Night life in Luxembourg

Even though Luxembourg is a small country, it is still a great place to go out. When you have a look around at the various bars, night-clubs and restaurants available, you will find it is impossible to get bored. Don’t hesitate to go out of the town of Luxembourg good restaurants, gastronomics or for families, and friendly bars.

Where to eat in Luxembourg?

Manger au restaurant LuxembourgYou will easily find in the specialized websites addresses of restaurants to eat in Luxembourg, whether it is for a lunch or a dinner.

Due to its multiculturality, Luxembourg offers a wide range of typical Luxembourg restaurants but also more exotic, such as Turkish, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian, Indian or Portuguese, Italian, French,…

Often, newcomers to Luxembourg like to discover this mix of tastes and cultures by testing several restaurants of different origins. You can enjoy one every night if you want! Many restaurants habe their menus in several languages.

There are 12 restaurants distinguished by the Michelin Guide in Luxembourg, including a 2-stars italian restaurant in the Grund. There are also several gastronomic restaurants, pizzerias or spirit brewery, … You will find also a large choice of restaurants where it is possible to go out with children or to enjoy your meal on a beautiful terrace, to eat after 22h,… Luxembourg offers many possibilities, just like its population coming from the 4 corners of the world.

Warning! Remember to reserve your table in advance! Good tables and nice places are stormed from noon or 7pm at night, including in villages and towns outside Luxembourg City.

Find a restaurant nearby

On website, you simply have to enter the name of your city (or a street where you’re find to be) and the type of food you want to eat. It takes care of the rest by offering a long list of nice restaurants nearby. You don’t really have any idea on where to eat? No worries: thanks to a GPS system, localizes on a map all types of restaurants in the neighborhood . Then, you only have to choose !

Therefore, this website is useful when you go out for a drink with friends and have no ideas of places to eat, or when you want a little bit of innovation, for more originality. The plus ? There’s something for everyone. Bio lovers as well as people fond of foreign and gourmet food will find their happiness in a few clicks !

Have a drink or go out to party

For a drink with friends, an afterworkwith colleagues in a lounge bar or later in the night to listen to a trendy DJ, to dancein a nightclub or disco, … Luxembourg is full of bars, Clubs and trendy places to go out in Luxembourg.

The best-known places to go out at night in Luxembourg City are Gare, Grund and Clausen. Nevertheless, you will undoubtedly find other places where you will find lively and trendy bars to party. Ask your co-workers or expat networks, everyone will have their favorite place to advise you!

Looking for a bar or a party

The Bar Corner is a mobile application dedicated to bars and their events. Why The Bar Corner is a reference for bars and users ?

  • A search based on the location and your instant desire: you want to get a hot chocolate on the way out of the train? A simple search on the app will show you that the nearest coffee shop is only a few meters away. Are you looking for an after work for tonight? Thanks to The Bar Corner you just have to choose from a list made for you.
  • Exclusive offers only for users! By downloading the app, users take advantage of the promotions offered by the bars, only for them!
  • One platform for a lot of events: stop researching on several websites. In a glance, you have access to all events! New bars next to you: you think you know all the best bars near you? The Bar Corner you will show you the contrary!

Events in Luxembourg

The application Solux is free and it is aimed at being simple and fun in order to be accessible to everyone. It is meant for all the citizens in the Grand-Duchy as well as for those who just-arrived and the tourists looking for tips and things to do in Luxembourg.

For each event, the date, place and description of the event are shown. There is also an integrated interactive map that works with Apple and Google Maps and that allows the user to directly get to the place of the event. Finally, it is also possible to save under your favourites the ideas you best like and share them with your friends, family and colleagues.

SoLux receives many of the events by email or through their « submit » option in the App. SoLux has always had as philosophy the quality and relevance of the events rather than the quantity. They prefer suggesting ideas that meet the expectations of their users rather than proposing an excessive flow of information without a link with their audience.

Travel safely with the night-bus or shuttles

For customers of cafes, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, pubs, clubs and discotheque … and to enjoy completely your evening, without worrying about parking or coming back home, there are free night buses, which will take you home. Even after a busy evening!

Travel safely and not waste time looking for a parking space? It is possible with various bus and shuttle offers!

Night rider: Group shuttles working on Fridays and Saturdays between 6pm and 5am. Paying (rates depending on the number of people and km) and by reservation, you receive a text message 10 minutes before confirming the arrival of the shuttle. Info on website

City Night Bus by Luxembourg-City: City Night Bus run on Fridays and Saturdays from 9.30 pm to 3.30 am and every 15 minutes on 3 different routes. More info on

RestoDays, gourmet restaurants at reasonable prices

Restodays LuxembourgThe “Resto Days” enable you enjoy gourmet menus at great prices in participating restaurants, some of which have Michelin stars. Sign yourself up online and make sure you make your reservation quickly!