Integration policy in Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s population is growing every year in a very significant way as a result of a growing economic situation, favorable to a positive net migration rate.

Therefore, the integration of these newcomers is a major challenge for Luxembourg, so that these immigrants from other European countries, or other continents, can integrate easily, quickly and then participate concretely in the development of the country.

The integration of foreigners and the reception of new arrivals in Luxembourg are the subject of a genuine government policy.

Thus, a training leave of 200 hours is allowed throughout his professional life in Luxembourg to enable you to learn Luxembourgish.

OLAI or Luxembourg Office for Reception and Integration is responsible for implementing this policy.

Implementation of the integration policy by the OLAI

Office in chareg of integration in Luxembourg
Under the supervision of the Ministry of Family, Integration and the Greater Region, the OLAI – Luxembourg Office of Reception and Integration is responsible for coordinating and implementing the reception policy and integration in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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The Contrat d’Accueil et d’intégration (welcome and integration contract)

Do you wish to discover or learn more about the history, customs, languages or values of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg ? Through the OLAI, the Luxembourgish government has created integration measures brought together within the framework of the “Contrat d’Accueil et d’Intégration” (CAI).

Services offered with the CAI are:

  • language courses (Luxembourgish, French and/or German),
  • civics courses,
  • a guidance day.

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