Traditions Luxembourg© Yury ZapLuxembourg is a surprising mix: a country of traditions, anchored in its historical rural culture, but also a modern country, perfectly adapted to the changes of our century. Its urban development and the quality of its infrastructure, its willingness to join a space program can attest to this. But, Luxembourg is a country which knows how to keep its traditions and customs, often linked to its religious traditions. 
Due to the multicultural development of Luxembourg, other festivals have been added to Luxembourgish folklore. Luxembourg residents are keen of parties and there is no weekend without folkloric or festive events.

Find below the main traditional Luxembourgish festivals that you can attend or participate in Luxembourg, often coupled with the 10 public holidays in the year. Take the opportunity to taste many Luxembourgish specialties!

Dräikinneksdag – Epiphany

Enjoy delicious pastries and elect your king/queen of the day

January, 6th

Liichtmëssdag and Candlemas

For the greatest joy of children… and gourmets..

February, 2nd

Fuesend Carnival time  Fuessonndeg and Fuesméindeg

February /March

Buergbrennen – Lent Sunday

Attend the pyres in villages to burn winter

9-10 march 2019

Bretzelsonndeg – Bretzel Sunday  Buergsonndeg

Offer a pretzel to your lover to declare your love!

31 March 2019

Easter traditions Pallemsonndeg, Ouschteren and Weissouschteren and Emaischen – Emmaus Day

Easter bunny, rattles and whistling birds

Easter 21 April 2019
Emaischen 22 April 2019

Oktav Pilgrimage in Luxembourg-City

Most important religious event of the Greater Region

 11-26 May 2019

Notre-Dame-de-Fatima Pilgrimage in Wiltz – Ascension Thursday (Christ Himmelfahrt)

Pilgrimage for the Portuguese community

30 May 2019

Sprangprëssessioun in Echternach – Whit Tuesday

Tuesday procession of Pentecost* (Péngschtsonnden and Péngschtmeinden) listed as a UNESCO World Heritage

11 June 2019

Luxembourgish National Day – Nationalfeierdag

Military parade, religious service, torchlight procession, fireworks and shows: come celebrate the birthday of the Grand Duke

June, 23rd

Schueberfouer, biggest funfair in Luxembourg-City

Real institution in Luxembourg, a family event not to be missed!

23 August -11 September 2019

De Kleeschen, Saint Nicholas day Niklosdag

Highly anticipated by the children, he brings sweets and gifts accompagnied bt the “Black Peter”

December, 6th

Christmas period with Advents Markets – Chreschtdag et Stiewesdag

Enjoy the magic of Christmas and it Advents Markets

End of November until December, 25th

*public holiday