Need to change your driver’s license to drive in Luxembourg?

It’s official! You are now a resident of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. You’ve taken care of all the formalities to set up in the best possible conditions. But you still have one last concern. As well as insuring and registering your vehicle, you now need to have your driver’s license validated so that you can travel legally and safely.
Find out what you need to know to register your driving license in your new place of residence, whether you obtained it in a European Union country… or not!

Register your licence obtained in a European Union country


European driver's license in Luxembourg


European driving licenses are recognized throughout Europe

Good news! Your driving license is valid in Luxembourg if it was issued by a member country of the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA). Mutual recognition between member states makes it easier for you to get started. It allows you to insure your car without having to go to the local authorities to exchange your license. Thank you, Europe! Nevertheless, we recommend that you at least register your foreign driver’s license. This will save you trouble in the event of loss or theft.

Loss or theft of your driver’s licence: what’s the solution?

Lost or had your license stolen? No such luck… You’ll need to arrange alternative transport, as you won’t be able to drive in Luxembourg. Even if you have reported the loss or theft to the relevant authorities, this will not be enough to continue driving in Luxembourg without your driver’s license.

Your only solution is to turn to the country that issued your driver’s license. You can then obtain a certificate attesting that you have obtained your driver’s license. Vehicle category, date of issue and date of validity of the license must appear on this document for it to be considered valid.

To avoid this administrative hassle in the event of bad luck, we advise you to think ahead! To do this, register your license with the Grand Duchy’s administration, or exchange it for a Luxembourg license.

How do I register my driver’s license in Luxembourg?

Would you like to register your EU license and convert it into a Luxembourg license? It couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is register it with the driving license department of the Société Nationale de Circulation Automobile in Sandweiler.

If you have registered your driver’s license in Luxembourg, the SNCA will issue a duplicate free of charge. This will allow you to drive in the Grand Duchy. To register your driver’s licence, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Your transcription request form (downloadable from their website)
  • Your ID
  • A certified copy of your driver’s license

The consequences of registering your driver’s license in Luxembourg

Once your driving license has been registered, Luxembourg law applies.

First of all, you have 12 points on your Luxembourg driver’s license. These may be withdrawn in the event of a traffic offence.

Your Luxembourg driver’s license is valid for 10 years until the age of 70. After this age, it will be renewed for 5 years. Then 2 years after the 80th birthday. Each time, you’ll receive a letter from the SNCA inviting you to renew it when it expires.

Exchange your driving license obtained outside the European Union


Driving licences outside the European Union in Luxembourg


Obligation to exchange driver’s licenses obtained outside the EU

The following information is important for drivers who have taken their driving test outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. In fact, if you still want to sit behind the wheel in the Grand Duchy, it’s a good idea to take a seat. mandatory for you to exchange your foreign license with a Luxembourg license

Transcribing your driver’s license: what to do?

To drive in Luxembourg with a non-EU foreign license, you must transcribe your driving license. You have 1 year to take the necessary steps following your move to Luxembourg.

The procedure is the same as for a license obtained in the EU, with one difference: you must apply for a transcription instead of an exchange.

Please contact the SNCA. You will need to pay 30 euros for the transcription of your license. Here are the documents they need:

  • Your transcription request form (download from their website)
  • Your ID
  • A certified copy of your driver’s license
  • Extract from the Luxembourg criminal record
  • Proof of residence.

Driver’s license and bonus: useful information

Useful information driver's license Luxembourg


How does a “virtual driving licence” work in Luxembourg?

Drivers on the roads of the Grand Duchy who hold a foreign European license benefit from a capital of 12 virtual points.

In the event of a breach of the Luxembourg highway code, points can be deducted from this virtual license. The number of points at stake depends on the offence committed. When the number of points reaches zero, the license holder is no longer allowed to drive in Luxembourg. He will then have to retake his driving test .

How do I keep my insurance bonus?

Even though you’re changing country, and therefore car insurance, you’re still not a young driver. You can keep your car insurance bonus! You should know that our insurance partner AXA Luxembourg offers you a car insurance rate based on your years of experience. This means you keep the bonus you earned in your home country.

On the road to new adventures! You now have all the information you need to decide whether or not to have your license recognized in Luxembourg.

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