Settling and living in Luxembourg

Practical information about living in Luxembourg

Your decision has been made, you are planning to settle in Luxembourg? You arrive in Luxembourg to live there, alone, as a couple or with your family, with children. Here we give you all the information you need to make your move to the Grand Duchy easier and to enjoy your daily life once you have settled in.

Are you already resident in the Grand Duchy? Here are some key points and themes to answer all your questions about living in Luxembourg.

Whatever your nationality of origin or your usual country of residence, you will realize that Luxembourg welcomes many nationalities. Almost half of its population is now foreign, although more and more residents are taking Luxembourg nationality. Indeed, the laws on acquiring nationality have become more flexible in recent years.
Nevertheless, Luxembourg’s culture remains strong and Luxembourg is committed to preserving it. You will therefore come across a multicultural model where it is nevertheless important to know the local codes and to respect them. 

Because of this multiculturality, Luxembourg is an astonishing, sometimes confusing country. But the quality of life is preserved, unlike many big cities. But beyond this quality and a first impression of a rich country, there are growing gaps for a less prosperous population. The cost of housing is a major factor, and households that do not benefit from high wage levels suffer from it.  The subject of poverty is increasingly being taken up by politicians in order not to leave part of the population in need.

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To help you settle and integrate in Luxembourg, as a resident or border worker, download our practical Just Arrived guides on Luxembourg.

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