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Freelance teacher Luxembourg

Are you new to the Grand Duchy and looking to sell your know-how on your own account? Today, more and more of you want to pursue your professional career as a freelancer.

Are you an expatriate's spouse who wants to earn extra income while managing your own working hours? The best way to combine family and professional life in Luxembourg is to become self-employed.

Why a self-employed status in Luxembourg?

The self-employed worker carries out his activity on his own account, without the need to set up a specific company. They manage all aspects of their business, including the payment of utilities. But there are many advantages to self-employment.

Identical social security coverage for employees and self-employed workers

Unlike in other countries, self-employed workers in Luxembourg enjoy the same benefits as employees in terms of social security coverage. 

Pension insurance for the self-employed in Luxembourg

Firstly, self-employed workers enjoy the same rights as salaried employees in terms of old-age pension insurance. By joining the general pension insurance scheme, self-employed workers benefit from : 

  • an old-age pension from the age of 65, provided you have also contributed for at least 120 months, 
  • a disability pension in the event of health problems, if the self-employed person has to stop working before retirement age. 

Maternity and parental leave for the self-employed in Luxembourg

Self-employed workers enjoy the same rights as employees for maternity and parental leave.

Unemployment insurance for self-employed workers in Luxembourg

In the event of unemployment, the self-employed worker will be compensated under certain conditions.

The first condition is that he must be resident in Luxembourg at the time he ceases his activity.

In addition, he or she will need to provide proof of contributions and affiliation to Luxembourg social security for at least 2 years, either as an employee or self-employed. He or she must also be able to prove that he or she has been in business for at least 6 months.

Finally, if they wish to benefit from unemployment insurance, self-employed workers must register as job-seekers with ADEM.

Incapacity to work for the self-employed in Luxembourg

If the self-employed worker is unable to work, he or she will receive benefits from the 4th month following the incapacity.

If they so wish, self-employed workers can register with the Mutualité des Employeurs, to compensate for loss of income due to inability to work.

Payment of social security contributions by self-employed workers

Self-employed workers must pay all social security contributions (employer's and employee's share), based on their professional income.

For sickness, pension and accident risks, the minimum contribution base is equivalent to the minimum social wage. The maximum may not exceed 5 times the maximum social wage.

Contributions are payable to the CCSS, on the basis of a monthly bulletin.

Insurance cover for accident risks is calculated according to risk class.

Financial and fiscal responsibility

The self-employed worker is indefinitely liable for all debts and commitments relating to the business, using his or her personal assets.

From a tax point of view, a local business tax will be due on the operating profit. The entrepreneur will be taxed on his income as an individual.

How do I become self-employed in Luxembourg?

You don't need to draw up any specific incorporation documents to work as a self-employed business in Luxembourg. Nor do you have to pay any initial share capital. All you need to do is complete a few basic administrative formalities.

Establishment authorization

The first step in becoming self-employed is to obtain a business permit issued by the Ministry of the Economy within 1 to 4 weeks.

Conditions for authorization to establish in Luxembourg

A valid business permit is required to operate a commercial or craft business, or as a self-employed professional or company.

To obtain a business license from the French Ministry of the Economy, you will need to provide proof of your skills and qualifications for self-employment. With the necessary supporting documents, you'll be granted the right to practice your trade.

Documents to be provided for the establishment permit

To qualify for an establishment permit in Luxembourg, self-employed workers must prove that they are professionally reputable and qualified to carry out the activity requested in Luxembourg. You will also need to prove the effective and permanent management of the business, as well as its compliance with legal and tax obligations.

The contractor must submit the following documents with his application for an establishment permit:

If you have lived in Luxembourg for more than 10 years
  • a declaration on honor relating to previous management positions, shareholdings or influence in a company over the past 3 years
  • a Luxembourg criminal record no. 3
If you have lived in Luxembourg for less than 10 years
  • a declaration of honor regarding any managerial positions held over the past 3 years
  • a notarized declaration of non-bankruptcy
  • an extract from the criminal records issued by the previous country of residence
  • an extract from the Luxembourg criminal record no. 3.

Applicants must also produce an identity document, a certificate of residence, and copies of the diplomas required to carry out their activity. See recognition of diplomas and validation of professional experience.

If you are setting up a company in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, you will need to enclose a draft of the articles of association.

Complete the application form for an establishment permit

You will have to pay a €24 tax stamp.

Registration with the Luxembourg Trade Registry

Once you've received your business license, you need to register with the Trade Registry. Registration takes around 24 hours.

Self-employed VAT number

To operate as a self-employed business, you will also need a VAT number. This will enable you to issue invoices and collect VAT. Note that this is not necessary for annual sales below 35,000 euros. In this case, you can invoice without VAT. This can be an advantage for your customers when starting up your business.

The VAT number must be requested from the Administration de l'Enregistrement, des Domaines et de la TVA.

This stage takes about 2 to 4 weeks.

Registration with the CCSS for self-employed workers

As a self-employed worker, you must also register with the CCSS (Cnetre Commun de la Sécurité Socale).

You'll be able to contribute to various insurance schemes, includinghealth insurance and old-age pension insurance. You will also be required to contribute to specific accident insurance depending on your profession.

Decided to take the plunge and set up as a sole trader? Find out more on guichet. lu and Chambre des Métiers.

Is your self-employed business taking off and you want to expand? Set up your business in Luxembourg.

Expatriate spouses: what if you became a teacher?

Freelance teacher in Luxembourg

The first reflex of an expatriate spouse is to look for opportunities on the various job boards. Unfortunately, the status of expat spouse can be an obstacle in the job search. Employers dread the possibility of their spouse leaving the company because of a sudden transfer elsewhere. All the more so as the Luxembourg job market is very dynamic. There's no shortage of candidates.

Why not become a freelance teacher? This option is often overlooked because of a lack of reflexes.

The freelance position is attractive in Luxembourg, and the formalities involved in setting up a business are fairly straightforward. Administrative registration is quick, and below a certain income threshold, it's possible to invoice tax-free.

Many parents are looking for teachers for after-school tutoring. International schools are also likely to be looking for teachers for primary or secondary classes.

So why not offer your services as a freelance teacher? To find out more about the ins and outs of such an adventure, visit

Civil servant teacher in Luxembourg schools

Luxembourg school teachers have civil servant status.

Luxembourg teachers are paid 23% more on average (source OECD) than their counterparts of the same age and equivalent level of training.

What's more, with a relatively small teacher-student ratio of around 10 students per class, it can be interesting to work on your language skills and become a school teacher.

To become a "Joffer" in state schools, you need to master the three official languages of Luxembourgish, German and French. If this is the case, and you have a Bachelor's degree related to teaching, you can try your luck at the competitive examination organized by the Ministry of Education, which is actively recruiting.

Not interested in self-employment? Look for work in Luxembourg as an employee.

Working in coworking spaces

General principles of coworking

Are you an entrepreneur, creating a startup and looking for a workspace? The benefits of coworking are well established. The principle of coworking is simple.

Coworking involves renting a fixed or flexible workspace to share with other people.

Coworking spaces are booming in Luxembourg. They offer shared workspaces, workstations and dedicated offices to suit all needs. Users benefit from flexibility and affordable costs for a start-up business. Beyond the infrastructure, there's also the possibility of benefiting from professional services at competitive costs.

The benefits of coworking for entrepreneurs

Very popular with self-employed entrepreneurs and teleworkers, coworking spaces offer a real place to work away from home, at attractive rates.

Cost-effective shared workspaces

Workers can join coworking spaces for a few hours, one or two days a week, or an entire month. These shared workspaces offer real flexibility for coworkers. What's more, coworking spaces offer a motivating and inspiring working environment. They provide a real separation between private and professional life.

Members benefit from the pooling of space and equipment at their disposal.
If necessary, they can also rent a meeting room or call on shared services.

A professional community for sharing ideas and experiences

Beyond simply sharing office space and logistics, the aim is to create a genuine professional community.

Indeed, coworking spaces are first and foremost synonymous with the exchange of skills. Workers can share their knowledge and optimize their productivity through shared inspiration.

Self-employed people or start-ups can find all the benefits of a company in coworking spaces, while retaining their autonomy, flexibility and cost control.

How do I choose a coworking space as a freelancer?

To choose your new workspace, you need to answer a few basic questions. What are your needs and the purpose of your new shared work environment?

  • Would you like a quiet place to work?
  • Are you looking for a friendly place where you can meet your peers and forge new working relationships?
  • Do you need meeting rooms to receive customers?
  • What kind of atmosphere are you looking for to find creative energy? What do you need to enjoy your work and be productive?
  • What services do you need to develop your business?
  • What are your working hours?

Depending on your activity, choose a workspace that offers the necessary confidentiality or the conviviality of an open space.

Do you need to exchange ideas and find new sources of inspiration? Coworking is a great way to get out of isolation and develop your network. Choose a place where events are organized, such as afterwork evenings or networking breakfasts.

Need to unwind? Some workspaces also offer a gym, café or terrace.

Above all, don't hesitate to visit several coworking spaces to get a feel for the atmosphere and admire the decor. It's important to feel at ease, in total harmony with the place. Some coworking spaces offer a one-day trial period. Don't hesitate to ask.

Coworking spaces in Luxembourg

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and freelancers. Several coworking spaces are available in and around Luxembourg's capital. Here are just a few of them. There are many more to choose from.

Consider all-inclusive or à la carte service packages. Choose from hourly, daily or monthly coworking packages.

Silversquare coworking space in Luxembourg

21 Rue Glesener, Luxembourg
Collective offices and private spaces on 5 floors and over 2,000 m². 24/7 access
Daily rates (30 euros). Hot Desk from 295 euros/month. Dedicated desk from 495 euros/month

Easyoffices, several shared spaces in Luxembourg

Coworking spaces in Luxembourg, Leudelange (from 259 euros per month), Livange, Bertrange.

Urban Office, coworking offices

From €297/month (excl. VAT) for 1 dedicated workstation and unlimited access to common areas. Private locker, postal address, internet access, meeting rooms (subject to availability), use of printer (100 pages/month)
Unlimited access to all Urban Office centers in Luxembourg City - Rue du Nord, Wecker, Windhof (Koerich), Bettembourg - Z.A.E. Wolser, Esch-Belval.

Ginkgo Solutions Facilities

From €5/hr, unlimited access to the coworking space, services and equipment, during opening hours.
Several spaces:

  • The Place - 2, place de Paris, L-2314 Luxembourg in a renovated, functional townhouse, 5 minutes' walk from the station,
  • The Avenue - 13-15, Avenue de la Liberté L-1931 Luxembourg near train station and city center
  • The City - 14-16, Avenue Pasteur L-2310 Luxembourg. Parking spaces. Fitness area with shower, lounge area with espresso bar, large fully-equipped kitchen, private reception club for residents and visitors.

The Corner

16a, avenue de la Liberté L-1930 Luxembourg
3 flexible and comfortable meeting rooms for your meetings, bright offices

The Southlane

7 Avenue du Swing, 4024 Esch-sur-Alzette
Relaxation and lunch area

The Office

Coworking from 190 euros per month in 2 spaces: 29 Boulevard G.D. Charlotte in Luxembourg in a former garage and Boulevard Prince Henri in Luxembourg in a former library.

Cheaper offers are available for just a few days a month, with 24-hour access to spaces and use of logistics facilities.
Multilingual, multicultural and, above all, multi-talented community. Ideal for creatives, freelancers, startups and small businesses
Catering space.

Regus for coworkers on the move

Several workspaces in Luxembourg, Senningerberg, Bertrange, Livange, ... Regus offers rather conventional solutions with dedicated offices. Coworking spaces are smaller.
On the other hand, the IWC Group, owner of the Regus brands, offers new coworking spaces with "Spaces".

Regus Group Spaces

3 locations in Luxembourg: Place de la Gare, Boulevard Royal and Gasperich opposite the Cloche d'Or shopping center.
Available for 5, 10 days or a full month. Depending on the length of the commitment, memberships start at :

  • € 99/per person, 5 days per month
  • € 139/per person, 10 days per month
  • € 215/per month


10A Rue du Puis, Luxembourg, in a 300 m² space. Smaller size for greater conviviality and exchange. Several cubicles with promising names: Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Marc Zuckerberg and the Master of them all: Steve Jobs
Coworking by the month for €299/month, access to all spaces, private office €499/month, Flex pass: full day €29/month, half day €19/month
Meeting rooms from €30/hour
2 spaces:
Gare Centrale in Luxembourg City, in a former warehouse with an industrial feel, 5 minutes from the station.
Jardin secret in Bertrange: close to the Belgian border and main roads. Designed as a Speakeasy to recreate the relaxed atmosphere of the old American speakeasies of the Prohibition era.

Luxembourg City Incubator

9 Rue du Laboratoire, Luxembourg
From 300 euros/month. Startup support program set up by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and the City of Luxembourg. Entry based on precise criteria (innovation, development potential, etc.).


Located in Esch-sur-Alzette, this space promotes the Ecological Transition and Circular Economy movement. Everyone is actively involved in the life of the space.

  • 20 Flying Desk Coworking Stations
  • 10 Fixed Coworking Stations
  • Meeting room 15 people
  • Relaxation room
  • Sunny terrace
  • Workshop
  • Espace Tri Déchets & Free your Stuff
  • Greenhouse
  • Kitchen & Sanitary

 Color Business Center

3 coworking spaces in Bertrange and Strassen, from 195 euros per month. Various services including :

  • Business address
  • Private workstation
  • 24/7 access
  • Meeting room 10h/month
  • High-speed WIFI
  • Kitchen and lounge area
  • Utilities and cleaning included
  • Dedicated cabinet
  • Group lunches

Bamhaus, creative coworking space

Coworking space located in Dommeldange within a creative agency. Ideal for small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs looking for an inspiring environment
Coworking from 250 euros ex VAT per month for :

  • fixed office in a shared space
  • wifi included
  • access to shared facilities, free for personal use and 50% discount for commercial use
  • Meeting room included (10h/month)

Interested in becoming self-employed? Find out more about entrepreneurship in Luxembourg.

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