Sift mobility in LuxembourgSoft mobility, ecomobility, sustainable mobility, … The challenge is less pollution and more eco-responsible means of transport. Walking, cycling or no polluting means of transport, where is Luxembourg on this subject?
With a constantly growing population, transport in Luxembourg is at the heart of political and terriorial challenges considering the increase in traffic, which can be problematic at peak times.

Even if Luxembourg is really well linked in terms of public transport, it is still interesting to get around in a less conventional and more ecological manner…
So why not try soft mobility and ride a bike?
And what about tramway which is developping in Luxembourg?

By bike, do your workout on your way to work or restaurant

Self service bikes

There are several self-service bicycle companies in Luxembourg. They allow users to borrow bicycles for a fee and to re-deposit it at another station. This allows you to make urban journeys freely. The main cities of the country are thus equipped with self-service bicycles on the principle of “bike-sharing”.

Bike sharing avec Vél’oh à Luxembourg-Ville

The City of Luxembourg has self-service bicycles for your use, available from several stations all over the city. The vel’oh! stations are situated in the town centre near residential areas, shops and public transport and allow you to make short journeys. The vel’oh! are available 24/7.

You can choose between a short-term and a long-term subscription. The long-term subscription gives you access to the vel’oh! service for one year. The short-term ticket allows you to rent out a bicycle as many times as you want from 1-7 days..

Rent a bike at « Vélo en ville »

In a similar vein the association « Vélo en ville » allows you to rent bikes and gear for the whole family. Go to the Grund at Vélo en ville. 20% discounts on bike rental prices per day, weekend or week for groups from 4 people, children and young people under 26 years old.

Mbox, secure spaces to park your bike

Fifteen secure areas are now available in Luxembourg with the “Mbox” bike parks protected against vandalism. You will find these “Mbox” near the following train stations: Bettembourg, Colmar-Berg, Dudelange, Ettelbruck, Parking Däich, Kleinbettingen, Lorentzweiler, Luxembourg Central Station (North and South), Mersch, Noertzange, Roodt-sur-Syre, Schifflange and Wasserbillig. These bike parks are accessible with the mKaart. For more information on mBox, click here.

Cycle paths in Luxembourg

Today 660 kilometers of cycle paths are available on the Luxembourg national territory, as well as self-service bicycle stations. See geoportail.

For more information on self-service cars click here.

Rules to ride a bike in Luxembourg

  • The use of acoustic headphones (MP3, mobile phone etc …) is prohibited
  • The sidewalk belongs to pedestrians. This space is only bike-friendly for children who have not yet reached the age of 10 years. Any vehicle that exceeds 6km / h is prohibited on the sidewalk
  • Check that your bike is equipped as prescribed by law. The offender risks a fine between 49 and 74 €. For the equipment see the site of the road safety
  • The sign with the bicycle symbol accompanied by “Excepted Frei” indicates the possibility of using one-way roads or going on the bus lane
  • Between dusk and sunrise and during daylight in poor visibility, the lighting of your bike is mandatory
  • The helmet is mandatory for children under 12. But a little advice: remember to put a helmet even if it is not mandatory and especially to tie it well! Buses and cars in Luxembourg are very fast!

Do you know it ? Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of head trauma by 75% and the risk of brain damage by 85%.

Do you know the rules for driving a car in Luxembourg?