Housing maintenance, collect, sort and recycle

Maintenance of his dwelling and clearing of sidewalks

The maintenance of your home is an obligation, whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

To maintain your accommodation,you can recruit household staff directly in compliance with luxembourg labour legislation,or call on companies specializing in cleaning and maintenance, or proceed with companies specializing in personal services.

In case of frost or snow, it is also mandatory for the occupants of a building or house to clear the crowded or frozen sidewalks in front of the building. If the sidewalks belong to the communal administration, the clearing of a strip 1 m wide is the duty of the inhabitants, as well as the spreading of a material to avoid frost and therefore slips. . In the event of a fall, it is your responsibility that will be invoked and you will have to prove that you have done what is necessary. In the event of an accident, your liability insurance may be put into play.

Waste collection in Luxembourg

You live in Luxembourg and like everyone else you have household waste and garbage cans to empty. Do you want to store in your garage or cellar? Do you have objects to recycle?
In Luxembourg, waste collection and recycling is managed by the municipalities.

Waste collection – Hygiene service

When you register as a resident in your municipality, you are offered several bins and other specific containers. These will be collected periodically, according to a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule, by a specialized company.

Your household waste, green, bottles or other papers and newspapers will be collected for a fee from your municipality. The calculation of the fee is either fixed, must be calculated according to the number of times you have used this service by putting your garbage to be removed on the street. A schedule of abductions will be communicated to you regularly by your municipality.

For the City of Luxembourg, you can consult the garbage collection tours by street on this link.

Sticky notes for sorting waste by bin colour

Bulky objects

Bulky objects can also be removed by prior appointment with the services of your municipality, and after having affixed a label given when taking VR.

Recyclable waste

Limit your plastic waste

Did you know that Luxembourg is a bad student when it comes to recycling plastic waste? According to a 2017 Eurostat study, Luxembourg ranks 21st out of 28 EU countries in terms of plastic waste recycling with an average recycling rate of 33% against 42%.

Each inhabitant in Luxembourg throws away an average of 52 kg of plastic waste per year! The Luxembourg government’s objective is to limit the use of plastic packaging in the coming years to 40 bags per person per year in 2025 compared to 140 currently. The distribution of single-use plastic bags in supermarkets and other shops is now prohibited.

You too are helping to make our planet clean by limiting the use of plastic. Bring large eco-responsible bags to do your shopping and do not forget the small reusable fabric bag for your fruits and vegetables.

Recyclable packaging waste

Blue PMC (Valorlux) bags are intended for recyclable packaging waste. You can find them free of charge from your communal administration. For the City of Luxembourg, they are made available free of charge to residents at the Bierger-Center, the City Hall, the “Badanstalt”, the Municipal Swimming Pool of Bonnevoie and the recycling center and hygiene service for the City of Luxembourg.

These bags are intended to receive the so-called PMC packaging, i.e. plastic bottles and bottles, metal packaging such as cans and beverage cartons).

If you have a green bag, depending on the municipality, you can also add films and plastic bags.

My Blue Bag, facilitate your recycling with the free Valorlux app!

Do you use the famous blue bag (or green depending on the municipality) to recycle your waste? But like many others, you could not escape the blue bag released on the wrong date or refused because of bad sorting?

Find out about sorting techniques, otherwise you will be refused collection and receive a red penalty label on your bags with an obligation to re-sort your waste and a postponement of collection. The free Valorlux app will make your daily life easier by informing you about the pick-up dates of your blue recycling bags.

Once the application is downloaded, choose your commune of residence to find out the date on which the next collection of blue recycling bags is planned near you.

My Blue Bag also gives you the keys to a recycling in accordance with Luxembourg rules, photos in support, as well as some tips to prevent, for example, that your bags fly away. Enough to sort in the best conditions and avoid fines!

The application also allows you to find out about the many sorting parks in Luxembourg. It gives you all their contact details as well as their opening hours. It even offers a GPS system allowing you to easily get there from your geographical location in real time!

Do you want to get rid of some waste by going shopping? Mon Sac Bleu also informs you of the various RE-BOX collection centres present in the car parks of certain shopping centres in Luxembourg. A way to get rid of your waste quickly and easily!

Organic and biodegradable waste – Biomüll

The biodegradable waste collected is a renewable energy resource because it is recovered energetically.

The municipalities provide you with specific containers for the collection of this biowaste for an annual fee. Ask your municipality or for the city of Luxembourg directly on its website.

Would you like to have a garden? See community gardens

Recycling centres

The municipalities also offer their residents free recycling centres to bring their recyclable or toxic waste and other unnecessary objects.
Access is free and is reserved for the inhabitants of the commune. Ask your commune of residence.

Several categories of recyclable waste are collected in municipal recycling centers: plastic, glass, cardboard, wood, … Each material finds its place in the different dumpsters or receptacles available.

Toxic waste is also collected for proper destruction.

You will also find in these waste centers a corner where you can deposit your objects, at the disposal of other people who may be interested. Toys, books or children’s clothes, decorative objects that you no longer have the use of, and in good condition so as not to be discarded, this is a good idea to recycle everything. Who knows? Maybe you yourself will find good deals to which you can give a second life?

The Recycling Centre of the City of Luxembourg is located at 48 Rue d’Arlon in Luxembourg-Belair. It is also accessible to residents of the municipality of Strassen.