Maintenance of your home

The maintenance of your home is an obligation in Luxembourg, whether you own or rent your house or apartment.

To maintain your home, you can directly recruit cleaning staff in accordance with labor legislation in Luxembourg, or call on cleaning and maintenance companies, or proceed with companies specializing in personal services.

Waste Collection – Hygiene Service

Recycling Luxembourg

You live in Luxembourg and like everyone else you have garbage and trash. Do you want to do some storage in your garage or cellar? Do you have items to recycle?
In Luxembourg, the collection and recycling of waste is managed by the municipalities.

When you register as a resident in your municipality, you will be offered several bins and other specific containers that will be collected periodically, according to a weekly schedule, bi-weekly or monthly, by a specialized company.
Your household waste,organic, glass bottles or other papers and newspapers will then be collected. A schedule will be communicated to you regularly by your municipality. You can consult the street collection rounds of household waste and recyclable materials on the website of the City of Luxembourg or ask your municipality.
This service has to be paid and will be charged each semester by your municipality, depending on your use (barcode on trash).
As for the City of Luxembourg, if on the odd occasion your bin is not big enough you can use special “Ville de Luxembourg-sac-poubelle” plastic bags. These bags can be bought at the Service d’hygiène or at the Bierger-Center and are also sold by several shops located within Luxembourg-City.

Bulky objects like furniture on demand

Bulky objects can also be removed by prior appointment with the services of your municipality, and after having affixed a label given when taking RV.

Recycle your waste in Luxembourg

Recycling centres to bring your waste

Municipalities also offer their residents free recycling centers to bring their recyclable or toxic waste and other unnecessary items.

Several categories of recyclable waste are collected in communal recycling centers: plastic, glass, cardboard, wood, … Each material finds its place in the different bins or receptacles available.

Toxic waste is also collected to be properly destroyed.

You can find also in these garbage centers a corner where you can put your items at the disposal of other people who might be interested: toys, books or children’s clothes, decorative items that you no longer need, and in good condition. Who knows ? Maybe you’ll find yourself some items you can give a second life to?

Luxembourg city and Strassen residents can take their recycling free of charge to the city recycling centre. There is also an area where you can leave objects that are still in good condition. Over 25 categories of recyclable waste and toxic waste are collected free of charge at the recycling centre.
The recycling center is located 48 Route d’Arlon in Luxembourg (Entrance Rue du Stade)

PMC bags to be collected

The solution to get your waste collected in front of your house in order to be recycled is to put it in blue or green PMC bags (Valorlux). These are aimed at containing recyclable packaging waste and are free of charge. They can be found at the municipalities, the Bierger-Center in Luxembourg-City, the city hall, the public bathings “Badanstalt” and Piscine municipale de Bonnevoie, at the recycling center and the Service d’hygiène.

These bags are intended to receive so-called PET and PEHD packaging, ie plastic bottles and flasks, tin-type metal packaging and beverage cartons, tins and cans, food cartons,…

If you have a green bag, depending on the municipalities, you can also add the films and plastic bags.

Mon Sac Bleu, a free App to help you in your recycling

Appli gratuite recyclage Mon sac bleu LuxembourgDo you struggle with the recycling bags and what should and more importantly, should not go in them!What can you put in the blue bags and when do they get picked up?

Mon Sac Bleu is a new free App from Valorlux, which you can download from the Apple Store or Android Market.

Its aim? To help you in your daily lives, letting you know what you should put in your blue/green bags and when you should put it out.

Once you have downloaded the Mon Sac Bleu App it is really easy: choose your commune to know the date of the next pick up in your neighbourhood. Mon Sac Bleu also gives you tips on recycling in luxembourg, photos to make it clear and some hints to avoid that your rubbish gets blown away for example. Everything you need to know about recycling and avoiding fines!

You can also use the application to find out about the various recycling centres in Luxembourg. You can get all the details and opening times. There is even a real time GPS system that will guide you there from you current location!

Are you going shopping and would like to get rid of some rubbish? Mon Sac Bleu also has information on which shopping centres in Luxembourg have RE-BOX collection points in the car parks. A quick and practical way to recycle your rubbish!

Blue / green bag: be careful when sorting your recyclable waste

When you arrive to Luxembourg, pay attention to plastic waste techniques failing which you will receive a red dot label sanction on your garbage bags. You will then be obliged to sort through your waste again and wait until the next collection.

Check your bags for recycling instructions or have a look to

BIOMÜLL – organic waste / biodegradable

The collected biodegradable waste is a renewable energy resource because they are valued vigorously. Effective waste sorting will allow you to lower the volume of your gray bin and therefore the price of the annual fee.

Luxembourg City and municipalities offer brown or green bins for specific harvesting of bio-waste.  Of a capacity of 40, 120 or 240 liters, they are collected, for free, every week.

All information is on the website of your city.