Bénévolat au Luxembourg
Although Luxembourg is often renowned for the high standard of living of its residents, poverty, precariousness and the need for aids of all kinds are present in the country. To help people in need, several solidarity projects exist in many areas in the Grand Duchy.
Are you an expatriate in Luxembourg and want to become a volunteer and participate in solidarity projects?

Caritas Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Caritas Foundation is active in the area of solidarity and integration, urgent humanitarian aid and development cooperation.

  • Emergency or occasional care for the homeless, housing for those demanding international protection, …
  • Social grocery stores “Caritas Buttek”, support those in times of need, …
  • Shelters, kindergartens, afterschool clubs, employment schemes, training, …

See Caritas-Luxembourg for more information.

Cancer Foundation Luxembourg

This foundation does a great job in the field of cancer prevention and support for cancer patients and their relatives:

  • information about cancer for the general public and for cancer patients (publication of “Info Cancer”, brochures for patients, …),
  • practical information (on administrative and/or financial problems, labor law, beauty advice, …),
  • psychological support (psychological consultations, patients group: discussion, yoga, sports,…),
  • organisation of “Relais pour la Vie”.

For more information: www.cancer.lu, www.relaispourlavie.lu, www.info-tabac.lu

Doctors of the world Médecins du Monde – MDM Luxembourg

Doctors of the world (Médecins du Monde) is an international organization working in the field of health. Founded in 1980 by Bernard Kouchner, MDM’s mission is to “care and testify. » MDM says, in 1995, the right to health for all.

Projects MdM Luxembourg cater to particularly vulnerable groups: homeless and badly housed, migrants (irregular and asylum seekers), sex workers, Roma women victims of violence.

Support them! With a donation of € 39 (tax deductible), the price of a consultation, you already agree to treat someone!

For more info: www.medecinsdumonde.lu

Luxembourg Red Cross

The Luxembourg Red Cross (Croix Rouge) is a recognized public interest organization involved in numerous humanitarian projects.

  • Youth services (fostering service, adoption services, holidays for children, psychotherapy services, …),
  • Social services (meals on wheels, local social services, migrant and refugee services, …),
  • Health and safety services (blood transfusions, healthcare, help and home care services, 1st aid training, integrated centers for the elderly,…),
  • International services (international solidarity, education for sustainable development, …).

For more information: www.croix-rouge.lu

National Association for Road Accident Victims

The Road Victims Association(Association Nationale des Victimes de le Route) aims to improve the situation of road collision victims and their relatives through moral and legal support, and practical advice. The association also collaborates on projects aiming to reduce car accidents.

For more information: www.avr.lu

Slowfood Grand-Duche Convivium

Created in 2013, Slowfood Grand-Duche Convivium is an international group with a committee members coming from various countries around the world. This diversity provides us with an amazing variety and richness of ideas and thoughts, which however always come together in their love for and interest in Slow Food. Together they want to work for and promote good, clean and fair, which are the ideas central to the Slow Food movement around the world.

For more information: www.slowfoodgrand-duche.com

 Women in Distress – Femmes en détresse

This association aims to provide women, their children and young girls an effective protection against violence through the development and management of refuges for women and young girls in distress, information and consultation centres.

It helps to improve the living conditions of women, helping them integrate into the economic and social life, offering them a psychological, legal and social support and special trainings.

For more information: www.fed.lu

National Agency for voluntary work in Luxembourg

The mission of the Volunteer Agency (Agence Nationale du Bénévolat) is to be the intermediary between the associations that need volunteers and the private individuals who wish to engage in volunteering.

For more information, see the website: www.benevolat.public.lu

Serve the city.lu, a solidarity initiative

Do you want to help others by volunteering to support homeless people, children in need or to participate in other community projects in Luxembourg? The Serve the City website might be useful for you …

Serve The City is an online volunteering platform created in 2012 in Luxembourg. It identifies and organizes various events for which volunteers are needed.

Organization of events and search for volunteers and volunteers

Serve The City regularly organizes activities based on volunteering. Many upcoming events are posted on the website, as well as the list of volunteer profiles needed for each of them. All you have to do is register for the events or the offers you want!

Graphic designer, photographer, translator, project manager, salesman, … many profiles are commonly sought by the organization. If you have a specific idea for a volunteer project, you can also contact Serve The City to talk to them about your proposal!

More info on Serve the City.lu website.