Mantelsonndeg, exceptional store opening on Sunday

In Luxembourg, the Mantelsonndeg, or ”Coat Sunday” is a real tradition that has been going on for years. On Sunday 25th of october, Luxembourg residents and shoppers take advantage of the exceptional opening of the shops before All Saints’ Day, to buy a coat for the Winter or to dress children for the Winter to come.

Mantelsonndeg: shops exceptionnally open on Sunday before All Saints Day

For years, the Mantelsonndeg have seen the stores exceptionally open from 14:00 to 18:00 pm. This year the Mantelsonndeg will be held on Sunday, October 25, 2020 to allow residents to buy their Winter clothes.

This year again, many stores and malls will open their doors for you so that you can go shopping for the coming Winter. Among them, luxurious shops of the old town of Luxembourg or more popular ones in the Central Station district, the Pall Center in Oberpallen,  the shops of Esch-Sur-Alzette and Ettelbruck, the Belval Plaza and many more. 

Free buses and car parks to get around easily

Enjoy this day shopping, especially as buses are free for the occasion, as well as some car parks. For example, bus lines serving the City of Luxembourg (lines 1 to 31) and certain regional bus lines will be accessible to you free of charge.

Moreover, many brands offer special discounts to appeal to their customers on this day!

So do not miss the Mantelsonndeg, the perfect opportunity to do Sunday shopping, which is more quiet than Saturday! Enjoy it to buy Winter clothes for your family.

Note that this tradition of Mantelsonndeg gave the idea to open shops more often on Sunday. Stay tuned for sales or seasonal changes and enjoy Sunday shopping with your family!

Do you know the dates of public holidays in Luxembourg? Be careful, shops are completely closed on this day. See the store openings on Sundays in Luxembourg.

Useful when shops in Luxembourg are closed: shopping in neighbouring Belgium, Germany or France.

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