Bars, clubs, restaurants, where to go out in Luxembourg

Do not hesitate to go out of the town of Luxembourg to find good gastronomic or families restaurants and friendly bars.

New Covid19 Health Guidelines for Restaurants and Cafés

We were all waiting for the cafés and restaurants to reopen! It’s official, our favorite restaurants can reopen from Wednesday, May 27th if they have a terrace and from Friday, May 29th 2020 for the others.

In order to be able to serve their customers in the best sanitary conditions, the Horesca sector (Fédération Nationale des Hôteliers, Restaurateurs et Cafetiers du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg) has drawn up a quality charter validated by the label “Safe to serve” guaranteeing the respect of sanitary measures related to Covid19. 

Here below are the sanitary measures to be respected by catering establishments for reopening and the obligations of customers:

  • entering and moving around the restaurant with a mask is mandatory for customers, as well as when taking an order
    customers must wait until they are placed at their table
  • staff must wear masks in the resturant room
  • a minimum distance of 1.5 m between each table, or if not possible, a Plexiglas type separation between tables
  • a maximum of 4 people at one table, except for families living under the same roof
  • counter service is prohibited except for a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between customers who must be seated. A plexiglass partition must also separate the service from the room
  • restaurant establishments must close at midnight maximum.

This should change our habits! And don’t forget to reserve in advance or you will be refused access.

Where to eat in Luxembourg?

Many restaurants, book a table !

Due to its multiculturality, Luxembourg offers a wide range of typical Luxembourg restaurants but also more exotic. You can esily find Turkish, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian, Indian and Portuguese or Italian restaurants.
Often, newcomers to Luxembourg like to discover this mix of tastes and cultures by testing several restaurants of different origins. You can enjoy one every night if you want! Many restaurants have their menus in several languages.

There are 10 restaurants distinguished by the Michelin Guide in Luxembourg, including two 2-star restaurants, a french and an italian. There are also several gastronomic and world food restaurants, pizzerias, etc. You will find also a large choice of restaurants where it is possible to go out with children or to enjoy your meal on a beautiful terrace, to eat after 22h. Luxembourg offers many possibilities, just like its population coming from all over the world.

Remember to book a table in advance! Good tables and nice places are stormed from noon or 7pm, including in villages and towns outside Luxembourg City.

Find a restaurant nearby

You will easily find on specialised websites addresses of restaurants in Luxembourg, for a lunch or a dinner. Are you looking for a good restaurant? Of course, the essential Trip Advisor is very useful in Luxembourg.
More local, website provides you a list of all restaurants close to you. On, you simply have to enter the name of your city (or a street where you are) and the type of food you want to eat. You have then a long list of the best restaurants nearby. Thanks to a GPS system, localises on a map all types of restaurants in the neighbourhood.
Gastronomic, organic and world food lovers obviously find what they are looking for. This is such a useful website when you want to go out for a drink, do not have any ideas where to eat or just want innovation and originality.

Culinary events

Every year, several culinary events are organised in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

RestoDays, gourmet restaurants at a very low price

Restodays LuxembourgThe Restodays are among the most anticipated culinary events every year. For ten days, usually in october, the partner restaurants, including starred restaurants, offer gourmet menus at low prices. Register on the website, even before the dates of the restaurants to be informed about the event and book as soon as possible! The seats are stormed.


Expogast celebrates the food industry every four years. Supported by Villeroy & Boch, this event brings together nearly 8,000 exhibitors from some 50 countries. The Culinary world cup is also organised in parallel. The chefs’ dishes in competition are then to be enjoyed in the gourmet restaurant.

Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the sky offers you the opportunity to enjoy a gourmet meal… with your head in the stars! Renowned Luxembourg chefs prepare a menu that is enjoyed by some twenty privileged people, while enjoying a unique view.

Annual Euro-Toques Gala

Each year, the Euro-Toques association organizes a gala dinner, the profits of which are entirely donated to an association. This highly anticipated annual event is a unique event that changes each year depending on the originality of the Euro-Toques.

Eat it Festival

The Eat it Luxembourg street food festival is a great success every year. The festival is aimed at all street food lovers and has been held in front of the Rotondes since 2013. Many food-trucks with multiple flavours are also available. Read our article.

Ecobox – Mei lang geneissen

One of the particularities of many restaurants in Luxembourg is to serve very large portions. Feel free to ask for a half-serving for your children, this is common practice, and some restaurants even offer it right from the start.Ecobox Luxembourg
And if, despite everything, the plates are not finished, ask for an Ecobox! Participating restaurants are recognizable by the logo. You will pay 5 euros deposit and can take your meal or leftovers home, in a pretty green box, to finish them at home or the next day at the office. Once cleaned, you can return the Ecobox to a participating restaurant for your 5 euros deposit or exchange it for a new Ecobox, professionally cleaned, with rests of your ordered meal.
No more food waste and long live recycling: used Ecobox boxes are returned to the producer and used to produce new ones

Having a drink or going out to party

Either it is for a drink with friends, an afterwork with colleagues in a lounge bar or later in the night to listen to a trendy DJ and dance in a nightclub, Luxembourg is full of bars, clubs and trendy places to go out.

The best-known places to go out at night in Luxembourg City are the Central Station, Grund and Clausen districts. But you will undoubtedly find other lively and trendy places to go out. Ask your co-workers or expat networks, they probably have favorite places to advise you!

Looking for a bar or a party

The Bar Corner is a mobile application dedicated to bars and their events. Depending on your location and needs, the Bar Corner tells you where to go:

  • A search based on the location and your instant desire: you want to get a hot chocolate on the way out of the train?
  • Exclusive offers for users only! Download the application and have reduced rates.
  • One platform for a lot of events: stop searching on several websites.
  • New bars next to you: you think you know all the best bars near you? The Bar Corner you will show you the contrary!

Events in Luxembourg

The website Solux is simple and fun in order to be accessible to everyone. It is meant for all the Luxembourg citizens, for those who just arrived and for the tourists looking for tips, events and things to do in the Grand Duchy.
For each event, the date, place and description of the event are shown. There is also an integrated interactive map that works with Apple and Google Maps and that allows you to directly get to the place of the event. Finally, it is also possible to save such events in your bookmarks and share them with your friends, family and colleagues.

Travel safely with the night-bus or shuttles

Note to the customers of cafes, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, pubs, clubs, etc. : do not worry about parking your car or coming back home. There are free night buses which will take you home. Even after a busy evening!

Travel safely with the various bus and shuttle offers: nightrider, nightbus and city night bus.