Language courses in Luxembourg

The offer in languages courses is very vast in Luxembourg, whether they are ran by public or private bodies. We shall not detail all the existing offers here, but we shall focus on the most common ones or the least expensive.

Most of all, we will be able to note the importance of the languages in Luxembourg on a daily basis and especially the political will to integrate the newcomers.

The National Institute of Languages

Institut National des Langues | INLL
The National Institute of Languages is a key player in the languages learning process in Luxembourg. For an annual very moderate cost, you can learn up to 8 languages among which: Luxembourgish, German, French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, with certifications on top. No more excuse not to fit in one of the multiple communities of Luxembourg!

Private providers

In Luxembourg, you will find many private companies offering language courses either individually, inter-company or intra-company.

Luxembourgish courses

Luxembourgish courses in municipalities

In a purpose of integration of their citizens, numerous Luxembourg municipalities propose Luxembourgish lessons to their residents. Inquire directly with your municipality of residence.

Plus, remedial language courses are directly given in Luxembourg schools with the new expat pupils to facilitate their integration.

Learning luxembourgish with the City of Luxembourg

The City of Luxembourg proposes language and culture courses for adults. These lessons come in four levels: beginner, intermediary, confirmed and oral mastery. The courses take place from September until July and are proposed twice a week. You will find the detailed contents of the courses and the schedules of these on the VDL website.

Learning Luxembourgish on Internet

There are besides multiple ways to learn Luxembourgish apart from the courses given by the municipalities.

Are you intending to move in to Luxembourg but are still in your country of origin? Here is an excellent way to get familiar with the Luxembourg language and to learn what you will need in any conversation.

Learn Luxembourgish allows you to learn the language in several ways, but without stress: free of charge, and via games, quizzes, audio tracks and videos or by choosing the paying option, via online individual courses. Oral and reading understanding tests, articulation tests, writing and translation allow you to improve your level, both oral and written.

The website of Quattropole Luxembourg-Trier-Sarrebrücken-Metz proposes Luxembourgish e-learning courses specifically conceived for French or English speakers.

Learning Luxembourgish while playing? The Battaklang app makes it simple and successful. It allows you to associate words and images, that is, more than 1.000 Luxembourg words to learn with a system of points!

Training leave to learn Luxembourgish

Are you working in Luxembourg and want to learn Luxembourgish? Know that as an employee or a freelance you can benefit from a specific paid leave to learn Luxembourgish or improve your mastery of this language.

This special leave authorises you up to 200 training hours throughout your professional career. The objective of this measure? Making your integration in Luxembourg society easier.

For more information on the training leave dedicated to Luxembourgish, consult the lifelong-learning internet page.

Languages Coffee Shop: learn a language in a friendly way!

Great free concept, cultural, educational and gastronomic at the same time, The Languages Coffee Shop allows you to learn a language in a very friendly and nice way! In addition, you get to meet new people.
Consult the Languages Coffee Shop Facebook page to know the dates and meeting places, once a month, generally on the second to last Tuesday of the month, and on the D-day, take a place at the table of your choice.
You can so practise French, English, Luxemburger, German, Spanish via Arabic, Russian, Chinese… There is no limit! Around a barbecue, tapas or others, your learning will be linguistic, but also cultural and friendly.