Literary activities, reading, multilingual libraries

To escape through books or perfect your reading in a foreign language, we have selected for you media libraries in Luxembourg that will offer you books and magazines in multiple languages.

Multilingual libraries and cultural centres in Luxembourg

National Library of Luxembourg

The new National Library has been welcoming the public since October 1, 2019 in a brand new ultra-modern building located on Kennedy Avenue in Kirchberg. Close to the Bibliothèque Nationale tram stop, the BNL welcomes the public to its bright and spacious facilities.
Created in 1899, the Bibliothèque Nationale de Luxembourg is a public library open to all. You will find more than 200,000 publications referring to the Grand Duchy, published in Luxembourg or abroad, as well as more than 20,000 media documents. Since its creation, the NL has been the reference library for scientific books and research.
This is where you will find all publications on Luxembourg, in printed or digital form. Numerous reading rooms with computers, scanners and printers, as well as a media library are at the disposal of visitors. Access to precious reserves and other rare works is possible by prior appointment. An international lending service provides access to documents not available on the network, linking 57 libraries across the country.
The NL also organizes conferences or exhibitions on various topics. The objective is to make this place a real cultural meeting place.
Anyone residing in the Grand Duchy or the Greater Region can register free of charge with the NL and borrow books and documents from it via an automatic terminal. People aged 14 and over can take books home and then return them during the day or 24 hours a day thanks to a reception system outside the building. Students of a higher education institution accredited by the Luxembourg State may also borrow books.
Since 1982, a Bicherbus service, or library on wheels, has been serving about 100 towns and villages in Luxembourg, once a week.
Free Wifi. Restaurant, coffee and outdoor terrace.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10am to 8pm, Saturday, 10am to 6pm

Cité-Bibliothèque library of the City of Luxembourg

The Cité-Bibliothèque is the municipal library and media library of the City of Luxembourg. The library is a public place for reading, consulting books or media whose purpose is to promote culture and to develop reading among young and old.
Several sections including:

  • Luxembourgish, French, German and English literature,
  • youth section with books for children and teenagers, children’s activities on Saturday mornings
  • working room with provision of dictionaries and encyclopedias, twelve workstations with free Internet access and printer (limited duration of 1 hour / day)
  • Media library with DVDs, Blu-ray in Luxembourgish, German, French and English, audiobooks, language methods. Possibility of watching movies on the spot.

Registration at the Cité Bibliothèque is free for all Luxembourgers and neighboring countries residents on presentation of an identity document. Registration entitles you to a free loan of 4 books, 2 sound recordings for a duration of 1 month, 2 DVDs for a duration of one week and 2 language methods for a duration of one month.
Literary Tuesdays 1st Tuesday of the month with reading of authors at 18:30.
Reading workshops for children from 4 to 8 years old on Saturday mornings 10:30/11:30.
Opening hours: Tue.-Fri., 10 am-7 pm, Sat., 10 am-6 pm.
Ask also at your municipality for municipal library.
More information on cultural centres in Luxembourg.
Consult also the pages dedicated to communities on the Just Arrived Ambassadors Club website to find the libraries of the various cultural centres and associations present in Luxembourg

Search, consult and book books online

On the website, you can search for documents, consult them or book them at Luxembourg libraries affiliated to the network, coordinated by the Bibliothèque Nationale du Luxembourg.
You will thus have access to the catalogue of works held by the various libraries, cultural centres, schools and universities, private or public libraries belonging to this network.

Bicherschaf – Book cupboard

Access to the book cupboard is available to all, adults and children, all day, every day free of charge and no need to register.

These book cabinets are spreading more and more in Luxembourg. Some municipalities are recycling old telephone booths as self-service book depositories.

Interested persons can borrow one or more books, read them on the spot or at home and put them back in the cupboard after reading. The reader can also keep the selected books and replace them with others.

You can find these book cabinets in Luxembourg :

The waste collection centers also offer recycling corners, where people drop off useless objects. Everyone can then help themselves. Among other things, there are books for adults or children, toys,…