Buergbrennen tradition on Lent Sunday

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The Buergbrennen tradition announces the end of winter in Luxembourg. First Sunday of Lent (Christian tradition before Easter), you can attend in the different villages and communes of Luxembourg to impressive pyres, the “Buergbrennen”. This Brandons Festival, held during the “Buersonndeg”, announces the end of winter in Luxembourg and is traditionally held every year during the Carnival period.

Really spectacular, this tradition consists of burning huge bonfires, several meters high, to symbolically chase winter. The “Buergen”, with a large cross at the top, are made of straw, branches or pieces of wood, wooden pallets or Christmas trees, are supposed to represent a castle that will be burned once night fell under the gaze of many spectators.

This Luxembourg tradition is now perpetuated by the youth associations. They first gather for a torchlight retreat through the village, before  meeting to the “Buerg” which will be lit under the supervision of the firefighters. Thousands of people admire the show and share local dishes in a friendly atmosphere .

This year the Buergbrennen will take place on the weekend of 17-18 February, at the end of february school holidays.

Check with your municipality for the local organization.

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