Summer: the perfect time to apply for a job

Summer is already well underway in Luxembourg, much to everyone’s delight. The school vacations are approaching, and the children are delighted! But for those of you looking for a job, we know what you’re thinking: “All the recruiters are on vacation, there’s no point in applying for a job…” Well, you may be wrong. Applying for a job during the summer can be advantageous for a number of reasons.

Increase in summer job offers

Many companies experience an increase in hiring during the summer months. This is particularly true in sectors such as tourism, hospitality and retail. Seasonal businesses need extra staff to meet the demands of the summer season. More job offers mean more opportunities for jobseekers.

What’s more, companies often plan their hiring in advance. They use the summer months to recruit. They can then train their new employees for positions available in the fall or winter. By applying during the summer, you position yourself as a candidate for the positions to be filled. This gives you an advantage over those who apply later.

According to Moovijob, the number of job offers does not decrease during the summer period. Recruiters post their ads online before the vacations. This enables them to anticipate their needs for September and find the applications they need to process on their return.

Recruitment resources

It’s also worth noting that some companies in Luxembourg close their budgets during the summer months. They then decide on their future recruitment needs. Hiring activity resumes for some HR only after these decisions.

Are recruiters available in July and August? Of course, it’s difficult to generalize about the availability of recruiters during the summer months. Some businesses are closing their doors, especially during the first 15 days of August. However, few people leave for longer than 2 weeks. When in doubt, take your chances

Stand out from the crowd during the summer season

Globally, there was a drop in connections between April and September on the job boards. On, a site specialized in employment, connections dropped by 11% in June compared to the annual average.

87% of recruiters say they use job boards as a recruitment method. It is therefore in your interest to try your luck at a time when recruiters are receiving fewer applications via this channel.

Some jobseekers refrain from applying during the summer, thinking that hiring is slowing down or that employers are on vacation. With fewer competitors, your application will stand out more. So you have every chance of being noticed by employers.

Applications pick up especially in September, when recruitment events such as job fairs resume. Candidates are flocking to you looking for a job , so it’s not necessarily the right time for you.

Preparation time and flexibility for interviews

If you’re a student, you’ll find it easier to schedule and attend interviews without conflicting with your other commitments. You can also devote more time and attention to the application process. This is also the case if you have more room to maneuver during the summer months.

Applying for a job takes time and effort. During the summer, you have more free time and energy to adapt your CV. You have more time to write convincing cover letters and carry out in-depth research on the companies that interest you. This extra preparation can help you present yourself as a strong candidate. You can also better prepare for your interviews.

When should I apply for a job?

For unsolicited applications, or direct approaches via social networks, went on a quest to find out the best day and time to apply.

The result is that 40% of e-mails arrive in the morning and are lost in the shuffle. So you’ll have a better chance if you apply in the early afternoon when you return to the HR office on Monday, just before the rest of the week’s resumes pile up on their desk.

If you are looking for a job, summer is the ideal time to send your applications. You will have more chances to stand out from the crowd and as many opportunities to seize as the rest of the year. A word of advice: remember to update your CVs online on social networks, but also in CV libraries. That’s how your updated resume will rise to the top of the list!

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