ASTI Support for Migrant Workers

ASTI (Association de Soutien aux Travailleurs Emigrés) has an information office for migrants which provides information and answers questions on immigration legislation and international protection: work permits, residence permits, visas etc. and also provides language classes.

Project Connections

ASTI’s “Connections” project, which was developed with financial support from l’Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte aims to prepare refugees for the Luxembourg job market. Just Arrived has also been collaborating on this project since it’s beginning.

Integrate Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the Luxembourgish job market

The objectives of ASTI’s Connections project are to create links between asylum seekers/refugees and the Luxembourgish job market, in order to make them aware of how our society works and our work culture, but also to prepare those who have recently arrived to integrate professionally in the workplace.

Based on a career and skills evaluation, participants have the possibility to take part in three stages, which are:

  • Information sessions on Luxembourg’s history and composition, asylum rights and RMG, the family unit, social aid, information on labour law in Luxembourg, OLAI (CAI) welcome and integration contract, etc. ;
  • Workshops on labour law and work practice, how to write a CV, how to get a work placement;
  • Non-remunerated company work placements (up to 240 hours over a six month period) with a specialized mentor and evaluation of skills learned during the work placement;
  • A certificate showing the effort made by the asylum seeker and refugee.

After the completion of each stage the participant will be awarded a certificate, which along with the liaison booklet and portfolio testifies to the effort they have made. These documents do have worth, notably at the Job Agency (ADEM) where once the international protection status has been obtained they will make it easier to integrate into the job market.

We are convinced that this initiative will improve the refugee’s skillset and give them a real chance at getting a job in Luxembourg.

Article proposed by: Zina Menhal in charge of the Asti Connections Project.

Contact Projet Connections – ASTI a.s.b.l.
Tel: 438333-1

Within the framework of the Connections project Just Arrived provides the refugees with free copies of the Just Arrived Guide and ad hoc presentations on subjects such as employment or housing during workshops organized by The Connection.

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