Having a company in LuxembourgYou are living in Luxembourg and rule a company or wish to do so in the future? You are looking for help, advice or for contacts to develop your business or your own company in the Grand Duchy?
We give you here the main information to help you in realising your project.

Practicing your job as an independent

The first way of starting your business is to take an independent status, which is rather common in Luxembourg. It must be said that the self-employed worker benefits from social security coverage fairly close to that of the employee.

You will so practice your activity for yourself, without having to create of particular company and will practice with an establishment authorisation which you will beforehand have to demand in support of the necessary documentary evidences of the right to practice your job. See acknowledgment of diplomas and accreditation of professional knowledge.

You will also have to get a VAT number to be able to emit invoices with perception of the VAT and be registered with the CCSS. this will allow you to contribute to the various compulsory insurance as sickness and old-age pension.

Having a business in Luxembourg

Creating a trading company

The 2 most widespread forms of commercial companies in Luxembourg are the LLC (Limited Liability Companies) and the PLC (Public Limited Companies).

Limited Liability Company LLC

The Limited Liability Company requires a 12.000-euro capital and at least 2 shareholders. The head office must be situated in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The leader does not need to have the Luxembourg nationality. For the constitution of your company, you will have to call upon a solicitor to establish the statuses and follow the administrative procedures.

Public Limited Company PLC

The Public Limited Company requires a 30.000-euro capital. A single shareholder is sufficient.

The Luxembourg Soparfi

There is also a particular form of company in Luxembourg: Soparfi, which can shelter at the same time commercial and financial activities.
The interest of this company is the exemption from the taxes bound to the capital gains and to the dividends under certain conditions, while the applied basic tax is higher. Inquire with an accountant, with a solicitor or with a lawyer on the precise characteristics of this social structure.

Numerous Chambers of Commerce, all nationalities taken together, are present on the Luxembourg territory and can advise you to create a company or to become an entrepreneur in Luxembourg.

Steps to follow in order to create your company

The guichet.lu website lists for you the main steps to be followed to create your company, either by practicing as an independent, or by developing your activity within an existing company.

Merkur : e magazine for Luxembourg companies

The monthly magazine of the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg is the magazine of Luxembourg companies, a precious communication tool about the economic activity and the political action in Luxembourg. The consultation of Merkur and the private subscription can be made online on the site of the Chamber of Commerce: www.cc.lu.