Hiring or working as an au pair in Luxembourg

Have your children looked after by a young Au Pair

Would you like to welcome a young au pair into your home to take care of your children?
To do this, you must first have at least 1 child under 13 years old. Are you also ready to consider the young person as a full member of your family? If in addition you want to discover another culture and share yours, then hosting a young Au Pair is undoubtedly a great opportunity for the whole family.

Or do you want to work as an Au Pair in Luxembourg ? 

Process to hire an Au Pair or to work as an Au Pair

Au Pair agreement from the Ministry of Youth 

The first one is to get the agreement from the Ministry of Youth, to become a family allowed to welcome an Au Pair.

The family must introduce a request to the Ministry of Youth with different administrative documents – list available on www.guichet.lu.
In the same time the future young  Au Pair must have the approbation of the Ministry of Youth to become an Au Pair.
For this purpose the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • be at least 18 and less than 30 years old (girl or boy);
  • hold a certificate giving the potential Au Pair access to higher education in their country of origin, or give proof that he/her have attended class until the age of 17 at the minimum;
  • have basic knowledge of the languages spoken by the host family, as well as English or one of the country’s 3 administrative languages (German, French or Luxembourgish);
  • provide a medical certificate established less than 3 months prior to arrival, proving that the young Au Pair is able to carry out simple routine family tasks, including childcare;
  • have concluded an Au Pair hosting agreement with an authorized host family;
  • not having carried out any work (emlpoyee or independent) during the t Au Pair working period.

As soon as the family and the future young Au Pair gets the authorization from the Ministry of Young, the young Au Pair can introduce an application for a temporary authorization to stay.

Application for a temporary authorization to stay/ Stay permit Au Pair

The application for a “temporary authorization to stay” must contain the applicant’s identity details (surname(s), first name(s) and address in the country of residence) and must be accompanied by the additional documents and information.
The application must be sent to the Ministry of Foreign affairs.
Within few weeks, the Au Pair will receives in her/his home country his/ her “temporary authorization to stay”.
A Visa application can be requested after the reception of this authorization if needed. With this authorization and the Visa if applicable, the Au Pair is allowed to join Luxembourg.

Within 90 days, following his/ her registration at the “commune”, the medical exams, the Au Pair must introduce an application to get her/his Stay permit as Au Pair (step mandatory, the “temporary authorization to stay” is only valid for 90 days).

Do you know the regulation about visas and residence permits ? Check it here.

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Once arrived in Luxembourg, the young “au pair” must follow a briefing at the National Youth Service to find out their rights and duties. This session also allows them to meet other au-pairs. For more information, visit accueil-au pair. lu.

A copy of the ministerial approval obtained by the family and a copy of the approval for the Au Pair must be forwarded to the Joint Social Security Center upon affiliation of the au pair to social security.

Attention: if the young “Au pair” participates in the usual family tasks of the family, it can not exceed 5 hours per day on average over the week, an average of 30 hours per month.