The secondary school system in Luxembourg

Lycée de Garçons Luxembourg - LGL

Secondary education after fundamental cycle in Luxembourg proposes different types of education, grammar schools, vocational schools (aside from the vocational training itself), european, international and english schools.

The orientation towards one or the other type of education is decided during the last year (cycle 4.2) of the fundamental primary school between the parents and the teacher responsible for the child. The orientation council composed of professors and of a psychologist with a consultative opinion is not topical anymore since the school year 2016/2017.

Luxembourg secondary education in grammar school (Lycée classique ESC)

Secondary education in grammar school lasts 7 years (from the”7e ESC” to the “1ère”). It is attested by a diploma and allows to access higher education in university, in Luxembourg or abroad.

Besides the common classic education taught in German or in French according to the subjects, grammar schools offer specificities during the first years (classes from the “7e” to the “4e”): “allemand langue étrangère” (German as a foreign language) for the French-speaking students, “Français plus” for the non-French-speaking pupils.

The cycles of specialisation offered throughout the following years (3rd year of high school, 2nd, 1st) according to the high schools, are the living languages, mathematics and computing, natural science and mathematics, economic sciences and mathematics, fine arts, music, human and social sciences.

There is also the option of preparing English international baccalaureate diplomas (Lycée Athénée de Luxembourg) or French (Lycée technique du Centre) or A-Levels English exams (Lycée Michel Lucius).

If you would like your child to continue the school program of your country of origin, he/she can join one of the international, European, French or English schools present in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg secondary education in vocational schools (Lycée general ESG)

According to the chosen orientation, secondary studies in vocational schools lasts also (from the “7e ESG” to the “1ère ESG). They allow the students to acquire skills they had not acquired in the end of fundamental school, so that they can get a final diploma  and either access higher education, or start technical higher education via preparatory courses, or start working.

British education

In high schools that offer this option, students will follow a school curriculum that allows them to access recognized A-Level levels in more than 125 countries around the world. Classes are offered in English. French and German are chosen in 2nd and / or 3rd language. The Lycée Michel Lucius offers this option.

European education

It applies the programs of the European Schools and makes it possible to obtain the European Baccalaureate.

Selection of high schools

The possibilities concerning high schools are very vast because there are in Luxembourg more than around thirty high schools, both private and public. Choices are made aside from any geographical criterium linked to the place of residence.

To choose the high school corresponding to your needs thanks to, click here.


Please note that registrations in Luxembourg high schools are made within the limits of the available places in the first chosen high school. If the child is not accepted in this school, he/she will have to apply in another school in the 2nd round according to the available places.

Consult the interactive platform mengshoul. read to have a vision on the school map and the specificities of each school system and each high school. You can also consult the website of the Ministry of Education the school offer of high schools and secondary education.

Also think of verifying the timetable of open days on the Ministry of Education website and of participating in it from Cycle 4.1.

Are you having trouble getting your bearings in Luxembourg secondary school system? You can ask the CASNA (integration unit for the new students) for help. The CASNA helps the foreign students eligible for the secondary education and the newcomers in Luxembourg to find your way into Luxembourg secondary school system. The office is situated within the House of Orientation in Luxembourg.