Grand-Ducal Police

The Luxembourg Police is responsible for ensuring security on national territory, protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens and ensuring the protection of persons and property by maintaining public order.

On the police website you will find all the information you need about the Luxembourg Police in itself or in case of burglary, scam, theft, violence, cyber-bullying, … as well as all the prevention advice to avoid being a victim of theft or violence.

Police emergencies: 113 national response centre

In case of emergency, threat or danger, you can contact the Grand Ducal Police 24/7 by calling the National Intervention Centre on 113.

Your call will either be handled directly or taken over by the competent regional police.

In order for your call to be taken into account and processed as quickly as possible, please state your identity, your location, if any, and a clear description of the facts reported. The call taker will ask you all the questions necessary for the correct consideration of the situation.

In case of a life-threatening emergency, call 112.

Road safety and traffic controls

For road safety on Luxembourg’s roads and to enable everyone to travel safely, whatever the means of transport used, you can find all sorts of useful advice on the website of the Grand Ducal Police.

Also, for a better prevention of accidents, the road controls carried out by the Police on the roads are announced on the website.

E-commissariat for your administrative procedures with the police

From now on, you no longer need to go to a police station to carry out a number of administrative procedures with the Grand-Ducal Police. You can do the following directly from their website:

  • file a complaint online
  • report a lost or found object online
  • declare material damage caused by a vehicle to another vehicle or to a piece of roadway (note that this does not concern personal accidents!)
  • sign up for police surveillance during your vacation
  • report your children’s grooming on the internet
  • report cases of child sex tourism while travelling abroad
  • register your child at the “lost children of the Schueberfouer” service (to be done at the latest the day before your visit at the Fouer and during working days)

More information on the website of the Grand-Ducal police.

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