Moving around in Luxembourg

Transport information

Like many other European capitals, Luxembourg is extremely well served by public transport. Its small size is also a real advantage, as there are numerous train and bus lines serving the whole city, over short distances or beyond the capital.
Overall, Luxembourg’s transport system is well organised and the public transport network is very well developed.

In fact, Luxembourg is a pioneer in public transport. It is the first country in the world to introduce completely free public transport on its territory as of 1 March 2020 and this will apply to the bus, train and tram network.

But how do you find your way around on transport when you have just arrived in Luxembourg? How can you manage your journeys and find out how transport works? How to find out the price of your ticket?
To get around easily in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Just Arrived gives you all the necessary information about Luxembourg transport.
For example, we explain how sustainable mobility or eco-mobility is implemented in Luxembourg.
Just Arrived also informs you about taxi services, things to know if you have your own personal car.

Mobilitéitszentral-, information about transports in Luxembourg, a website and an app to help you

To easily get around in the public transportation in Luxembourg, your best ally is not the display panel located in the stations or around the bus stops, but the wifi!
You are directly informed on your bus or train schedule, on the delays and disruptions. You can also plan your routes in a simple and fast way, or find the nearest stations and/or bus stops. is an easy key website to use if you want to get around in Luxembourg.

Mobility Center, a desk to inform you

The Mobilitéitszentral advisors inform you about the public transport services in the Grand Duchy as well as alternative solutions to the use of an individual car.Luxembourg transports handy guideUse our Luxembourgish resident handy guide to get all the essential information relating to your travels in the country and to make them easier, wherever it is.

You will also find details to help you discovering the country and completing the necessary procedures.

Guide just arrived 2021


To help you settle and integrate in Luxembourg, as a resident or border worker, download our practical Just Arrived guides on Luxembourg.

You will find all the information and procedures necessary for a smooth expatriation, an easy installation of your whole family in your new host country and a simplified integration in your new environment.