Brandon Festival, traditional bonfire at the Buergsonndeg

Chase the winter with the Buergbrennen and witness one of Luxembourg’s most spectacular traditions!

In 2023, the Buergbrennen will take place on the weekend of February 25-26. Check with your municipality, each one has its own organization.

Buergbrennen tradition for winter hunting

Every year, towards the end of February – beginning of March, during the Buergsonndeg, the inhabitants of Luxembourg can witness huge bonfires.

The Buergsonndeg follows the Carnival period. This event traditionally takes place on the first Sunday of Lent (Christian tradition before Easter).

Also called, Fête des Brandons, the tradition consists in symbolically burning the winter, in order to chase it away.

Very spectacular, the immense braziers see their flames going up on several meters of height.supposed to represent a castle “Buerg”, the pyres are built with flammable materials, recovered in the course of the winter.

Made of straw, branches or pieces of wood, wooden pallets or Christmas trees, the “Buergen” are built in all possible forms before being lit. A large cross sometimes comes to overhang the pyre.

The buergbrennen are organized by the communes of Luxembourg. The youth associations of the municipalities perpetuate this Luxembourgish tradition.

At nightfall, a torchlight procession,“Fakelzuch”, is organized through the village to reach the “Buerg”. This will then be lit under the supervision of the fire department. It will be able to burn a good part of the night, even until the morning, under the glance of many spectators.

Thousands of people gather in the different municipalities of the country to admire the show. They also share local dishes in a friendly atmosphere. It is an opportunity to get together, often over a glass of crémant and a Grillwurst stand.

The flames and the light visible from far away replace the darkness and the heat given off by the huge bonfires allows to brave the cold.

Traditional bonfires to announce the return of spring

This is also the time when migratory birds return and the first flowers bloom.

After migrating for the winter to more southerly destinations, the cranes are returning north. They fly over Luxembourg to the delight of the residents who watch for their return. Everyone can follow their V-shaped flights and hear their recognizable “grus grus”. A real pleasure!

After snowdrops and crocuses, daffodils, narcissi and tulips are blooming in our gardens. These flowers clearly announce the return of spring and longer, warmer days.

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