Working as an independant teacher

You’ve just arrived in Luxembourg as an expatriate spouse? Do you want to continue working and/or earn extra income?

The first reflex of a trailing spouse is to search for professional opportunities on the various professional directories. Unfortunately, the spouse of expat’s status is then often an obstacle because of the possibility of a sudden departure, which is disconcerting for a lot of employers.

Independent Professor

And why not become an independent teacher? This possibility is often overlooked due to a lack of reflex and knowledge. However, the position of  freelance or self-employed worker is interesting in Luxembourg. The formalities to set up as a independant worker are rather light regarding other countries. Indeed, administrative registration is fast and below a certain threshold, it is possible to charge excluding VAT.

Find out more about starting a business and being self-employed.

Many parents are looking for teachers for school support courses. In addition, international schools are also likely to be looking for teachers for primary or secondary classes.

Civil servant teacher

To become a teacher in luxembourgish schools with the status of civil servant in Luxembourg, you must master the three official languages : Luxembourgish, German and French. If this is the case and you have a bachelor’s degree related to primary education, you can try your luck in the competition organized by the Ministry of National Education which has been recruiting for 2 years.

It should be noted that overall, Luxembourg teachers enjoy salaries that are on average 23% higher (source: OECD) than those of colleagues of the same age and equivalent level of training. Moreover, with a number of pupils per teacher of 9, it can be interesting to work on your languages

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