Eglise catholique Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a traditionally Christian country. Bank holidays and numerous other traditions are directly linked to Catholic practices. More than 68% of the Luxembourgish population is of Catholic denomination.

If religious practice has dropped a lot those 20 last years, 13% of the Luxembourg population still do regularly, and 30%, occasionally. 60% of the people that were interviewed still consider baptism, Communion or wedding as important.

Know that practicing your cult, whatever your religion is, is utterly possible in Luxembourg. The list below is not exhaustive.

Anglican Church

The Luxembourg Anglican church is situated in Mühlenbach district. You will find all the information you need on

Catholic Church

You will find Catholic churches where attending religious celebrations throughout the country. On website, you can access a list of the parishes of Luxembourg territory.

Three well-known pilgrimages usually take place in Luxembourg: Octave pilgrimage in Luxembourg Notre-Dame cathedral, Notre-Dame de Fatima pilgrimage in Wiltz for the Ascension, and the Pentecost dancing procession in Echternach.

Protestant Church

Protestantism is the second religion of the country, being practiced by 1.8% of the population. Visit if you want to know more about Luxembourg Protestant Church and the Protestant cult.

Russian Orthodox Church

Situated in Luxembourg-Limpertsberg. You can find out more on the Russian Church website.

Islam – Mussulman cult

The Islamic Cultural Centre is situated in Mamer. Visit if you need any complementary information.

Israeli Synagog

The main country’s synagog is in Luxembourg city, on Avenue de Monterey. For more information, we advise you to read the Consistoire Israélite’s (Israeli consistory) website.