Müllerthal or Little Switzerland Luxembourg

Mullerthal region, a must see in Luxembourg

Discover the magnificent forest of the Mullerthal region known as “The Little Switzerland of Luxembourg”. You can make wonderful family walks or trails between athletes.

In any case, do not miss the famous “Schiessentümpel” waterfall, the  most famous waterfall in Luxembourg that you can see on all postcards. Guided tours on request.

Don’t miss the Lake of Echternach with many leasures and adventures for all family

To help you to organize your stay or even to take a walk on a single day, the Regional Tourist Office of the Mullerthal-Petite Suisse Luxembourgeoise Region (ORT) has put online a new app with all the necessary information from geolocation. You will also find on site interactive electronic terminals with QR codes to be scanned.
Hiking trails, bike tours, accommodation … are listed and the contents are available in 4 languages: French, German, English, Dutch.

Mullerthal trails in the Little Switzerland in Luxembourg

Mullerthal trail season opening

Each year, the Mullerthal Trail Season opening is an event for hikers. It inaugurates the hiking season at the beginning of May. Even if the hiking trails in Mullerthal – Little Switzerland are accessible all year round, the inauguration is a great occasion to discover the region.

The event starts at 10 AM with three hikes setting off from different locations:

Scheidgen-Bech, 6,6 km, departs from the Vereinshaus next to the church in Scheidgen.
Mullerthal-Bech, 11,3 km, departs from the Heringer Millen car park in Mullerthal.
Echternach-Bech, 15 km, departs from the Station car park in Echternach.

All the hikes and entertainment are free of charge.

It is recommended that you sign up at the Mullerthal Regional Tourist Office – Luxembourg Little Switzerland indicating the hike you have chosen in order to make sure there are enough buses.

Leopard UTML, Mullerthal Ultratrail

Every year in September, the famous Mullerthal ultra trail takes place on the narrow paths and among the rocks of Luxembourg’s little Switzerland. 6 races for all ages and all sport levels.

  • The 2 Kids Adventures Run races welcome children up to 6 years old and from 6 to 12 years old
  • The Shorty Trail offers a difference in height of 70 m over 15 km of race
  • The 39 km Trail is on a height difference of 1100 m and offers 2 points of qualification for the UTMB®
  • The Long Trail is over 75 km with a difference in altitude of 1900 m. It offers 3 qualification points for the UTMB®
  • The Ultra Trail for the most athletic ones gives 4 points of qualification for the UTMB® with 112 km of race and 2800 m of elevation gain.

To get ready for this bis challenge, do not miss other races in Luxembourg : ING Night Marathon and DKV Urban Trail.

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