Attestation enregistrement commune

You have just settled in Luxembourg and plan to stay for a long period there? Then no doubt: to declaring your residence is an inescapable stage as an expat.
Just Arrived gives you all the keys to declare your new residence in Luxembourg, whether it is as a newcomer or because you are changing place of residence!

Statement of your new place of residence with your municipality

As a new resident, whether you are an owner or a tenant, when you move in to Luxembourg for more than 3 months, it is compulsory to declare your residence with the population office of your municipal administration.

This declaration must be made as fast as possible, in the presence of all the family members, including the children. In virtue of the principle of the municipal autonomy, the statements modalities can vary from a municipality to the other one. They ensue from various legislations and regulations which fix the procedures to be followed. You will be asked an identification document and the family book. The declaration of arrival has to be made within 8 days after your arrival. This deadline moreover decreases for the foreign nationals of third countries because these have to declare their arrival on the territory within 3 days after their arrival.

This registration will allow you to sort out some of the useful administrative procedures, to register your children to the Luxembourg fundamental school and to register you for certain Luxembourg local elections. We remind you that voting during these elections is compulsory as a Luxembourg resident.

If necessary, a guardian, appropriate adult, legal administrator, ad hoc administrator or special representative on the basis of an identity document of current validity and the title on the basis of which it acts can also declare your residency for you.

Documents to be presented for the registration in population register

To declare your residency in Luxembourg, you will be asked an ID card or a passport ., the Luxembourg administrative portal, also specifies that “the third-country nationals will also have to present, where required, an entrance visa, that is a residence permit or a permit of stay established by another member State of the Union and likened.

You are moving or leaving Luxembourg? Signal it!

If you leave your place of residence to move somewhere else on the Luxembourg territory, or leave Luxembourg definitively, it is also essential to tell your municipal administration about it so that you get crossed off from the register of your former place of residence.

This also applies if you leave the territory to live abroad.

Registration at the consulate of your country of origin

As a new resident in Luxembourg, it is also recommended to register with your consulate or with your embassy in Luxembourg. This registration is essential for the delivery or the renewal of official documents (passport, national ID card, etc.) but also, for instance, in case of birth/death, wedding, serious accident, arrest, notarial act, etc. The consulate or the embassy can help you and facilitate your administrative formalities.

The registration is besides essential for the registration on electoral rolls as a resident in Luxembourg. You can thus continue to participate in certain elections of your country of origin. You will find the list of consulates and embassies here.

To know more about the formalities to be made when you move into Luxembourg.