Job search, how to find a job?

Are you looking for a job or an internship in Luxembourg?

Finding a job can sometimes be long and difficult. Find here our recommendations to improve your search and find a job easily and quickly. Are you ready?

Our 5 tips for an efficient job search in Luxembourg

Before you start looking, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your chances.

List your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the job market

The labor market in Luxembourg is specific. International and multilingualIt requires a more or less in-depth knowledge of languages depending on the sectors and professions you are targeting. Are you bilingual or trilingual? These are all significant advantages. Highlight these strengths on your resume. Do you only speak your native language? Don’t worry, learn a few phrases in Luxembourgish, they will be useful to create the first contacts.

Do you have time? Don’t hesitate to invest in language courses to strengthen your language skills, especially in English, French and German. These are the languages most in demand in the workplace.

Follow the latest news and monitor job openings

It’s always good to keep up to date on current events, especially when looking for a job. This is the best way to select the sectors that are developing and therefore recruiting. You can even find companies looking for a profile like yours.

Following the news will also allow you to deepen the discussions with your future employer during a future recruitment interview. You will show your determination and your open-mindedness. You will thus be able to put forward personal skills that are essential for joining a company.

To do so, please visit our page on the media available in Luxembourg.

Strengthen your networking

Luxembourg is a small country. You will put all the chances on your side by creating your personal network and by working it. In Luxembourg, many positions are filled through networking. Acquaintances, even those outside of the workplace, can inform you of a job opening or put you in touch with a company that is recruiting.

Do not hesitate to participate in networking events. There are a number of them, organized by expat associations, media, … Sites such as Eventbrite or Meetup list events that are conducive to meeting a maximum number of people. The important thing in Luxembourg is to know people.

Also, don’t forget toactivate your Linkedin profile. Make sure it is up to date. Showcase yourself and connect with potential employers. Write a personalized message, always more attractive than automatic messages! Follow the companies that interest you on their social networks, interact with them.

Organize your job search

The job search is a long-distance race. It’s not enough to send out resumes all the time. Answer the positions that match your profile. Rework your resume and cover letter for each position. Attention, more and more. Search engines are used to select resumes. Make sure that it has the right keywords for the ad.

Set daily or weekly goals for your job search: number of resumes sent, number of phone contacts, number of informal contacts you inform that you are looking for a job. Keep an up-to-date file with the companies and positions you apply to, the people you contact. Do not hesitate to contact your contacts.

In addition, do not forget to have your foreign diplomas recognized in Luxembourg and to validate your professional experience. Take care of it now. You will not be caught off guard if a potential employer asks you for the equivalence of your foreign diplomas.

Stay positive and work on your attitude

You will probably receive refusals or even no response to your letters. Stay positive. Interrogate yourself as to why your application was not selected. Correct the shortcomings, improve your weak points. And above all, continue to be physically and socially active. The fresh air of Luxembourg can be a wonderful remedy for depression. Take a walk in the forest. Whatever the season, these are beautiful. Get out to the parks. Get some fresh air!

During a job interview, your employer will immediately perceive a positive attitude. This is already several points gained for the future. Good research!

An interview scheduled for a future job? Think about “Dress For Success”!

You have an appointment with a potential employer and need free advice or a makeover to put all the chances on your side? Think of Dress For Success! The volunteers of this association will be happy to give you a helping hand before the interview.

Organizations to find a job in Luxembourg

There are many intermediaries and tools to help you in your efforts. We list them below.

ADEM, Agency for the Development of Employment

Registration as a job seeker in Luxembourg

To register as a job seeker, contact the agency in your place of residence (see list of agencies on the ADEM website). You can also register online at the ADEM website or by phone. Please note that your registration as a job seeker starts on the date of your first personal presentation to ADEM.

Who can join ADEM?

Any person who meets the requirements to work in Luxembourg can register with ADEM. This means that cross-border commuters can also register, whether they already have a job or are looking for one.

The “Accueil” office will give you a “Guide du demandeur d’emploi” file which contains all the useful and necessary information as well as a questionnaire to complete. You will be offered an appointment with a placement counselor who will take care of your file.

What are the benefits of registering with ADEM?

By registering with ADEM, you can benefit from assistance in your job search (individual interviews, workshops, …), orientation advice and numerous job offers corresponding to your profile in order to help you find a job.

ADEM does everything possible to help you find a job and provides different action plans depending on your age and situation. You will be received regularly. Your job search plan will be reviewed to include all the actions needed to conduct a successful job search.

ADEM also provides vocational training to help you find a job more quickly. Jobseekers may be eligible for reimbursement of expenses related to professional training under certain conditions.

ADEM is the official body in charge of compensating the unemployed. In order to benefit from it, you must meet the conditions for compensation and complete a file with this administration.

The amount of the indemnity will be calculated according to your last salary and any additional income you may have received. These can be deducted from your theoretical benefits.

For more information on job search and ADEM

Other job search organizations

There are also other useful employment-related organizations outside of ADEM to help you find a job.

Among them, Zarabina, an association whose goal is to offer training (especially in languages) and advice free of charge to job seekers.

Initiativ Rëm Schaffen asbl offers free guidance by appointment, as well as the Jeune Chambre Economique, which specializes in advice for young entrepreneurs and support for workers.

Job alerts on job boards

In Luxembourg, many websites list job offers in different fields of activity and professions.

One of the best ways to get a complete list of current job postings that might match your profile is to register on job portals specialized in job offers and searches in Luxembourg. Consulting these job boards will allow you to remain active in the job market.

These websites specialized in job search allow you toregister alerts in order not to miss the job of your dreams. You can even receive by email a personalized selection of offers corresponding to your profile. To access these job offers, visit the following sites (non-exhaustive list)


These sites remain one of the best ways to find a job adapted to your profile and your requirements in Luxembourg.

EURES European portal on job mobility in Europe

Do not hesitate to consult the European Commission’s employment portal EURES. You will find a lot of information about employment in Luxembourg (and other European countries). You will even be able to post your CV to Luxembourg and European employers.

Job fairs

Regularly job fairs are organized in Luxembourg. You will be able to meet the companies that are recruiting in Luxembourg and position yourself on the positions offered with the opportunity of a first face-to-face contact with your future employer.

A good opportunity to hand out many resumes. Keep yourself regularly informed on the latest news of these career fairs in Luxembourg and in the bordering countries. They can be a good support in your job search!

You will find several job fairs among which the recruitment and training forums organized by Moovijob. Each one has its own specificity and a different format: classic daytime trade fairs, evening exchanges in a more convivial format, trade fairs dedicated to students and young graduates, etc. You are bound to find one that fits your profile.

Employment agencies in Luxembourg

Recruitment firms

Are you coming to Luxembourg and looking for a job? Rely on recruitment agencies. They will help you in your job search. They can even determine with you your salary range based on your qualifications . In addition, they will act as a liaison with potential employers in the recruitment process.

By registering with these firms, you will be registered in their database. You increase your chances of finding a job that matches your profile and skills thanks to their perfect knowledge of the Luxembourg job market.

Interim Agencies

Interim or fixed-term management can be an excellent springboard for finding a permanent contract. Do not neglect this track which can allow you to find several missions. This will allow you to gain experience, strengthen your skills in your field andget paid . At the same time, you contribute to your retirement pension and benefit from legal vacations.

On the other hand, temporary assignments allow you to get a foothold in companies. During the mission, you will be able to put forward your skills and be recognized. If a position opens up, you will be the best person to apply.


Don’t neglect the volunteer track either. Here again, you can make yourself known and show your abilities. Several social organizations are among the largest employers in Luxembourg.

Can’t find your dream job? Do you have specific skills? Have you considered working as a freelancer? The practice is widespread in Luxembourg. It also offers advantages equivalent to salaried employment.