Resolux, organismes d'assistance sociale LuxembourgYou are in Luxembourg and need assistance on a specific subject: listening on a specific subject, hostel, night shelter, reception center for refugees, specialized services in childhood, disability, reintegration, l medical help, assistance to the person or other, here are some useful addresses!

The Caritas Luxembourg Foundation is undoubtedly one of the benchmarks for social inclusion or humanitarian aid in Luxembourg, thanks also to volunteers. Do not hesitate to give them clothes too small or other school material. They will be useful for others.
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Do you need some information about EDIFF, the public service in charge of pupils with special educational needs Luxembourg?

RESOLUX: a search tool for specialised institutions

Résolux is a social network portal regrouping all the services, information centers, nursing homes or support structures in the Grand Duchy.

Whether you are searching for a youth hostel, a night shelter, a reception centre for refugees, specialised services for children, handicaps, re-insertion, medical help or personal care, the information you need is on Resolux!

The Resolux website has an easy to use search tool allowing you to find via a map of Luxembourg an almost complete list of specialist services near you.

The service directory is very thorough and aimed at a wide population base (tourists, expats, handicapped persons, retired persons, offenders, refugees, people in need, addicts, …).

The roll down menu gives a wide overview of the large offer of specialised services available in Luxembourg and their geographical location. Resolux makes life easier by grouping together on the one website the majority of specialised institutions in Luxembourg!

Consult Resolux website

Kajutel: free phone support service for young people

Kajutel, service d'écoute pour les jeunes au LuxembourgCreated in 1992 by Caritas Youth and Family NPO, in association with the Red Cross, the medico-social League and the Kannerschlass Foundation, Kajutel is a Luxembourgian telephone assistance service guaranteeing not only the callers’ anonymity, but also the availability, compliance, privacy and quality support from its members.

Free helpline for young people in Luxembourg

Whatever your gender, your age, your religion, your nationality or your problem, KaJuTel (Kanner Jugend Telefon) is there to help you for any concern about childhood or adolescence.

At the same time, the organization responds to several missions : listening to young people (but also their relatives), contributing to inform young people and their parents about Internet safety through a close collaboration with BEE SECURE and Insafe, as well as fighting against child abuse images.

In KaJuTel’s team, 45 volunteers who are trained to listen take turns to provide available and competent service. 2 psychologists as well as a pedagogue and a secretary are also part of the organization.

How to contact Kajutel, SOS distress ?

To join KaJuTel and get in contact with one of its members, dial the free number 116 111. Hotlines are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 05.00 pm to 10.00 pm, on Tuesday and Thursday from 02:00 pm to 10:00 pm and on Saturday from 02.00 pm to 08.00 pm.

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Trauerwee, support organization for young people who lost a loved one

Trauerwee, assistance apres le decès d'un proche
Whether in accidental circumstances or due to anillness, mourning someone close to you is never an easy step in a human being’s life.

Children and adolescents remain particularly sensitive when they have to cope with the death of a parent, a brother, a sister, …

Helping children and adolescents rebuild after bereavement

Trauerwee is a Luxembourgish association whose goal is to help children and adolescents to rebuild after the loss of a loved one. Accompanying children in their mourning, helping them accept the loss of a loved one, giving them the keys to rebuilding themselves and moving forward are all missions that members of the non-profit association have given themselves.

Trauerwee is dedicated to children and adolescents from 4 to 15 years old and offers them space of reception, listening and exchange as well as the possibility to meet other young people in the same situation and to participate in activities where to express their mourning creatively. The association also proposes, if necessary, personalized follow-ups in the form of home visits as well as an orientation towards a suitable therapeutic follow-up.

Free bereavement support available in several languages

This service of mutual aid is completely free, put in place by volunteers and available in several languages ​​(French, English, German, Portuguese, Luxembourgish and Scandinavian). It can therefore be of great help to young residents as well as to newcomers who have lost a loved one.

Trauerwee also organizes some events such as seminars or support sessions for widowed mothers and widowed fathers. More info on

ElterenTelefon: a telephone helpline for parents

Service d'aide et d'écoute pour les parents au LuxembourgHave you just arrived in Luxembourg and your child is finding it difficult to integrate socially (language difficulties, cultural differences, teasing, …)?
Are your children having problems at nursery, school, or at home and you need advice on their education or well-being?

Do you feel the need to confide in someone about the problems you are having as a parent and need help? “ElterenTelefon écoute parents” the telephone helpline for parents!

ElterenTelefon was set up in 1992 to listen, advise and inform people in direct or indirect contact with children. It aims to be easily accessible, offering a high standard of service whilst allowing the parents who use the service to remain anonymous.

Specially trained volunteers: 60 competent volunteers who have undergone a year long listening training programme run the helpline “ElterenTelefon écoute parents”. They regularly take part in supervisory conferences and are trained continuously to ensure an efficient service is received by those in need. The volunteers guarantee that you remain anonymous and are subject to the strictest levels of confidentiality to maintain your privacy.
A help for parents in French, Luxembourgish and English

In order to help a greater number of parents the service is now available in three languages. Since very recently, ElterenTelefon now has English-speaking volunteers. Thanks to this development, families from all nationalities expatriated to Luxembourg can benefit from the helpline.

How to contact Elteren telefon, helpline for parents?

The service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 12am (except Wednesdays from 5pm to 10pm) by dialling 26640555 or 11611.

Passage, support group for English-speaking parents in Luxembourg

If necessary, you can also benefit from the support of Passage, a support group for English-speaking parents in Luxembourg.

Your child has a challenging behaviour, or concentration troubles, needs to improve his/her organisational skills, is approching teen-age hood?

Passage, a parent Support group for english speaking people

Those are some of the questions that parents can face when raising up their children.
Be informed, and more aware of the different age transitions that growing up implies, can help the parent feel less lonly in this challenging job.

In Luxembourg, you can get some support by Passage, a Parent Support Group for the English-speaking community in Luxembourg.
They provide a forum for a vibrant community of Parents & Professionals in the field of education, health & child development.

Lots of questions as a parent, lots of answers to help your child

Passage website includes sections on the transition to parenthood, child development, education, special needs and where to get information, advice and support for the International community. With up-to-date articles and a calendar of all parenting events, it is designed to give a roadmap for the challenges of modern-day parenting in Luxembourg.

For Parents: they organise monthly support group meetings, courses/workshops and information seminars.
For Professionals: they organise regular networking meetings and opportunities for professional development.

For more information about the dates of all upcoming parent support group meetings, seminars, miscellaneous events and articles of interest you can visit their website