To escape through books or perfect your reading in a foreign language, we have selected for you media libraries in Luxembourg that will offer you books and magazines in multiple languages.

Reading and culture for children

Reading for children in Luxembourg

Make your children discover literature and the pleasure of reading by taking them from the youngest age to visit libraries and reading workshops.

Every first Saturday of the month, the CITIM, Third World Information Center offers children a reading of a story about a Third World country and its inhabitants. It enables our children to discover the world through reading and imagination. Admission is free, it is better to book in advance. The program is delivered one week in advance on the CITIM website.

Reading and books are central to the concept of “Il était une fois“. This organization aims to make reading a real pleasure for children, and a way of discovering new cultures, exchanging ideas and meeting other people.
The association’s main objective is integration. It means that children of immigrants keep attached to their mother tongue by appreciating at the same time, the richness of the many different languages spoken in Luxembourg. For this reason the many different cultures and languages ​​are often highlighted during the activities proposed by the ASBL, especially during the reading workshops.

You can also find a reading workshop for your children at the the Cité-Bibliothèque municipale de Luxembourg, Saturday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30. 

Multilingual libraries in Luxembourg

Bicherschaf – Book cupboard

Access to the book cupboard is available to all, adults and children, all day, every day free of charge and no need to register.

If interested you can borrow a book or several books, read them there or take them home and put them back after reading. You can also keep a book and replace it with another one.

Place de Gand – Luxembourg-Belair

Place du Théâtre – Luxembourg-Centre

Place Laurent – Luxembourg-Limpertsberg