Assistance and social integration, associations and organizations

Are you in Luxembourg and need assistance concerning a precise subject: listening, reception centre for refugees, or services specialised in childhood, handicap, reintegration, medical aid, in personal assistance or any other, here are some useful addresses!

Fondation Caritas Luxembourg  is without a doubt a reference regarding social integration or regarding humanitarian aid in Luxembourg. They call on volunteers. Do not hesitate to give them clothes you don’t wear anymore or any school equipment. They can be reused for people in need.

Are you looking for information about the EDIFF, the public service in charge of children with particular educational needs?

Find out more about “A city for everyone”, awareness weeks for people with special needs organised by the City of Luxembourg

Emergency numbers for children and young people

Number for lost children or in distress: 116 000

In the event of a missing or distressed child, you can reach the 116,000 emergency number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Luxembourg National Office for Children (ONE), in collaboration with the Grand-Ducal Police, will take charge of your call to provide you with the necessary answers. The mission of the ONE is to listen to families and prevent runaways among children and adolescents.

Kajutel: free telephone support for young people 116 111

Created in 1992 by Caritas Jeune et Famille a.s.b.l in association with the Red Cross, the Ligue Médico-Sociale and the Kannerschlass Fondation, Kajutel is a Luxemburg phone support service guaranteeing not only the anonymity of the callers, but also availability, respect, confidentiality and a quality support from the members.

No matter your sex, your age, your religion, your nationality or your problem, KaJuTel (Kanner Jungend Telefon) is there to help you whatever your concern is during childhood or teenage years. The association gives itself several missions: being in tune with young people (but also with their close family and friends), contributing to inform young people and their parents of the safety on the Internet thanks to a close collaboration with BEE SECURE and Insafe, as well as fighting against the diffusion of children’s abuse images.

In the team of KaJuTel, 45 volunteers trained to listening take turns to give an available and competent service. 2 psychologists as well as a teacher and a secretary are also part of the body.

How to contact KaJuTel?

To reach KaJuTel and get in touch with one of the members, dial the following free number: 116 111.

The offices are open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:00pm to 10:00pm, on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00pm to 10:00pm and the Saturdays from 2:00pm to 8:00pm.

Learn more about Kajutel

Trauerwee, support association for young people in mourning

Whether it is under accidental circumstances or within the framework of a disease, going through a mourning process is never an easy stage in life.

Children and teenagers are particularly sensitive when going through this kind of ordeal. To face the death of a parent, brother, sister… they sometimes need support and listening in order to overcome a mourning. The “Trauerwee” association helps children and teenagers start over after a mourning.

Assisting the children in their mourning, helping them accept the loss of a close friend, giving them keys to start afresh and move forward are the tasks the ASBL members gave themselves.

Trauerwee dedicates itself to children and teenagers from 4 to 15 years old and offer them a reception, listening and exchange areas as well as the possibility of meeting other young people in the same situation and of participating in activities where they can express their mourning in a creative way. The association also offers, if need be, personalised follow-ups in the form of home visits as well as an orientation towards an adapted therapeutic follow-up.

This support service, additional to the support of the concerned child’s close family, is totally free, set up by volunteers and available in several languages (French, English, German, Portuguese, Luxembourgish and Scandinavian).It can thus be really useful to the young residents as well as the newcomers suffering from the loss of a close friend or family member.

Trauerwee also organises events such as seminaries or support sessions dedicated to widow mothers or fathers.

More information about on, support during the mourning.

Emergency numbers for parents

ElterenTelefon, the support service for the parents 26 64 05 55

You have just arrived in Luxembourg and your child has difficulty in becoming integrated socially (language or culture problems, teasing…)? Is he subjected to various problems at the nursery, at school or at home? Do you need advice concerning his education or his wellbeing? Consider the “Ecoute Parents” service! Do you wish to confide in somebody about the difficulties you are confronted to as a parent, and to get help?

Created in 1992, Ecoute Parents is a telephone listening, advice and information service intended for all the people directly or indirectly related to children. The platform aims at being easily accessible and offers a quality service while protecting the anonymity of the parents who can call on it via 2664 0555.

This service is offered by Kanner-Jugendtelefon which also manages the 116111 number and the Online Help via, two anonymous and confidential services for children and teenagers, as well as BEE SECURE Helpline, reachable on 8002-1234 and BEE SECURE Stopline.

The Ecoute Parents service is managed by competent volunteers having pursued a one-year listening training course. These participate regularly in supervisions and are continuously trained in order to offer an effective service to the people requesting their support. The volunteers guarantee you total anonymity and are subjected to the strictest confidentiality to protect your private life.

This online support service for parents is also available in English. To widen its field of action, the online support service called “Online Help Supporting Parents” has recently adopted English-speaking volunteers.

Thanks to this evolution, families of any nationality living in Luxembourg can also benefit from an anonymous and confidential online assistance. The service is accessible online via the website of Kanner-Jugendtelefon:

Passage, support group for English-speaking parents

If needed, you can also benefit from the support of Passage, a group aimed at English-speaking parents in Luxembourg.

Passage allows you to find a dynamic community of parents, but also professionals gathering in the form of a forum to discuss education, health as well as child development topics.

The website of Passage handles various subjects such as the fact of becoming a parent, the development of the child, his education, his specific needs as well as where to find information and support when you are part of the international communities.

With updated articles as well as a calendar gathering all the events aimed at parents, the website appears like a must-see for modern parents in Luxembourg.

For parents: organisation of meetings of the monthly groups of support as well as courts(courses,prices,yards), studios(workshops) and informative seminaries(seminars).

For professionals: regular workshops and meetings as well as opportunities of professional development.

For more information about the dates of the future events as well as to find articles from Passage, don’t think twice and visit their website

Helping sick children with  ING Luxembourg Facebook campaign #INGBestwishes 

Are you looking for other associations with an objective to integrate as a newcomer in Luxembourg? Click here.




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