Need advices concerning housing assistances in Luxembourg?

Housing subsidies in Luxembourg

You are arriving in Luxembourg and you want to buy or to rent an accommodation?
Several services were created to answer your questions concerning accommodation, support you in your steps, be them of technical or administrative order and finally to give you personalised information on housing assistances from which you can benefit.

Two services specialised in housing assistances in Luxembourg

You need information or advice concerning accommodation, housing assistance or the tax system in Luxembourg?

Two services are available in Luxembourg to support you in your steps of purchase of a real estate property, to rent an accommodation, to renovate, arrange or build it: the Service d’Aides au Logement as well as the Info’Logement Centre.

The housing assistances service in Luxembourg

To obtain information about the allowances from which a person or a household with low income can benefit or for questions concerning your rent and your rights, do not hesitate to contact this service : Service des Aides au Logement.

The aim of the Service d’Aides au Logement is to help every private individual willing to collect information about accommodation and supports that are available in Luxembourg. It can also orientate the public and private promoters by informing them about the state aids from which they can benefit during the housing construction.

Info’Logement Centre

The Info’Logement Centre or Service Info Logement is also made to answer the private individuals’ questions concerning the politics of rent, the tax system or the construction, improvement, transformation or acquisition of an accommodation in Luxembourg.

Thus do not hesitate to contact these bodies if you need any additional information in order to buy, rent, transform or build a residence in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Subsidies to buy or build an accommodation

In Luxembourg, the aids and rights for accommodation are multiple for Luxembourg residents wishing to acquire an accommodation.

According to your situation, you can benefit from a number of aids during the purchase of an accommodation in the Grand Duchy: bonuses of acquisition and construction, energetic bonuses, subsidies, interests,…

When you decide to build or to buy an accommodation in Luxembourg, several possibilities of aids offer themselves to you. Among these helps, the main clauses are the bonuses of construction or acquisition, the savings bonus as well as the State’s guarantee. These allow you to minimise the costs due to the accommodation by obtaining an aid with a capital from the State.

To buy an accommodation:

The bonus of acquisition
The bonus of interest
The bonus of savings
The State’s guarantee

To build an accommodation:

The bonus of construction
The bonus of interests
The bonus of savings
The State’s guarantee

Renting an Accommodation in Luxembourg, which aids?

If you favour the rent of your accommodation, interesting housing assistances are also proposed in Luxembourg. Among them, the main clauses are the state help to the financing of a renting guarantee (allowing you to receive an aid if you are unable to pay your pledge), the possibility of renting a subsidised or social accommodation, as well as a possible appeal for the social real estate agencies.

State aid for the financing of a renting guarantee
To rent a subsidised accommodation
More information about social real estate agency

Renovating an accomodation or realising special arrangements

If you wish to renovate your accommodation or to realise works there, know that in certain cases, the obtaining of a bonus of improvement is possible. This aid is used, in the most frequent cases, for the works to restore the healthiness or the safety in an accommodation, as well as for the creation of new rooms or the enlargement of already existing rooms.

Finally, if you realise special arrangements for the benefit of person with reduced mobility or with specific needs in your accommodation, a financial support also exists.

Bonus of improvement
Aids in case of arrangement for the benefit of a person with reduced mobility

Which intermediaries to help you in your house-hunting?

The furniture festival or Miwwelfestival in Luxembourg

The federation of the Luxembourg piece of furniture groups the specialists of the piece of furniture in Luxembourg. You will find furniture and decoration stores on their site

The new collections are celebrated twice a year with targeted actions. The federation is also involved in the Home and Living Room national fair of accommodation.