Are  you looking for an activity as the spouse of an expatriate?

Working as an independant professor Luxembourg

© Zlatan Durakovic

You’ve just arrived in Luxembourg as the spouse of an expatriate and want to either pursue a professional activity, to guanrantee you an additional income, to ensure an activity to exist socially or a little of all three?

The first reflex of an exiled spouse will be to search for professional opportunities on the various professional directories. Unfortunately, the spouse of expat’s status is then often an obstacle because of the possibility of a sudden departure, which is disconcerting for a lot of employers.

A possibility often neglected or forgotten is the one of freelance or independent work. Indeed, the administrative registration is fast and below a certain threshold, it is possible to charge excluding VAT.

For more information, consult th website, the administrative guide for Luxembourg.

To know more about the possibilities of integration in Luxembourg as an expat spouse.