Why and how to start a business, coworking offices

You are looking for help, advice or for contacts to develop your business or your own company in the Grand Duchy? We give you here the main information to help you in realising your project.

Why starting a business in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a dynamic and stable country

It has many assets for the creation and ownership of a company. Luxembourg is a dynamic country with a diversified economy, in services, industry and high technology.  It exports nearly 65% of its production of goods and services. Creative companies employ 8,000 people and generate €1 billion in revenues. Public funding for R&D has increased tenfold since 2000. The country is clearly in a third industrial revolution strategy with more than 220 recommendations and projects.

The country attracts many talents

More than 200,000 cross-border commuters  (1/2 french, 1/4 belgian, 1/4 german) come to work in Luxembourg every day, compared to an active population of more than 430,000 employees. It ranks 10th out of 125 countries in terms of competitiveness to attract, retain and develop its workforce. Luxembourg is home to 12 European institutions. More than 130 banks from 29 countries are located there and generate 28% of GDP. The country is connected by direct flights to more than 75 destinations.

The country is known for its economic, financial and political reliability

Only 8 Prime Ministers have succeeded each other since 1945. The social dialogue is constructive. Only 4.1 working days are lost on average per 1,000 workers, while the European average is more than 30 days. Every year, Luxembourg is rated AAA for its economy.

Corporate taxation is interesting

The nominal corporate tax rate is 24.94%. Low wage costs also make it possible to recruit qualified staff. Several recruitment aids are also available. Administrative formalities are also lighter compared to other countries.

Practicing your job as an independent

The first way of starting your business is to take an independent status, which is rather common in Luxembourg. It must be said that the self-employed worker benefits from social security coverage fairly close to that of the employee.

A light formalism

You will so practice your activity for yourself, without having to create of particular company and will practice with an establishment authorisation which you will beforehand have to demand in support of the necessary documentary evidences of the right to practice your job. See acknowledgment of diplomas and accreditation of professional knowledge.
You will also have to get a VAT number to be able to emit invoices with perception of the VAT.  However, below a certain amount of turnover, it is possible to invoice excluding VAT.

Social security coverage fairly similar to that of the employee

The self-employed entrepreneur benefits from social security coverage fairly close to that of the employee. Unlike employees, however, the self-employed worker must pay his social security contributions. He/she will have to be be registered with the CCSS., which will allow him/her to contribute to the various insurances, including the old-age pension. He/she must also contribute to a specific accident insurance policy depending on the profession.

Self-employed people have the same rights as employees in terms of old-age pension, maternity and parental leave. In the event of incapacity for work, the benefits will be paid from the 4th month. In the event of unemployment, he/she will be compensated under certain conditions, including that he/she must have been working for at least 6 months.

The individual worker is indefinitely liable for the debts and commitments linked to the activity on his personal assets.

From a tax point of view, a municipal commercial tax will be due on the operating profit and the entrepreneur will be taxed on his income as an individual.

Find out more about guichet.lu and Chambre des Métiers.

Become an independent teacher.

Having a business in Luxembourg

Creating a trading company

The 2 most widespread forms of commercial companies in Luxembourg are the LLC (Limited Liability Companies) and the PLC (Public Limited Companies).

Limited Liability Company LLC – “Société à Responsabilité Limitée – SARL”
The Limited Liability Company (SàRL) requires a capital of 12,000 euros and at least 2 shareholders. The headquarters must be located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the director does not need to be a Luxembourg national. For the creation of your company, you will have to use the services of a notary to draw up the articles of association and carry out the administrative formalities for registration in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS). This form of company requires a certain formalism and the company is subject to a certain number of taxes, including a fixed registration fee, a commercial tax, a wealth tax, a tax on local authorities’ income and a VAT return. The advantage is that the company is fiscally “opaque”. The partners are not personally taxed and their liability is limited in relation to their personal assets.

In the case of a simplified limited liability company, constitution may be carried out under private deed. The capital will be comprised of 1 and 11,999 euros.
More information on guichet.lu.

Public Limited Company PLC – “Société Anonyme SA”

The Public Limited Company requires a capital of 30,000 euros. A single shareholder is sufficient. This form of company, if it is rather intended for large companies, could have been chosen by an SME because bearer shares can be sold more easily.
Find out more about guichet.lu.

The Luxembourg Soparfi

Financial Participation Companies (including SA, SARL,…) may opt for a SOPARFI tax regime provided they hold financial participations in other companies (subsidiaries) and manage them.
The interest of this company is the exemption from the taxes bound to the capital gains and to the dividends under certain conditions, while the applied basic tax is higher. Inquire with an accountant, with a solicitor or with a lawyer on the precise characteristics of this social structure.

Steps to follow to start a business

Many Chambers of Commerce, of all nationalities, are present in Luxembourg. They can advise you on creating a comany or being an entrepreneur in Luxembourg.

The guichet.lu website lists for you the main steps to be followed to create your company, either as a self-employed person or by developing your activity within a company.

Authorization of establishment with the Ministry of Economy

This first step to a permit to settle lasts from 1 to 4 weeks. It is mandatory to carry out a commercial or craft activity or as a liberal profession, as a self-employed person or as a company. The applicant must prove his professional integrity, his professional qualification for the exercise of the activity requested, his establishment in Luxembourg, the effective and permanent management of the company, his compliance with legal and tax obligations.

Registration in the Commercial Register

This recording lasts about 24 hours.

Registration with the Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale

The letter confirming affiliation to social security is obtained approximately 1 week after registration with the CCSS.

Registration with the Administration de l’Enregistrement et des Domaines

This declaration with the Administration de l’Enregistrement et des Domaines (AED) allows you to obtain a VAT number in order to invoice your customers. This step lasts about 2 to 4 weeks.

More information on the House of Entrepreneurship website.

Coworking offices in Luxembourg

Coworking spaces in Luxembourg

Are you a freelancer or a starter and looking for a coworking space? The benefits of coworking are well established. Beyond the simple sharing of offices and logistical means, it is also and above all the creation of a professional community.

In the coworking spaces that are growing rapidly in Luxembourg, everyone can have shared workspaces or rent a dedicated workstation according to their needs. Users find flexibility and bearable costs for a start-up business. Beyond the infrastructure, there is also the possibility to benefit from professional services at competitive costs.

But above all, coworking spaces are also about exchanging skills and sharing knowledge to optimize productivity through shared inspiration. Very convenient when you work on your own.

Self-employed people or start-up companies can find all the benefits of a business, while maintaining their autonomy and flexibility. 

These workspaces are developing more and more to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and self-employed people. Several spaces are available to you in the Luxembourg capital or nearby. Here are some of them and there are many more

  • Silversquare, 21 Rue Glesener in Luxembourg: collective offices and private spaces on 5 floors and more than 2,000 m². 24/7 access
  • Paladium, 10A Rue du Puis in Luxembourg: on a 300 m² space. Favours a small size for more conviviality and exchanges. Several boxes with promising names: Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Marc Zuckerberg and our Master: Steve Jobs
  • Urban Office offers several joint work centres in Windhof near the Belgian border, in the city centre of Luxembourg, in Bettembourg near the French border, in Esch-Belval. Two other centres are announced in Windhof (800m2) and Belval (1300m2)
  • The Office: located on 2 sites, 29 Boulevard G.D. Charlotte and Boulevard Prince Henri in Luxembourg, clearly positions itself as a multilingual, multicultural and above all multi-talented community
  • Regus group, which already owns workspaces in Luxembourg, Senningerberg, Bertrange, Livange,…, opended a new coworking space “Spaces” over more than 6,000 m² at Place de la Gare. Two other spaces are expected at Boulevard Royal and at La Cloche d’Or
  • Am Gronn: this new shared workspace in the heart of Grund is dedicated to the creative sectors. Events, workshops and exhibitions.

Merkur : e magazine for Luxembourg companies

The monthly magazine of the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg is the magazine of Luxembourg companies, a precious communication tool about the economic activity and the political action in Luxembourg. The consultation of Merkur and the private subscription can be made online on the site of the Chamber of Commerce: www.cc.lu.




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