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The Caisse Nationale de Santé is the Luxembourg health organization in charge of the private service in Luxembourg (and their beneficiaries) for all that concerns their health. This concerns the prevention of reimbursement of health expenses, as well as health insurance in the context of illness, accident, maternity, dependence or end of life.

CNS registration

Any employee in the private sector must be registered with the CNS. This affiliation is done by the employer at the CCSS, the  Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale, as soon as the employee is hired. The CCSS is responsible for coordinating the various health organizations in Luxembourg.

For border-workers, the competent country for health insurance is Luxembourg. A form S1 (for French and German border-workers – BL1 for Belgian border-workers) will be sent to the country of residence to allow the taking over of health care.

The employer declares each month the gross salary of his employee from which the social contributions will be deducted at source.

Compensation incapacity for work

During a sick leave or an incapacity for work, the resident or frontier worker must transmit to the CNS the original (part 1) of the declaration of incapacity for work prescribed by the doctor. The other part will be sent to the employer.

The employer declares every month incapacities for work for employees and the numbers of absence in order to calculate the fianacial benefits which will be paid to the worker, according to these incapacities of work.

For the special case of maternity and parental leave, click here.

Refund and price charged for medical expenses

CNS is also responsible for the reimbursement of medicines and medical expenses incurred under certain conditions.

The request for reimbursement must be sent to the Caisse Nationale de Santé – Service Virements, 125 Route d’Esch L-1471 Luxembourg in an envelop without stamp. However, the “Recommandé” shipping costs remain your responsibility.

Applications must be complete, duly paid to the health professional. Without proof of payment, the requests will be returned to you. The simple copy of the bank transfer is not a proof. At the first request for reimbursement, it is necessary to attach to an RIB – bank account statement on which will be transfer of the CNS.

See reimbursement of medical expenses.

Reception counter: Mon-Fri, 8 am-4pm

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