Owning a pet, administrative formalities, refuges

What do you need to know when you own a pet?

You live in Luxembourg and you would like to adopt a dog or a cat? You are moving in Luxembourg soon and wish to take your domestic animal with you? Owning a dog or a cat in Luxembourg is not as easy as it seems.
Being a pet owner in Luxembourg, you have to fill certain administrative formalities.

Renting an apartement when having a pet

In Luxembourg, the apartment or house owners have the absolute right to forbid the tenants to have an animal, be it a cat or a dog! It is generally specified in the contract of lease. Even if it can possibly be negotiated with the owner, think of inquiring beforehand from the first visit if you hold a pet!

The compulsory dog or cat chip in Luxembourg

When owning a dog or a cat in Luxembourg, you have to make your pet chip by an approved veterinarian. Why that? Because in case of loss of the animal or of damage that it could cause, the chip will allow to identify the owner. The electronic identification of your animal must be made during the first 4 months following its birth or during the first month of its adoption.


Specific formalities for dogs in Luxembourg

Declare your dog to your Luxembourg municipality of residence

As soon as you become the owner of a dog or bring a dog in Luxembourg, you have to declare it to your residence municipal administration by means of a veterinary certificate.

Dangerous dogs will require additional steps.

Take out insurance for dogs

You also have to take out insurance with an approved company  in the Grand Duchy in order to guarantee your civil liability as a dog owner in case of damage or of accident caused by your animal.
Furthermore, an additional mention must be made during the statement of adoption of a dog considered as potentially dangerous.

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Annual tax on dogs

An annual tax of a minimal 10-euro value is to be paid to your municipality. The amount of this one depends on your place of residence. Guide dogs, assistance dogs for disabled people and army and customs dogs are not concerned by this tax.

Obligation to keep your dog on a leash in urban area

One of the most known obligations when detaining a dog is that any dog, whatever their size, must be kept on a leash in urban area, unless zones of freedom are organised via a dispensation. This obligation also applies to parking lots and public transportation.

Outside urban areas, there is no obligation to keep your dog on a leash, except dangerous dogs. There is however an obligation of being able to control your animal or to keep him on a lead in case of problem.

Dangerous dogs

Special arrangements are to be made for the owners of a dog considered to be potentially dangerous, namely the Staffordshire bull terrier, the Mastiff, the American Staffordshire terrier, the Tosa, pit bulls and boerbulls.

These dogs will have to be the subject of a preliminary authorization of detention or importation by the Ministry of Agriculture, delivered on presentation of a certificate of follow-up to specific training courses delivered by an approved organization.

Dogs considered as potentially dangerous must be kept on a leash at all times.

Regulatory specificities for cats

Just like dogs, cats must be chipped.

The regulations also specify that in the case of cats other than farm cats, they must also be spayed or neutered. This operation takes place at the earliest 6 months after the birth of the animal.
If you plan to leave your pet in a care facility during your holidays, you will be asked for its health record and proof of these operations.

Where to adopt a pet in Luxembourg?

Have you just arrived in Luxembourg and wish to adopt a pet for yourself or for your family ? Would you like to do a good deed by adopting a cat or a dog in a shelter ? Just Arrived informs you about the best places where you can adopt !

The Dudelange shelter

Located in the Park Leh in Dudelange and open from Monday to Saturday from 05.30 pm to 07.00 pm, this shelter is exclusively held on a voluntary basis and almost entirely funded by private donations.

The motivated volunteer groomers’ team makes every effort to provide the best care to the animals that they welcome since 1989. There, you can mainly find dogs and cats, of all ages and of all breeds, available for immediate adoption. All dogs, male and female, have a microchip, are castrated and vaccinated. Cats are also castrated, tattooed and vaccinated, and they are tested negative regarding feline leukemia and AIDS. The adoption of a dog costs 250 euros, that of a cat 80 euros. Many animals are waiting to be adopted !

The SEPA – Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals in Esch-sur-Alzette

(Société Eschoise Protectrice des Animaux – Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals from Esch-sur-Alzette). Located at 121 Bourgrund Street, at Esch-sur-Alzette,this association exists since 1992 and makes every effort to protect animals from abuse and poor conditions of life. The team is composed of a worker, two administrative secretaries, 7 collaborators and several volunteers.

The S.E.P.A. offers an extremely well-equipped shelter for abandoned dogs and cats and provides at the same time all the necessary care until the arrival of a new owner. It is open every day from 02.00 to 05.00 pm, weekends and holidays included. The S.E.P.A. allows the adoption of animals, and gives as well the opportunity to go for a walk with them upon booking.

Abandoned animal SOS

Created in 1983, the Association Animal S.O.S., which is a non-profit organization, fosters out since 2005 abandoned catsfrom the Lexy Nilles Refuge, 58 Avenir Street, in Luxembourg-Limpertsberg. Exclusively devoted to the feline cause, the volunteers who work there make every effort to improve the quality of life of the collected animals and offer them a better home. With several successful adoptions in their assets, the members of the association frequently update the list of cats available for adoption in their shelter. A visit to the refuge is also possible by prior appointment.

Owning a dog or a cat in Luxembourg




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