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As the leading private health insurer in the Luxembourg market, DKV Luxembourg is a member of the LALUX Group.

DKV Luxembourg offers a wide range of insurance products. Its range of insurances goes from simple travel health insurance to the most complete and efficient coverages.

Known for its expertise and reliability, DKV Luxembourg offers the best security with customized solutions.

Welcome to Luxembourg!

Have you recently moved to Luxembourg? So we are happy to help you enjoy the quality of life in the Grand Duchy by taking care of your health.

Our goal: to ensure you have the best possible access to medical care

DKV Luxembourg is a member of the LALUX Group. He is your trusted partner for all your health-related questions.

We insure you throughout your life with health insurance that is relevant and perfectly suited to your needs.

Your ideal coverage: EASY HEALTH comprehensive private health insurance

Supplementary insurance for Luxembourg residents

EASY HEALTH is the complementary health insurance exclusively for Luxembourg residents.

It guarantees that the costs of inpatient and outpatient treatment are covered. This reimbursement is effective even without reimbursement from the mandatory health insurance:

  • first class hospitalization,
  • treatment by the head physician,
  • physical therapy,
  • homeopathic medicines,
  • High-end dental treatments and dentures,
  • Coverage of optical and laser surgery costs up to €3,000
  • and much more.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Thanks to the free TRAVEL + guarantee, you are covered worldwide. With our travel health insurance, you can fully enjoy your stay.

Emergency service

In addition, you automatically benefit from the exclusive BEST CARE + service. With this immediate assistance in case of emergency and serious illness, we guarantee you an appointment with a specialist within five working days.

This way, you get a detailed recommendation or a second opinion. If an operation proves necessary, DKV Luxembourg takes care of its organization.

Where to start?

Discover our private health insurance products and do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

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