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Free Schuttle Bus between Station and Stäreplatz

During the construction period of the 2nd section (end of 2020) and in order to facilitate traffic, a free bus, the “Shuttle Station” is available on the Stäereplaz/Étoile – Central Station route. It serves the usual stops impacted by the works: Central station platform 7, Al Avenue platform 1, Fortuna, Spuerkeess, Paris-Zitha and Al Avenue platform 2. The “Shuttle Station” runs every day of the week from 5am to 11pm, and on weekends from 6am and 11pm, in order to facilitate travel.

Tramway circuit

In addition to the line currently under construction and finished in December 2017, from the International Fair Circuit (Kirchberg district) to Pont Rouge, there will be an extension of the tramway line.  First, the T1 line put into service in December 2017, from the Circuit de la Foire Internationale (Kirchberg district) to the Pont Rouge will be continued to Limpertsberg district (Theatre and Faïencerie stops) and la Place de l’Etoile from July 2018.

Section of the tramway line Gare – Cloche d’Or

The tram will then continue to Luxembourg Central Station (Gare district) and then to the Cloche d’Or, south of the city (Gasperich district).

7 new stations will be built on an additional 4.9 km line between the Place de la Gare in Luxembourg City and the Cloche d’Or, a thriving trading district. Among these new stations are the Lycée de Bonnevoie, the Howald area, the french Lycée Vauban and the Ban de Gasperich.

Section of the tram line Circuit of the Fair – Findel

In the other direction, the tram line will be extended from Luxexpo to Findel and Luxembourg airport. 2 new stations are planned on this 3.9 km route from the fair circuit: Heienhaff and Terminal Findel. This extension is part of the Urban Development Plan around the airport.

The works are expected to be completed in 2021 to serve 24 stations and 10 interchanges areas.

In the central part of the line, it is planned that a tramstream will serve each of the stations between Lycée de Bonnevoie and Luxexpo every 3 minutes. The 2 outer sections to Cloche d’Or and Findel, will benefit from a train every 6 minutes. Travel times should be 40 minutes to connect the entire line between Findel Airport and the Cloche d’Or terminus.

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