Shopping center Auchan Luxembourg- Kirchberg

Shopping center Auchan Luxembourg-Kirchberg

Located at the entrance of the Kirchberg district in Luxembourg, the shopping center Auchan Kirchberg is a must. It offers 2 shopping galleries on 2 levels with many international brands of clothing, leather goods, beauty, services … and several restaurants. Consult the website for the shops and restaurants available.

Easily accessible by car, it has a large car park that can also be useful to see a movie at Kinepolis-Utopolis nearby. Parking is covered and free for 3 hours.

You can also easily reach it by public transit thanks to the Alphonse Weicker tramway stop right outside the entrance to the Shopping Center on Avenue Kennedy.

Entertainment for children or adults are offered regularly during the year.

Free child-care centre (1h30) for children from the age of 3 (1st floor).

Auchan supermarket

Auchan is a French brand created in 1961 in Roubaix (north of France) in the district of Hauts Champs (which gives its name to the company). The supermarket Auchan is located in the commercial center of the same name, Auchan, in the district of Kirchberg in Luxembourg.

Service retouche

Also alters clothes bought elsewhere than in Auchan. First floor of the store.

Customer service

Auchan will also repair products which do not have a guarantee or that were bought elsewhere. Asking for a quote is recommended. Call-out service only for equipment under guarantee. Tel: +352 43 77 43 26 93

Auchan ticket service, photos

On the 1st floor of the shopping center, you will find a ticket service for concerts, shows and outings in Luxembourg and elsewhere, as well as a photo service with passport photos or photo development.

Drink shop for drinks and large volumes

You can access directly by car to the Drink Shop in the car park level -3 of the Commercial Center Auchan. There order your drinks and other large volume items (nappies, toilet paper, washing powder, charcoal, compost,…) and your purchases will be put in your car while you’re paying!

Auchan Drive, online supermarket enables you buy a huge range of everyday, quality products on line 24/7. Make your shopping online, choose your drive location (Cloche d’Or, Munsbach, Foetz, Bertrange) and the schedule for reception. Then your shopping, carefully prepared, is packed in the boot of your car in a matter of minutes! And the service is 100% free.

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  • 5, r. Alphonse Weicker
    2721 Luxembourg-Kirchberg