find a job after their studies.

The municipalities offer students paid summer work. Inquire with your municipality.

Several sites are available to help you in this process, whether in summer student job or student internship. More information.

Ideas to keep your children busy

Take a look at the website. You will find a vast choice of charged or free activities that you could suggest doing to your children during school vacation: artistic or culinary workshops, linguistic courses, sports camps, holidays gathering youngsters of various ages…
The selection is very complete and regularly updated!