OLAI – Luxembourg Reception and Integration Agency

Created in 2018, the OLAI is the Luxembourg Office of Reception and Integration. It is a public body, under the supervision of the Ministry of Family, Integration and the Greater Region. The OLAI is in charge of welcoming foreigners newcomers to Luxembourg and the integration of these foreigners through the implementation and coordination of the policy of integration of foreigners in Luxembourg defined by the Luxembourg government.

The Luxembourg population now has a growing proportion of foreigners. To answer them, the mission of the OLAI is to:

  • Facilitate the integration process of foreigners, especially with the Contrat d’Accueil et d’Intégration
  • Fight against discrimination, with the support of the Community PROGRESS program
  • Track migration
  • Supervise applicants for international protection through reception, accommodation and social supervision
  • Manage accommodation structures.

The OLAI website will allow you to learn more about the OLAI’s responsibilities and the reception and integration system set up in Luxembourg.

The Conseil National des Etrangers depends on OLAI.

Mon-Fri, 9h-12h and 13h-17h (by appointment)

Telephone hotlines in several languages ​​are provided: German, English, French, Serbo-Croat, Albanian, Arabic and Farsi.

Have you just arrivec in Luxembourg? More information about how to integrate in Luxembourg, click here.

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