High schools in Luxembourg open their doors to future students

Thinking about the next school year and the orientation of our children is a source of stress and we would like to postpone the decision until the latest moment. But here too, the more you prepare in advance, the less stress you will be under when you have to make choices.

How better to get to know a high school and understand its offer than to participate in its open house? Luxembourg high schools have already published the dates of their open days for their school. Future high school students and parents can thus organize their next visits. Here you can find some dates and websites for the most popular high schools among the expatriate population.

International Luxembourg high schools

Lycée Portes ouvertes Site internet
International School of Differdange /Esch 23.01 et 30.01.2020 www.eide.lu
Lycée classique Athénée in Luxembourg 08.02.2020 (international classes) 25.04 et 28.04.2020 www.al.lu
Lycée Michel Lucius – International School 25.04.2020 www.lml.lu
Lycée technique du Centre 25.04.2020 www.ltc.lu
International school of Mondorf-les-Bains 29.02.2020 www.eimlb.lu
Lenster Lycée 16.05.2020 www.llj.lu
Lycée Edward Steichen Clervaux 25.04.2020 www.lesc.lu
Ecole Notre Dame Sainte Sophie 26.02. et 18.06.2020 www.saintesophie.lu

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, all high school open doors have been suspended since March 15, 2020.

Other international schools

At the writing of this article, the dates are not yet known for other international schools. We will be sure to complete our information as soon as possible.

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