Declare your residence in Luxembourg or your departure

Have you just moved to Luxembourg and are planning to stay for a long time? There is no doubt about it: declaring your residence is a step you must take as an expatriate.
You will find here all the keys to declare your new residence in Luxembourg, whether it is as a newcomer, because you are changing your residence on Luxembourg territory or because you are leaving the Grand Duchy permanently.

Declaration of your arrival in Luxembourg

Register with your local municipality

It is compulsory to declare your residence to the population office of your local administration, as soon as you move to Luxembourg for more than 3 months. This is an administrative step that must be taken by any new resident, whether you own or rent your home.

This declaration must be made as soon as possible, in person, by the spouse with whom the person usually resides. Minor children are represented by their legal representative.

A guardian, curator, legal administrator, ad hoc administrator or substitute decision-maker on the basis of a valid identity document and the title on the basis of which he/she is acting may also, if necessary, declare your residence in your place.

The procedures for declaring residence may vary from one municipality to another. They are based on various laws and regulations that set out the procedures to be followed. You will be asked for your identity document and family record book, as well as a visa or residence permit if necessary.

The declaration of arrival must be made within 8 days of your arrival. This period is shorter for third country nationals. They have to declare their arrival on the territory within 3 days after their arrival.

This registration will allow you to take care of some of the necessary administrative procedures . You will also be able to enroll your children in the Luxembourg school of the commune if you wish. It is also the occasion to register on the electoral lists for certain local elections in Luxembourg. We remind you that voting in elections is compulsory as a Luxembourg resident.

Documents for registration in the population register

To register on the population register and declare your residence in Luxembourg, you must present :

Registration at the consulate or embassy of your country of origin

As a new resident in Luxembourg, it is also recommended that you register with your consulate or embassy in Luxembourg. This registration is essential for the issuance or renewal of official documents (passport, national identity card, etc.) but also in case of birth/death, marriage, serious accident, arrest, notarial act, etc. The consulate or embassy can help you and facilitate the administrative formalities.

Registration at the embassy or consulate of your country of origin is also required for registration on the electoral roll as a resident of Luxembourg. This will allow you to continue to participate in certain elections in your home country. Here you will find the list of consulates and embassies in Luxembourg.
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Online declaration for removals within Luxembourg

If you leave your home to move elsewhere in Luxembourg, you must also notify the local administration of your new commune of residence. This will also remove you from the registry of your former place of residence.
From now on, this declaration can be made online for a certain number of communes via . This procedure is valid for one person only, the spouse or civil union partner, as well as the minor children registered in the same household and at the same address.
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Are you leaving Luxembourg? Declare your departure to your municipality

If you are leaving Luxembourg permanently, you are also required to declare your departure to your last commune of residence. Some municipalities now offer you the possibility to complete these departure administrative formalities on the Internet via MyGuichet. read.