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Regulations you need to know to drive in Luxembourg

Driving a car or a motorbike in Luxembourg, rules

You have just arrived in Luxembourg, either with or without a car? Rules, tips, functionalities, procedures… Here are a couple of things you need to know if you want to drive a car or a two-wheeled vehicle in Luxembourg!

Traffic rules

To pass your B licence in Luxembourg, you must take at least 12 hours of theoretical courses (6 hours if you already hold a licence in another category), followed by 12 hours of practical courses given by an approved driving school.

  • Like in France, the driving licence works with a penalty points system; the driving offences you make are thus sanctioned in the form of a withdrawal of points. As for the people that do not possess a Luxembourg licence, they are granted a 12-point virtual licence upon their entrance in the country.
  • To drive in Luxembourg, the maximum authorised alcohol rate in the blood is of 0.05%
  • Wearing a seatbelt is compulsory on the front seats, as well as in the back of the vehicle
  • You can take a child in the front of the vehicle from 11 years old onwards and 1.50m
  • The authorised speed is of 30kph or 50kph in urban areas, 90kph -even 70 kph- on roads and 130kph on motorways
  • Suggestive cycle trails exist: the cyclists can take them but are not obliged to. Motorists can follow them only when necessary
  • “Wrong way” cycle areas also exist, for instance in streets with a no entry for cars. These can only be taken by cyclists only if a road marking indicates it
  • Except in case of opposite markings or signs, bikes are not allowed to follow the bus lanes
  • In encounter areas, 20-kph zones are delimited. In these, the right of way is given to the pedestrians; they can thus cross anywhere and at any time
  • In Luxembourg, the “system of pull” is compulsory, which means that to make the traffic more fluid, every driver alternately gives way to a driver overtaking before changing way himself. Failure to respect this law is penalised
  • Pay attention to the road markings representing a rectangle with a cross: it is forbidden to stop or to park there. Be thus attentive since there are often positioned close to the traffic lights
  • Whether by car or motorcycle, it is forbidden to go up traffic lanes, even in case of traffic jams. Biker friends, forget your habits, you have to stay in line and wait until traffic becomes fluid!

To obtain more information about controls and the traffic on Luxembourg roads, look up the Cita.lu website. You will find there practical information (construction sites, works, technical issues, diversions, news and advice…) and even the possibility to get an overview of the roads via webcam to estimate the traffic!

You have your own vehicle? Look up the formalities compulsory for your personal vehicle.

Taking a driving license test

In order to take a driving license (B category) in Luxembourg, you necessarily have to pursue at least 12 hours of theoretical lessons (6 hours if you already have a licence of another category), followed by 12 hours of practical lessons given by an approved driving school.

In possession of a foreign driving licence? Necessary formalities to register it in Luxembourg.

Taking a drving test in Luxembourg

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