Main housing aids

You arrive in Luxembourg and you want to buy or rent your home? If you need information or advice on the assistance available for the purchase of a property or the rental of your home, you will find the information on this page.

Service for Housing Assistance in Luxembourg

First, a public service has been created to answer your questions about housing. The Housing Assistance Service can help you with the technical and administrative aspects of the process. This service also provides you with personalized information about your housing rights.

To obtain information on the assistance available to a person or household with modest income or for questions about your rent and your rights, do not hesitate to contact this service.

The housing assistance service provides information about housing and the assistance available to individuals in Luxembourg. It is also able toguide public and private promoters by informing them about the state aid they can benefit from when building housing.

Financial aid for housing

Grants for the acquisition or construction of a dwelling

In Luxembourg, there are many housing aids and rights for Luxembourg residents wishing to acquire a home. See the cost of housing in the household budget.

Depending on your situation, you can benefit from a certain number of aids when buying a home in the Grand Duchy. Among these aids, the main ones are the construction or acquisition premiums, the savings premium and the state guarantee. These allow you to minimize housing costs by obtaining capital assistance from the state.

  • The acquisition or construction bonus is granted according to income, family situation and the type of construction of your home.
  • The interest subsidy, this assistance in interest can be granted to people who have taken out a mortgage loan for the construction, acquisition or improvement of their home. It allows you to reduce your monthly expenses.
  • The savings bonus: it is granted only once under certain conditions. Of a maximum of 5,000 euros, it corresponds to the interest and bonuses on the savings account or housing savings account liquidated for housing financing.
  • The state guarantee: under certain conditions, the state can help guarantee your real estate loan.

More information on for the financial incentives available for the acquisition or construction of a home.

In case of a first real estate purchase in the Grand Duchy, you can benefit from a credit of up to 20,000 euros per head on the notary fees .

Renting an accommodation in Luxembourg, what kind of help ?

If you prefer to rent your home, there are also interesting housing subsidies available in Luxembourg. Among them, the main ones are the state aid for financing a rental guarantee (allowing you to receive help if you are unable to pay your deposit), the possibility of renting subsidized or social housing, and the possible use of social real estate agencies.

To rent an apartment:

  • Rent subsidy: the most disadvantaged households can benefit. The maximum amount is 273 euros per month depending on the composition and income of the household.
  • State aid for financing a rental guarantee: when signing the rental contract, the tenant must pay a rental guarantee to the landlord for up to 3 months’ rent. The tenant may receive assistance if he or she meets the necessary requirements.
  • Renting subsidized housing: some units are reserved for low-income households by priority.
  • The social real estate agency.

More information on for rental assistance in Luxembourg.

Renovate or make special improvements to a home

If you wish to renovate your home or carry out work on it, you should know that in certain cases, it ispossible to obtainan improvement premium. This aid is used, in the most frequent cases, for work aimed at restoring health or safety in a dwelling, as well as for the creation of new rooms or the enlargement of existing rooms. These aids can also be granted during renovation work aimed at sustainable renovation: rainwater recovery, lower energy consumption, preservation of the environment.

You can also benefit from direct or indirect capital aid (tax benefits), interest aid for the repayment of your work loan. More information on, aid for the renovation or transformation of a dwelling.

Finally, if you make special adjustments to your home for people with reduced mobility or special needs , financial assistance is also available. More information on

  • Bonus for the improvement of an old dwelling: certain work intended to improve the habitability, healthiness and safety of old dwellings can benefit from a capital aid from the State, granted according to the income and family situation.
  • Aid in case of fitting out for the benefit of persons with reduced mobility: granted once only according to the income and family situation, this aid up to 15.000 euros and 60% of the amount of the works allows the financing of special fitting out for the benefit of disabled persons in new or existing constructions.

Which intermediaries can help you in your search for a home to buy or rent?

Housing fairs in Luxembourg

Furniture Festival or Miwwelfestival

The Luxembourg Furniture Federation brings together furniture specialists in Luxembourg. You will find on their website furniture and decoration stores. The arrival of the new collections is celebrated twice a year with the Miwwelfestival in spring and autumn.

Home and Living Room

The federation is also involved in the national housing fair Home & Living, which takes place every year in autumn at LuxExpo.