Self-employed, co-working spaces

You arrive in the Grand Duchy as an expatriate’s spouse and wish to sell your know-how for your own account? You want to pursue a professional activity while managing your schedule and and provide you with an additional income?

The best way to combine family and professional life is to become self-employed. This practice is quite widespread in Luxembourg.

Working as a freelancer: the advantages

The self-employed person carries out his activity on his own account, without having to create a specific company. This solution offers a very light administrative formalism.

A light administrative formalism

In order to be able to exercise your profession as a self-employed person, there is no obligation to pay an initial share capital . No specific incorporation document is required. You will just have to complete some basic administrative steps.

First of all, you will need to apply for an establishment permit from the Ministry of Economy . For this, you will have to justify your skills and qualities with the necessary documents. You will thus obtain the right to practice your profession. See recognition of diplomas and validation of professional experience.

The self-employed person must also have a VAT number in order to issue invoices with VAT collection. You can request the VAT number from the Administration of Registration, Domains and VAT. However, below a certain amount of turnover, it is possible to invoice without VAT.

The self-employed person must also register with the CCSS. This will allow him/her to contribute to the various insurances, includinghealth insurance or old age pension. He must also contribute to a specific accident insurance depending on the profession.

An interesting social coverage

Contrary to other countries, the self-employed worker in Luxembourg benefits from the same advantages as the employees. However, he must pay all his own social charges.
They have the same rights as employees in terms of old age pension, maternity and parental leave. In case of incapacity to work, the indemnities will be paid from the 4th month.

In case of unemployment, he will be compensated under certain conditions, including that of having exercised his activity for at least 6 months.

The self-employed person is indefinitely liable for the debts and commitments related to the activity on his personal assets.

From a fiscal point of view, a municipal commercial tax will be due on the operating profit. The entrepreneur will be taxed on his income as an individual.

Decided to take the plunge and set up as an individual entrepreneur? Find out more on and Chambre des Métiers.

Working as a teacher

Independent teacher

The first reflex of an expatriate spouse is to look for opportunities on the various professional directories. Unfortunately, being an expat spouse can be a hindrance in the job search. Employers fear a possible departure due to a spouse suddenly being transferred elsewhere. This is especially true since the job market is very dynamic and there is no shortage of candidates.

Why not become a freelance teacher? This possibility is often neglected due to lack of reflex. As seen previously, the freelance position is interesting in Luxembourg and the formalities to set up are rather light. The administrative registration is quick and below a certain threshold, it is possible to invoice without taxes.

Many parents are looking for teachers for tutoring. In addition, the International schools are also likely to be looking for teachers for primary or secondary classes.

In order to accompany you and to allow you to know the ins and outs of such an adventure, consult the site

Civil servant teacher

Luxembourg school teachers have the status of civil servants. To become a “Joffer”, you must master the three official languages of Luxembourgish, German and French. If this is the case and you have a bachelor’s degree related to teaching, you can try your luck at the competition organized by the Ministry of National Education, which is actively recruiting.

Luxembourg teachers benefit from higher salaries of 23% on average (source: OECD) compared to their counterparts of the same age and equivalent level of education. In addition, with a relatively small teacher-student ratio of about 10 students per class, it can be interesting to work on your languages

Coworking spaces

Are you a freelancer or start-up looking for a coworking space? The benefits of coworking are well documented. Beyond the simple sharing of offices and logistical means, it is also and above all about creating a professional community.

In the coworking spaces that are growing rapidly in Luxembourg, everyone can use shared work spaces or rent a dedicated workstation, depending on their needs. Users find it flexible and affordable for a start-up business. Beyond the infrastructure, there is also the possibility to benefit from professional services at competitive costs.

But above all, coworking spaces are also about exchanging skills and sharing knowledge to optimize productivity through common inspiration.

Freelancers or start-ups can find all the benefits of a company, while keeping their autonomy and flexibility.

These workspaces are developing more and more to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and freelancers. Several spaces are available in or near the Luxembourg capital. Here are some of them and there are many more

  • Silversquare, 21 Rue Glesener in Luxembourg: collective offices and private spaces on 5 floors and over 2,000 m². 24/7 access
  • Ginkgo – The Bell, impasse Drosbach in 1882 Luxembourg on the Cloche d’Or side. Offices open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6 pm
  • Paladium, 10A Rue du Puis in Luxembourg : on a space of 300 m². Prefer a small size for more conviviality and exchanges. Several boxes with promising names: Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Marc Zuckerberg and our Master to all: Steve Jobs
  • Urban Office offers several co-working centers in Windhof near the Belgian border, in the city center of Luxembourg, in Bettembourg near the French border, in Esch-Belval. Two other centers are announced in Windhof (800m2) and Belval (1300m2)
  • The Office: located on 2 sites, 29 Boulevard G.D. Charlotte and Boulevard Prince Henri in Luxembourg, is clearly positioned as a multilingual, multicultural and especially multi-talented community
  • The Regus group already owns workspaces in Luxembourg, Senningerberg, Bertrange, Livange, … offers a new coworking space with“Spaces” on more than 6,000 m² place de la Gare. Two other spaces are expected on Boulevard Royal and at the Cloche d’Or
  • Am Gronn: this new co-working space in the middle of Grund is dedicated to the creative sector. Events, workshops and exhibitions.
  • Facilitec: located in Esch-sur-Alzette, this space promotes the movement of the ecological Transition and the circular economy. Everyone is concretely involved in the life of the place.