Schueberfouer, the most popular funfair in Luxembourg

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The “Schueberfouer” is the most popular and traditional event in Luxembourg with more than 2 million visitors! Traditionally, the funfair starts at the end of August on St. Bartholomew’s and lasts 20 days. Biggest and oldest popular festival of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, its creation dates back to 1340, more than six centuries ago. It is part of the soul of Luxembourgish people and new residents.

Don’t miss it! This year, it lasts from 23 August to 11 September 2018!

Located on the Glacis, in the Limpertsberg district, of Luxembourg City, it attracts more and more visitors every year from Luxembourg and the Greater Region, attracted by thrilling rides, popular food stalls and the magical atmosphere of the “Fouer”.

Popular event for families and friends, you will find at the Schueberfouer more than 250 attractions and thrill rides to relax with family or friends, and especially for the delight of people of all ages!

Some hawkers sell items of all kinds. Traditional gastronomic relays also take place during which you can eat traditional food and taste the traditional Fouerfësch. These are whiting cooked in brewer’s yeast, with chips, a cold beer or a glass of dry white wine from Moselle! Every year, shops in Luxembourg and other Luxembourgish producers offer activities related to the Fouer. Bernard Massard, producer of Cremant, sells a special cuvée for the Schueberfouer.

The Schuberfouer is open every afternoon, until 1:00 or 2:00 am depending on the day.

Reinforcement of public transport is being introduced at the Schueberfouer and special shuttles run from a number of towns and villages to avoid traffic and parking problems. A great change this year: the tram stops at the Schueberfouer, which adapts its night schedule for the occasion!

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