Bambesch forest, walks and fitness

North of the city of Luxembourg, accessible by the Muhlenbach district, the municipal forest of Bambësch offers a large space of greenery and relaxation for all Luxembourg residents.

Many hiking trails or nature discovery are offered to walkers and clearly marked for courses from 4.6 to 7.5 km. Departures are located on bus line 21 at Rollingergrund or line 275 to Kopstal.

For the more athletic ones, a health course is available on 2.7 km with 18 tackles, and a cross course of 5.5 km. The departure is located near the parking of Bambesch Leisure Center, Rue de Bridel.

The Bambësch Sports Center has a wonderful playground, a tennis club and a football field. Cloakrooms and showers are free!

More information on VDL website.

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